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  1. Chuck

    Greetings traveler's

    The warrior nation are a lot of fun. Had the pleasure of playing them recently. We played a scenario that gave us a feel of the 4 corners area in arizona. There were lots of desert patches and a few plateaus. The warrior nation is a mix of ranged and close combat. Im still working on a balanced list. They favor tables with a fair bit of terrain. Lost a couple of key models being out in the open. Hope this helps as they have some beautiful models!
  2. Chuck


    Did everyone have a wonderful holiday? What wwe goodies did santa bring? Myself I got a lump of coal that will make a fantastic miniature base, lol. Other than that I opened a head cold. Lets see what you got!
  3. Chuck

    Greetings traveler's

    When getting into a new game system I generally advise people to look at the whole faction cosmetically. Does a specific model catch your eye? Each faction plays slightly different. Some make great gunlines where other are combat masters. There are some cross overs from other factions. New posses inbound over time. Do your research, ask questions here or in the dark council group. Once your ready to make a purchase for your faction you will be set. There are many of us that have multiple factions, allowing more use out of our collections. We also have many purest players who stay within faction bounderies. Once you enjoy your 1st game or demo, drop some paint on your miniatures, you're going to enjoy personalizing your collection.
  4. Chuck

    Making a posse

    And/or allows you to take both if desired. If a unit has sick em' or trapper they count as that slot, in addition to the original and/or choices.
  5. Chuck

    family photo

    A family photo painted for the wraith.
  6. Chuck


    A few shots of my rolling Thunder. Hope you enjoy!
  7. Chuck


    A Dr.Beitel I painted in honor of clay!
  8. Chuck

    Greetings traveler's

    You as well jonatan!
  9. Chuck

    Greetings traveler's

    Welcome to WWX. May the union roll out the red carpet. Here's two bits for your funeral! Trust me, your going to need them. Maybe a touch of luck as well. Many of you may know me from the dark council facebook group. While other's might be new around here. I have been tasked with helping keep the peace, In our quaint little town. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the rules. Failire to abide by these could end you up behind bars, the gallows, or the local undertaker! Hope you all enjoy! Sheriff Charles "Chuck" Jones

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