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  1. How does it work if a support unit of 3 models gets wounded and has mettle? Does the model that was targeted just get disordered, or the whole unit? And if the whole unit gets disordered, on the next successful wound do all 3 models leave the table?
  2. So if i’m Reading the rules right. If a model is behind a short wall (say .5" tall) and its base cannot be seen you cannot target that model with a shooting attack. Can the model that is the one behind the short wall target models with a shoot action? This would make for very uneven battles, and staying behind cover very good because you could shoot out but since your base is not visible no one could target you. Is this true? I know this LOS rule is trying to make it so people don’t just get behind cover and it becomes a shooting match of who can roll better wins. But the way it’s worded with base size and not model volume like other minis games, specifing height and volume of a model is throwing me. Please help
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