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  1. So it looks like these changes and updates that were discussed still aren't complete. Glad I looked for some answers because I was a bit confused on the "Thunderous Charge" differences. Can we just get some of these changes made? Shouldn't take someone 5 minutes.
  2. Is this a Dakka thread about GW? Has about that same level of complaint. Someone please lock this thread. It has reached the end of its usefulness.
  3. Got it. Thought about it all wrong.
  4. The Dindrenzi Damocles Drop Pod is "Rear Echelon." It never gets a CQB phase as it is considered activated after it is deployed. Does this mean that your opponent still gets a CQB? Not sure myself.
  5. You'll need to download the new PDF's from the download section on Spartan's site. Nothing is designated as blue or black dice. Rules are updated also. Materials in the box are a little behind as they are updating every few months as they release new units.
  6. Not official but I would think so. Makes sense.
  7. My starter set will be shipped to the store next week. Ordered it there to support my brick and mortar. Google maps the store name. It is on the main drag across from the fountain lake. I haven't played yet so haven't really decided on an army yet. I'm usually at the store on Saturdays. Store hours are 12 noon to 9 pm. I get there little after noon
  8. Hey, I live in Titusville, FL and usually go to Paladin Game & Tech in Avalon Park. I just ordered a starter set. Won't be in till next week but looking forward to playing. Guys are interested but won't buy in yet. They want to give it a go though.
  9. Actually that's somewhat how they are handled in Armoured Clash. They can't be attacked, only reacted to with AA. The big flyers are different but the tiny flyers are played that way.
  10. I think that the main problem that I have is seeing infantry chase down flyers that moved flat out. Flyers should probably keep hard target if ground units can just walk up to them and kill them. Really seems dumb for infantry to have the ability to pursue aircraft. Armoured Clash had a nice way of dealing with that. Won't get into it as the rules are free. Oh well. If this was the intent then I'll play it that way.
  11. Flyers are fairly rare and should operate in a separate level. Otherwise they are just a really tall vehicle which makes no sense for the game.
  12. Yeah, I'd much rather see a distinction between the two levels with a special MAR that allows AA with CQB or ground attack in the reverse with CQB. Otherwise it's like seeing infantry toss grenades into the air to take down a Mach 2 flyer.
  13. Makes me really wonder about the "Height Bands" then. What really are the differences that the "Flying Vehicle" MAR doesn't cover? The different height bands should be a little more relative to CQB. Leviathans can close assault a flyer but that is the only indication that other units cannot. I would almost rather see CQB be relative to the height band. Same to same. Air to air and ground to ground with Leviathans having an exception. Would rather just get it defined a bit.
  14. Can any unit CQB a flyer? If so then that seems pretty powerful for infantry to down flyers without main ordnance. What other limitations are there to the "flying" level?
  15. Maybe not. They are gathering playtesters so that says something. I actually just got my invite, so I'll get to peek behind the curtain.
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