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  1. Warcradle Sam

    New Q&A Announced: June 22nd!

    We will have a look through some of the older questions for content but there is no harm in copying them on to the event wall Again, we cannot promise that all questions will be answered but the team do try their darndest!
  2. Warcradle Sam

    New Q&A Announced: June 22nd!

    Yup, we are already getting the blog sorted ^ Well, starting to prep it as much as we can
  3. Warcradle Sam

    May 4th 2018 Q&A: Blog & Video

    When the Warcradle Classics range starts to become available, we will be making a full announcement as to what is available with information as to how we will be introducing new additions to this range. Hopefully, this will answer your question - it'll just be closer to the time
  4. We will be releasing Hexaliths in the future.
  5. Warcradle Sam

    A few questions

    I'm going to use Warrior Nation as an example as to where to find the posse cards, as I can see it's a faction close to your heart! You would head to the Warrior Nation Stat Cards page (http://www.wildwestexodus.com/content/75-warrior-nation-stat-cards) and then you will see the 'Download Posse & Armoury' button which will, well, download the Posse cards I hope this helps!
  6. For those who didn't catch our latest Live Q&A, we wanted to make sure you had the opportunity to watch (and read) all about it directly from us here at Warcradle Studios. Enjoy our latest update about Dystopian Wars, Wild West Exodus, Armoured Clash, Firestorm Armada et al. As well as our announcement about Warcradle Classics! Watch the video here: Alternatively, head over to our blog to get a quick overview or to read the full blog, including all images from the Live Q&A!
  7. Warcradle Sam

    I need help to identify a mini

    This is indeed an older version of Stonewall Jackson.
  8. Warcradle Sam

    Hands units "On Lookout" question......

    The only actions you can take as part of the Give em Hell reaction are combat actions (Shoot or strike) and only at RoA 1. This means you cannot charge, strike with multiple weapons etc. Absolutely no problem, that's why we are here
  9. Warcradle Sam

    Mettle and Quick and the Dead in 1.07

    Yes, that is correct. Before attack dice are rolled you need to declare you are using Quick and the Dead. If you pass the Quick check then all hits from that model's action against this model are ignored and this model becomes disordered.
  10. We have a fantastic career opportunity for a Project Support/Junior Project Manager to join a dynamic and fast-growing miniatures company. Assisting the Senior Managers of the business, you will be responsible for providing administrative support, and ensuring projects run within time and budgetary constraints. For the full listing please see our vacancies here .
  11. Warcradle Sam

    Keep having to reset my password to log in.

    Could you email support@warcradle.com with your email address linked to your account and say you've spoken to Warcradle Sam on the forum? I'll then get someone to look into this for you.
  12. Warcradle Studios are looking to expand their busy sales team with an experienced sales closer. Working as part of our sales team, the successful candidate will be responsible for supporting and growing our retailers across the United Kingdom and Europe. The role will reward you with a competitive salary and a wide range of staff perks such as pension and great discounts as well as significant promotion opportunities for the right individual. This is an office based role working to self-generated call lists from our CRM system, as well as inbound leads generated from our social media marketing activities. Candidates should be aware of the need for flexibility of working hours as there are several times during the year where members of the sales team are required to attend trade shows and conventions in various locations in Europe and the US, therefore it is necessary that candidates also possess a valid passport. If, after reading the Requirements and Ideal Candidate details here , you feel you are the candidate we are looking for please email us your CV along with a covering letter outlining what you would bring to the role to: jobs@warcradle.com
  13. Warcradle Sam

    Introducing Nakano Gozen

    Well, I'm glad you both like Nakano - we think she's a lot of awesome I'll keep my eye on her social channel anyway
  14. Warcradle Sam

    Introducing Nakano Gozen

    I hope you enjoy painting her If Electric Eve is doing anything on social/twitch for painting Nakano let us know and we will share it on our social channels
  15. Warcradle Sam

    Introducing Nakano Gozen

    Well, thank you

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