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  1. Gobrinsan

    Warrior nation tactics

    At the moment i am finding for best results past the Start box vs starter box, is about 750pts allows to add in some new toys without over complicating it, increase by 150 as things settle as Ace said until you have a grip in the rules stay around the 1000 mark, as for Warrior nation they are "mostly" a melee faction, the ranged they can bring shouldnt be discounted and anything with "attune" will ruin peoples days as youll end up attacking things with a peircing of -4 or higher, this will bypass many survival special rules, a Nation Shaman throwing spirit bombs from the 2nd floor of a Saloon,, was not how i expected Legendary Waytt Earp to die in my last game Most in portant thing i would say is have a look at the stat cards with the rule book look up anything you are not sure on. check out the bosses find one that suits you and build for it BUT have fun! For me my Nation posse is Legend Raven Spirit with the Sky sprit guy ( cant recall name!) 10 Stalkers and Lost of Spirit appriations x3 this gives me quite alot of Free totems, a very fun list as 90% of my force starts off table and can appear pretty much anywhere from the totems!
  2. Gobrinsan

    Sell me on your favorite faction!

    Lawmen will always be my fav, I grew up watching Westerns and can recite Tomb Stone off by heart, At the Moment i an loving the Hex though, The big angry beasts, the whole are they the bad guys or just another Faction in a war were everyone is bad? the varity as well, i have Mutated monsters large and small, i have some really twisted Boss's and Faces with some great back story and i like that i can field a real mash up of gribblies that i can provide a fun and intresting list to play with and against for my oppent as neither of us can be sure what surprises will appear for this game or the next! and Wendigo's are awesome
  3. Faction Decks will appear as the Cards are balanced out and are mostly stable as alot of tweeks are still being made and new releases are coming out, To speed it up i would suggest playing loads of games! making notes of the good the bad and the awesome! and letting Warcradle know either in the forums or by Email My printer is naff, so sooner i can buy me some nice cards the better!
  4. Gobrinsan

    Greetings traveler's

    They let you in here too? another from the Dark Council Group here, David "Gobrinsan" Hansford great to see the rest of you here too!
  5. Gobrinsan

    Introduce Yourself

    Good Evening all, its a pleasure to meet you all, I am Gobrinsan, aka David your friendly local Mod , random conversation guy and interesting list builder for many a TTG Which games produced by Warcradle Studios do you play? All of them! at the moment WWX, moving into the other games at a rapid pace and rule learning as fast as i can in order to support people! How long have you been playing these games? 25 years.. i still rememer my first ever encounter with Daz Warcradle in a local GW, hooked on 40K never looked back! Where do you play? where ever i can!, mostly at my local FLGS as they have a massive Warehouse size game hall, hot food coffee and awesome staff! Which fleets and armies do you own? Which fleets and armies do you plan to add to your collection? Fleets, as of yet none will own most of them soon enough! Armies,, for Wild west exodus... All of them to a greater or lesser degree! will own everything eventually.. i am a collector What is your favourite Warcradle Studios model? The Wendigo, King Scarab or Legendry Wyatt Earp for Wild west Exodus, Anything else you would like to tell the Warcradle Studios Community? If you need help or a sounding board for your ideas or concerns happy to help, i am just a PM away!

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