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  1. BurnInDesigns_Lathan

    Riverboat is getting ready for its maiden voyage

    I think I am ready to set sail with this one. I have a bunch more I want to do with it but I need to move onto the next project and stop obsessing. I still have docks and a boathouse to get to. One thing this project has really shown me is I need a bigger photo area. Any suggestions for scenario ideas? ![](http://www.wildwestexodusforum.com/uploads/editor/21/eb6gx2pjzt7v.jpg "")
  2. BurnInDesigns_Lathan

    The slow painter's thread

    I am a slow painter and I know I am not alone in this. This is my first painted WWX fig. I picked him up shortly after he was released and he had sat in primer for far too long. ![](http://www.wildwestexodusforum.com/uploads/editor/7t/4tpgtj1qdc6x.jpg "") What has sat on your painting table longer than it should have?

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