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  1. Hi, Please email support@warcradle.com and we will have the correct bases sent out to you. The small bases are 1.25 inches, the medium are 1.75 inches.
  2. The tainted model is replaced by the hex beast replace it so that the centre point is in the same place. All previous engagements should remain. If the tainted model was engaged replace the model in such a way as to keep engagements and not move any other models. If that is not possible the owning player should move the fewest number of models by the shortest distance in order to fit the new base over the old.
  3. Here's the official answer: "The model is ejected from the building and placed into base contact with it by the new controlling player." This will be added to the FAQ
  4. We will get the OP Pack updated with some guidelines on terrain for you. We should have it live by mid January.
  5. Thank you both for bringing this up. This issue has been raised in the Beta feedback and will be addressed in the next update.
  6. Beacon doesn't expire but it doesn't negate the restrictions of Unexpected Arrival. As stated in the Beacon Quality the unit is placed as close as possible to the targeted enemy unit, in this case the closest you can place it is 6" and it will still scatter.
  7. It doesn't currently impact the game at all. The Legendary status is applied to some of the more epic characters, some of whom also have a "regular" version.
  8. Yes. And hits from the first roll are re-rolled by Moving Target and do not get to be re-rolled by linked. Remember a die can only be re-rolled once.
  9. Roll the dice. This is the first roll. Moving target causes any hits in that first roll to be re-rolled. Linked causes any misses from that first roll to be re-rolled. So you simply re-roll all the dice once.
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