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  1. Antarios

    Geekszilla Youtube Chanel

    Howdy Pard'ner we have a Youtube channel called Geekszilla on it you will find a couple of Wild West Exodus Videos, we will have more coming so please pull up a stool and Enjoy! Version 1.7, our next one will be using 1.8
  2. Antarios

    Charge / Close Work rules question.

    i believe your right with RoA but it should be -4, you charge to be engaged, then gain a the free strike.
  3. Antarios

    Warrior Nation

    mix of both sets
  4. Antarios

    Dzoooma's minatures

    those look awesome
  5. Antarios

    Warrior Nation

    Warrior Nation, have old Walks standing in for legendary at the mo. New inbound!
  6. Antarios

    Law Faction

    Law faction as it is, need more faces heavy lawbot has since been rebased to the correct sized base
  7. Antarios

    Morgan Earp is OP

    played Law on tuesday, ran Wyatt, warren and apache kid with gunslingers, and Morgan with 4 gun dogs (3 liberty gatlings and a flamethrower) 3 lawbots and the heavy lawbot, was a real successful force though i think my opponent will come back stronger lol. the 60 points on liberty gatlings paid for its self, ripped his attack dogs to bits along with a gun dog, and took down his Reavers
  8. Antarios

    Watchers Faction

    Thanks mate I really enjoyed painting them and cant wait for some new stuff
  9. Antarios

    Watchers Faction

    Here is my watchers faction currently, waiting the new stuff to flesh out the force
  10. Antarios

    Introduce Yourself

    Top of the Morning to y'all Mike Bissell here living in Glasgow in Scotland Currently Playing Wild West Exodus - Back both KS and have been well impressed with the Warcradle Version, big well done to you all. currently i have Warrior Nation, Outlaw, Confederates, Watchers and recently Law factions for the game. have a fleet for the Britannia for of Dystopian so looking forwards to the new version, never got many games in as it was breaking up at our club as i got into it....hope its not related lol. Play at our local war games club G3 in Glasgow and over at Common Ground Games in Stirling.

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