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  1. Less Dice Rolls, More Game

    An augmented reality game would be pretty cool. If you viewed the table through your phone/tablet, you could actually see the ships on fire, fighters being launched, etc. But, if we need a phone to help out with AD calculations...that pretty much says to me that the AD method is wrong. In the end, I tend to agree with @Ryjak's first statement; there is a lot you can do with a smartphone, but it's hard to see how they improve the actual game play. There are just too many barriers (cost, development time, wi-fi access, players having correct version of the app, everyone having a device, battery power, etc) to making it all work together.
  2. Movement Changes?

    Although, you will still need a template of sorts in order to measure the 45 degree turn.
  3. Less Dice Rolls, More Game

    I agree with @Stoobert in that there shouldn't be any sacred cows in the game. It doesn't mean that we should change everything, but we should be open to changing anything. I firmly believe that information leads to inspiration. The people that will be developing 3.0 will hopefully get some inspiration from these topics. As for the idea of having less dice rolls...I go back and forth on the idea. Certainly we need to eliminate rolls to confirm rolls. Critical Hits lend that unique cinematic element. So I do want them to stay, but in what form I'm not sure. I want them to kill the enemy ship, but I also want to be able to have a chance to recover from them. If we can reduce the length of an individual turn, so that a game contained more of them, maybe that would do it.
  4. So I hesitate in starting this topic, because I'm not fully convinced that it's a good idea. But being emboldened with the stuff @Stoobert has been posting, maybe crazy is okay. Although this is a pretty big departure from the norm. So what if we didn't roll to determine hits? No more DR/CR checks when attacking. Instead, each weapon system rolls one of the polyhedral dice (d4, d6, d8, d10, d12) as damage. Roll the dice, add it up, and inflict that many points of damage to the target ship. Of course the ships would all be re-statted to a much higher HP value. And we probably need bases with a dial counter on them. Range bands. A weapon could have a profile of d8-d10-d6-d4. If I have two ships in RB1 and one in RB2, I'll roll 2d8 and 1d10. Coherency effects. If they are all type A, roll an extra 2d4. If they are all type B, add 5 to the roll. If they are all type C and you cause a critical hit, roll twice on the table. Or other different effects. Attacking a cloaked ship? The total damage done is equal to half the roll. Attacking from a cloaked ship rolls lower dice sides. Critical Hits would be scored if you exceeded a threshold in a single attack. That value could be determined by ship size or class. Weapon degradation would be handled by rolling a die with fewer sides. In the DR/CR scheme, squadrons that lose a couple of ships can have a hard time scoring hits because the dice pool rapidly diminishes. Under this Direct Damage method, a squadron retains the ability to fight. They can still deal damage even when the squadron is beaten up. Perhaps a full strength squadron that is in coherency gains a bonus d6. There could be racial bonuses as well. Shields roll some number of dice, subtracting from the damage roll before applying it to the ship. Ablative armor soaks up X points before affecting the hull. Or provides a damage reduction factor. Exploding dice...this of course paves the way for the mystical exploding d13 that @Warcradle Stuart hinted at . Perhaps a die explodes when it rolls its max number, and then you roll just one more. Indirect weapons and point defenses: roll for torpedo damage, then roll for the reduction by the PD. Anyhow, you get the idea. It's a wide departure from the way things are. It does get rid of a bucket of dice to be rolled, which is kinda exciting in its own way. I like tossing 20+ d6's and seeing them explode. It is rather frustrating to roll all those dice and come away with only a few hits because it was mostly 2's and 3's. This method would make every roll meaningful, in that damage is constantly being inflicted. I'm not keen on making everyone but new bases...that is not a trivial thing. But realistically you wouldn't need to rebase every ship. Anyway...is it time for me to be committed? Am I that crazy? TR
  5. Less Dice Rolls, More Game

    I wonder if some of the difference in how critical effects are viewed comes with the setting that the game is played. It feels like there is a difference between those that play casual with a few friends (being willing to have the big BOOM criticals) vs. the tournament/event players that are looking to mitigate the swingy game effects. It's a big generalization, but that's my impression.
  6. Less Dice Rolls, More Game

    I can have the Fleet Manager print out anything that we come up with, as far as cards go. It's just a matter of defining what is on the cards.
  7. Less Dice Rolls, More Game

    The idea of having two sets of stats (full strength vs. compromised) is interesting. That would allow for a lot of new variations on ship designs. It would be interesting to see this put into testing at least.
  8. Din v RSN battle report

    Thanks for sharing!
  9. What if you didn't halve dice when linking?

    I'm a fan of reducing the algebra required to play. This system holds a lot of promise toward that end.
  10. Firestorm fluff

    True. There will have to be a reckoning with the stats as they currently exist, once we have a workable rules document.
  11. GenCon 2018

    So, bumping this topic again to gage interest in GenCon this year. Anyone out there interested in playing in an event? I've run them in past years, looking to do it again this year.
  12. Firestorm fluff

    The other challenge to having so many factions is for new players just getting into the game. How do you decide which faction to play when there are 22 (!) different choices? You pretty much get left to the core 6 because that is what the game store might have in stock. Fluff-wise, it'll be great to see more about the Kedorians or Ryushi. Game-wise, I think those probably become a subset oddity. When you see those ships at an event, you'll know that is an old time player.
  13. Movement Changes?

    @varnos No, we don't have a "Hit and Run" rule. I don't think the movement values are large enough to make a difference.
  14. Welcome back to Firestorm Everyone!

    Welcome back @Polaris, good to see you again.
  15. Movement Changes?

    For simplicity sake we've ignored the length of the hypotenuse, and just used the 1" penalty. As long as the other conditions are met, it hasn't seemed to be a big deal.

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