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  1. They're two very distinct games! I've played some dzc and am preparing to start playing planetfall and here are my thoughts: I like the models from both games, different aesthetics. I'm not a huge fan of the stuck on bases in planetfall but it's not a deal breaker. I think dzc is designed for a more formal competitive environment, tourneys and so on. It feels slightly more streamlined to me and I think that's why. I like the breadth of choices planetfall offers for races and play styles. I think spartans system of mars for thier games can really allow alot if variation. I think ultimately most smaller scale scifi gamer will enjoy both with nitpick about each system. If say follow the advice given, pick up some helixes and play through a couple of demo games.
  2. I've got magnets, dremel, etc. I'm mostly just trying to find out of the turret on the walker is interchangeable with something else. It's not as steady as the Terran turrets so I'm thinking about gluing it
  3. Try spartan direct, they're usually pretty fast. I preordered my cores for Terrans and soryllians from the warstore and got mine. Just preordered my heavy helixes so hopefully I get those in the first wave!
  4. I'm enjoying the direction sorylians are going, can't wait to see more!
  5. That's been my thinking. I'll probably end up gluing that turret on.
  6. So I plan on magnetizing my terrains but looking at the turret on the large sorylian walker in the core box, is there any reason it needs to be magnetized other than aesthetics?
  7. Yeah this is a weird one. After reading through this thread I pulled out my rulebook and took a look. The only thing that throws the whole thing off is the fact that some races have seperate numbers for each kind of drop/strike. Seems like it's an oversight to me, hopefully we get it figured out soon. If the marker reset after each use it would make sense as well. Say I select to use it as a skydrop with one of my units in the beginning of the round it's 'set' as a skydrop until either the end of that units activation or the end of the round when in either case it 'resets' meaning becomes a blank slate for whatever you want to do with it next.
  8. You're operating on assumptions I'm not sure can be absolutely applied. First, folding space is arguably just a more extreme form of warping space. Instead of just slightly bending it in order to move faster than light without breaking the laws of physics as we know them, you completely bend it, touching one point to another and making the transition. As for most exciting, it's not really applicable in the battle space anyway. In FS:A you can shunt in, and no matter how Spartan chooses to explain how that works, it can be explained as any of these options, folding, warping or hyperspacing all get's the job done. In essence you're comparing travel over large distances to travel in local battlespace. It's like saying airplane travel is the only exciting way to travel in a modern slkirmish wargame - it's fluff and not applicable to the actual game. As for campaign settings since it's scifi it's not really an issue. In any case you can chose to make travel times whatever you like and for whatever reason. 'Sure we can fold space but it's going to take us 3 days to warm up the fold drive and make the hop then shed all that crazy radiation we create by folding' or 'sure we can warp space to our target but it's going to take 3 days before we finally cross that vast distance even with warp space.'. It just takes a little imagination to get to where you want. I'm reading a book right now where they use some sort of gravity tunnel between star systems to nearly instantaneously travel the distance, however it may take several days to cross a system and get to your next jump point.
  9. I received an email a couple of days ago about this. A week won't kill me. I contributed to two kickstarter campaigns over a year ago and have yet to see either yet lol! It always amuses me a little that people act surprised when wargames or video games experience delays, it almost literally happens every time. These days I accept it as a part of those hobbies and just roll with it. This community fortunately seems to be pretty casual about it and that's pretty awesome. I'm not expecting models for my armies to be released until late november early december anyway so no big deal.
  10. wait what? You got a confirmation on your rulebook already?
  11. Then all your troops can float across the battlefield a meter off the ground in style!
  12. some people get crazy about scenic bases, others are crazy for them. I generally treat my bases as mini diorama pieces so this doesn't bother me but I have a friend who'd lose his mind.
  13. Speaking of which, if we pre-order (I pre-ordered the rulebook) do we get an email or some warning our stuff has shipped?
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