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  1. So if you bring a single carrier to a fleet you cannot bring bombers? For examples: Aquan BB or Anarchist - if they're you're only SRS carrying units then you cannot bring bombers? It would sure make a lot of Relthoza players happy as they'd own the bombing world. You can have your Nidus carry four fighters to go frigate hunting and then have all your capitals bring bomber wings. Your opponents get squat. Not that spiders maybe couldn't use a hand... I think the problem (as has been stated numerous times) is that fighters sit in an awkward place. Neither as good as bombers at ship hunting or as good as interceptors at defense they kind of do nothing really well. I think rather than restrict bombers - make fighters a bit better... I've often wondered "what if" fighters could be loaded out with one single "full bombing run" payload such that they could do a bombing level run once and they were reduced down to their normal dice if they would be OP or about right. Zak
  2. Was the Directorate player able to cyber down anything? I'm curious what he targeted with his cyber attacks and ARTs. Against a list like that hitting engines early on can split up the leapin lizards. And I'm curious how his bombers did... Looks like a good game though and I love the fleets and table. Zak
  3. Reminds me a bit of the "polarizing the hull" from Star Trek Enterprise. Maybe they can either do that or transfer all energy to the weapon systems? Sort of like Picard saying "transfer all remaining power to the weapon systems!". Now if we could only see some renders... Zak
  4. To be honest that's not very encouraging. "Just play bigger games" doesn't sound like a good idea as to how to balance a game. If that's the case then perhaps there should be a minimum point value allowed for games? If you're telling me faction X and faction Y both have a huge advantage at lower point games then there is a reason for it. If it balances out at larger games that's ok but I'd rather see something built in to reduce that kind of advantage in mid sized games (such a limits on either the game effects or units that give such a huge boost at lower point values). I actually purchased a core helix for the Aquans - Miniatures market had all of Planetfall on clearance. Though I actually didn't buy it (even at 70% off) until they offered another 20% off on them. I'm not convinced now that I want to spend the money to "buy enough for a balanced game". I still like half the miniatures (the grinning frog faced turrets make me want to punch someone in the face, lol) so it's not a waste and the crystal nodes will make great objective markers for other 10 mm sci-fi games and the game is still new so it's not all doom and gloom. I'll be curious to see what the end of the year stats look like. Zak
  5. It's funny I actually said the exact same thing yesterday when I saw them. The dread certainly has a very omnidyne feeling to it. I really dig the Terquai patrol fleet even if the frigates are little fatties. That carrier looks really sweet. They have a nice feeling to them. It is a bit of a shame about the built in Shield walls on the sides of them though. I really enjoyed the attached sides of the old models and overall they looked much more sleek and less pudgy. But that is a limitation of how Spartan does resin. But who am I kidding? They're still pretty darn nice and I know I'll be the picking up a box. The Xelocians are ok. Neither bad nor amazing - they're much better for casual modelers. Zak
  6. Hmmmm....very true and it's a pity about the lack of data. I guess what I'm looking for is a bit of a general feeling, from the community, on where the overall balance in PF is right now. I've read a fair number of reports, a bit of this forum and some others and watched some youtube videos (gods bless the Germans and their work) and I sit on the fence. To be perfectly fair what I'm really looking for is a "how balanced are the factions? Does anyone one faction feel really poor right now and one feel really over the top?" I was very interested in the first incarnation of PF and the early renders (proto-renders) of the Aquans. When the final rules came out for this real first edition and the final Aquan units came out I was...less than enthused (with both). But it seems like a lot of changes have happened since then (though I still miss the original Aquan warwalkers - go figure) so I'm curious how things stand now. I was just hoping to see some data. Zak
  7. I'm curious about the state of overall balance in PF - has anyone updated or posted (I've tried digging around and can't find it so forgive me if it's there) this since June? I've heard lots of things about which faction is best and general balance but I'm curious what most folks feelings are. Zak
  8. Actually some of my favourite missions in the first few Wing Commander games were the ones where you had to shoot down incoming torpedoes that went after your carrier while taking on the enemy carrier as well. If you want too hard/fast after the enemy capitals you had no place to land (Mission: Failed) but you couldn't sit around and wait for endless waves of torps without going on offense. In regards to SRS versus torps - torps are meant to be mass produced one shot weapons with (most likely) minimum active countermeasures. SRS, being piloted and all (this is a Space Opera) are bigger investments (materials, time/training) and would have more pumped into active countermeasures, mini shields, and other hard counters. If you want to get really done to it why would anything in the far future be anything but Macross Missile Massacres from 1,000,000 clicks away? It wouldn't make for a dynamic game but firing broadsides of rail cannons at close range is functionally silly. It just makes for a more interesting game... Zak
  9. The only exception to this is mines which get a bump as it is not significantly harder to avoid them, particularly for larger models with larger bases. Mines gain a detonation distance of 1/2 to 1 1/2 inches it means you can cover a larger area (in particular if you fear shunting units) in such a way as to guarantee hits much more easily. That would be my biggest (preliminary) concern. Regards, Brian K.
  10. Vicious list. I like it . I like the topic idea so here is my goto 1k list. 1k (this is the list I play most often) Overseer Carrier 125 +2 AP 10 Change fore guns to Cyber 0 6 Bombers 30 Tormentors x2 w/AP 140 Deterrent Battle Cruisers x2 230 Biohazard Beams 20 Biohazard Torps 10 Heavy Cruisers x3 240 Biohazard Beams 15 4x Hostility Drones 100 4x Enforcer Frigates 80 Total 1000 The basic idea is for the carrier and heavies to approach cloaked while using Cyber to disrupt the enemy (decrewing or shutting off engines which can break unit coherency) while the deterrents hang back slicing into ships at range near the hostilities and the enforcers...erm...exist (either soak up activations early or reserve). I've had excellent success with the list. Zak
  11. Excellent idea! A great place for more experienced players to give builds to newer ones. Here is my standard 800 point list right now for pickup games. 800 Tier 1 Anarchist (285pts) +2 AP and Second Assault (15pts), +2 AP and Special Forces (15pts), +2 WC (5pts), Biohazard Beams (10pts) 5x Bomber (25pts) Liquidator Accompaniment (25pts) Biohazard Beams (5pts) Justice Squadron (255pts) 3x Biohazard Beams (15pts) Tier 2 (160pts) Nemesis Squadron (160pts) 2x Nemesis (160pts) 2x Precision Strike Beams (10pts) Tier 3 (100pts) 4x Hostility (100pts) Zak
  12. So I'm actually showing your list as 795, not 800 (I think the Anarchist is 5 points over). Given that... Why not drop the biohazard torpedoes and change your 3 interceptors for either 5 Assault Shuttles or 5 Bombers? You lose a little PD but gain a beatstick and since you've configured it to be a 'close and hose' beast I think that's 5 points well spent . Otherwise, solid and good stuff. Though, if you do end up getting more stuff I'd highly suggest losing the bio/bio on the frigates and adding a single frigate w/bio to the Anarchist... . Then you have 15 points leftover to put the bio back on the torps. Zak
  13. For me it's a question of what type of ships I play and how I use them. Directorate heavies are great assault ships but have the cloak to protect them so really don't need to shunt. And I vastly prefer activation control in the early parts of the game as the rest of my fleet has long range and I want to pick the choice targets early so I can hit with little return fire. So it's not so much that I don't understand the probability of success so much as I tend to play units that benefit the least from it and the risk, though small, is pretty much game losing/changing. So if I can hang at range and hammer you while closing with a unit that takes a lot of fire to significantly damage - why bother. Also, I inherently don't like results that aren't under my control. I don't want a ship to show up "at some really cool time in the backfield". I want it to show up now (whatever now is in terms of game turn) and not a moment sooner or later. I'm a control freak and random arrival breaks my mind. Zak
  14. It's odd because, despite the relatively low negatives, I've consistently had horrible (not bad, truly wretched) results using reserves. I've had a BB not show up until turn 5 (I didn't buy the TAC and I kept rolling sixes so shifting the BL didn't help until then) and have had numerous instances where all the bad results came raining terror upon my ships including, but not limited to, an entire squadron decrewing itself from cascading hazard markers (sans one ship that limped away). I know it's an incredibly powerful tactic but I avoid it like the plague and reap the benefits of having activation control for the first few turns and greater points. But I also play a mix of "in your face" Directorate Heavies along with stand offish BBs that drop mines behind them or just Aquans and I flood the backfield with mines and beg my opponent to try and go behind me. So far my opponents have consistently used Shunt entry against me with mixed (mostly good, but never game changing) results. I have a rather good record with both factions so I don't think it's crippling to not use it all the time. Zak
  15. My own version is this: Overseer Carrier 125 +2 AP 10 Change fore guns to Cyber 0 6 Bombers 30 Tormentors x2 w/AP 140 Deterrent Battle Cruisers x2 230 Biohazard Beams 20 Biohazard Torps 10 Heavy Cruisers x3 240 Biohazard Beams 15 4x Hostility Drones 100 4x Enforcer Frigates 80 Total 1000 I don't bother with bio on the frigates but do add the AP on the carrier and tormentors. I find the frigates too fragile to upgrade - your lucky to get off more than one full dice attack - ever. I also go with the more reliable (aka "face smashing") bombers. Deterrents are gold. The carrier and heavy cruisers close while they hang back and rip targets apart. I've found it to be brutally effective and fun. Since yours is such a similar list I fully approve. Zak
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