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    This month's SPOILER ALERTS are in full swing! Lucky you, you've found Spoiler Alert TWO - what do you think it could be? Let us know... Next month's new releases are available to pre-order from our online store and your FLGS from Friday 29th March.
  2. Warcradle Tarnya


    Hey @Sea Lion, I've checked with Chris in the Studio for you, and he's confirmed that each die can only be re-rolled once. If you have one or more weapons with the Parry quality, you may force an opponent to re-roll one die. Hope this helps!
  3. Warcradle Tarnya

    Model availability

    Hi guys, thanks for bringing this to our attention. We have looked into this matter and have corrected the prices.
  4. The official date we'll be announcing how you can get involved with the Open Beta for the Third Edition of Dystopian Wars is the 28th August 2018 - watch this space!
  5. Warcradle Tarnya

    Open Beta for the Third Edition of Dystopian Wars is near...

    Great! We've announced everything you need to know to get involved here:
  6. We have a fantastic opportunity for a Warehouse Operative to join a dynamic and fast-growing miniatures company. You will become part of the Warehouse Team picking and packing orders for our customers. For the full listing please see our vacancies here .
  7. Warcradle Studios are looking to expand their production facility with a Production Operator to work in the evening. This is an ideal position for a capable person with commitments during the day but a desire to undertake a rewarding challenge in a work environment. For the full listing please see our vacancies here .
  8. Warcradle Studios are looking to develop their sales team with a Credit Controller. This is an ideal position for an experienced Credit Controller who enjoys building relationships with clients. Working as part of our accounts team, the successful candidate will be responsible for supporting our retailers worldwide. For the full listing please see our vacancies here .
  9. Warcradle Tarnya

    Warcradle Studios at Adepticon 2018!

    Hi @nguyen123, yes you can still buy tickets via the AdeptiCon website here .
  10. Warcradle Tarnya

    Posse Previews!

    Have you seen the latest Wild West Exodus posse previews? We've two more posse's to show you! Feast your eyes on Countess Byron's Galvanic Mysteries and Wicasasni's Dark Nation Posse. And for those wondering about the immense Vor Khet, don't worry, he's so massive he needs to be released separately! Both The Dark Nation Posse and Vor Khet will be available later this year.

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