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  1. Correct, lawmen cant use the sandrail buggy in second edition. But remember, if you play with more than one boss you can include an outlaw posse in your lawmen army, so you would be able to use the buggy...
  2. I myself am running a campaign based on a map, its a small valley surrounded by mountains where the players do their thing roleplaying with the master (me), then i decide if there is any game to be played and create a mission that gits tje story
  3. Bienvenidos al foro sobre los juegos del distópico mundo de Warcradle. En este foro hablaremos, debatiremos y frikearemos sobre los diferentes juegos que componen este emergente universo! Sentíos libres de escribir sobre todo aquello que os apetezca de este universo, en caso de ser dudas intentaremos responderlas lo antes posible. Se espera de todo miembro del foro un comportamiento basado en el respeto, al fin y al cabo esto es un juego y estamos aqui todos para divertirnos. QUE EMPIECE LA DIVERSIÓN
  4. Small games are played around 500-750 points, most games are played about 1000-1500, in my play group we recommend 1500 point games (thats the size of our tournaments) wich can be played in about 2 hours (a bit more if you still not master the rules) If you want fast games to learn the game i would recommend around 650-750 point game (most starters average 650 points) then increase up to 1000 once you control the rules.
  5. Warrior nation is mainly a melee faction, but having some ranged units is always useful. You win the game by controling objectives, its nice to have units that can shoot while camping objectives. I would recommend the use of at least 4 totems, it allows you to threaten the whole board easily.
  6. Its an easy game to hang on it, just try playong the models you like and soon you will start seeing wich units work better for you.
  7. Commented on the facebbok group: On page 2 and 3 of the rulebook it mentions Base Size and Line of Sight. It says that the "length" of the base is just for appearance of the mini and you should refer to the width as the base size. So short side it is. Hope that helps dude!
  8. There is no better way, it Depends on what you want and your strategy. Its just a matter of what fits you better. Using more slots may grant access to some units that you cant use in the first couple of slots, in the other hand some posses give binteresting bonuses if you fill every option in every slot.
  9. "Push it" gives extra action points, but the units limit is still the same, so you still cant do more actions than your limit. There are ways to increase a models limit, some cards give +1 limit and dome abilities may increase it as well
  10. It was said that faction specific decks were going to be released, no exact date though
  11. Just to make it clear: "And" forces you to take both units "Or" allows you to choose one of the units "and/or" allows but not forces you to take both
  12. Im a great fan of the dixies. I would recomend you to buy the models you like and try them on the board, its the best way to learn about each of your models and find combinations that work well to you... That said, the wraith and tobias franklyn are really good for their cost... And slayn is an absolutely bargain (expect a point increase at some point)
  13. Morgan is a great boss, he is usually used as a second boss because he adds very cheap fortune. But you cant count on him stunning oponents because the electrocarbine only stuns with a crit. Also,although he is quite resilient not having "the quick and the dead" makes him less reliable than other bosses, and an unlucky critical fail can end with him. His posse is nice because gives him easy access to lawbots (who are really tough) but the bonus (not having tasked) is quite situational as you rarely will scatter your shots. I would greatly recomend to add some big weapons (piercing -3 or greater) when playing him to mitigate his and his lawbots low damage output or some big nasty dude can become a nightmare to bring down Oh... And you are going to like the legendary morgan... Not only is even more resilient but also can move and shoot his gatling.....
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