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  1. Zenergy

    Legendary Faces

    I notice there are a few faces now who are Legendary. I can’t see how this impacts the game, or is it only meant for a gentleman’s agreement where you say “no legendary characters”?
  2. Zenergy

    New Melbourne Player

    Welcome Jason! Hopefully we can get a few more people in and start a league. Anytime you want a game, just let me know.
  3. Zenergy

    Reb Termies and Dying Breath

  4. Zenergy

    Reb Termies and Dying Breath

    If you have a squad of 3 termies, does each model in the unit get to perform dying breath, or just the last model to be removed from play?
  5. Zenergy

    Tainted Stonewall

    It certainly is. i like the swamp feel that was given to them in the novels.
  6. Zenergy

    Tainted Stonewall

    Thought I’d update Stonewall now that he’s tainted.
  7. Zenergy

    Focus and Charge

    Cheers, I wasn’t sure because of the charge being a combat action and the free strike being part of that, I was kinda hoping it would follow through.
  8. Zenergy


    Oh snap! I never thought of that, thanks!
  9. Zenergy


    I can’t figure out why Ravenseye has refined, when she doesn’t have a crit ability. am I missing something?
  10. Zenergy

    Focus and Charge

    I can’t seem to find the answer for this one, but: If I Focus my Charge, will the free strike count as Focused as well, or just the charge distance?
  11. Looking at the pictures on the cards, you might be able to use any HH and just paint them up Hex style?
  12. Zenergy

    Wayward 8

    I didn't realise they had re-purposed her. Hopefully they do the same with some of the other figures as well.
  13. Zenergy

    Paint vendor for miniatures

    Due to the amount of existing paints I already had from playing 40K for years, I'm pretty much only using Citadel paints. They're good quality, in my opinion, but a little pricey. For terrain, I use whatever is cheapest from the $2 shop and closest to what I need.
  14. Zenergy

    The Woeful Tale of Wyatt Earp and the First Ever Army Build

    Great colour scheme, can't wait to see them all finished.
  15. Zenergy

    Wayward 8

    1st Edition Wayward 8 are finally complete. I think I will continue to use this version of Flowing River, though I'll probably change my mind when they release some background behind her being an alien. I also like the original Jake model, not sure torn....... ![](http://www.wildwestexodusforum.com/uploads/editor/j2/4pcg2fm0eahf.jpg "")

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