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  1. windigo is wendigo , hex gunman/cutthroat are a mix of union soldiers - outlaw raiders
  2. wicasasni k9 necratu k9 lokess carcosa rex skinshifter pack x2 little foot tree walker Im still playing with numbers to get a list with dr.bietel , dr.tumbley , hex cutthroats & our new council boss/face.. Do you have something fun your trying?
  3. I brought it up, for test purposes just buld a list with a beserker/wedigo and try it.. Adjustments will be available monday with the update and any new suprises.
  4. Abe advances @750 Abe albert cambell pinkerton 5 x riflemen+ rocket pod Rolling thunder
  5. Grants Gun line @ 725 grant sherman hopkins 5x Armored riflemen + 2 rocket pods union fire team - x2 haven't came across booby traps yet. May make some minor adjustments with them.
  6. 500pt Grant Hopkins sherman Armored guard x1 Armored rifle x1 grant 5x armored guard 5x armored riflemen + rocket swap
  7. I Have submitted an idea about a willa shaw themed list.. With shedders being somewhere down the pipeline, it opens up a lot of options ( provided there hands). Future development for a shredder face could surface too ( haha, maybe bebop/rocksteady too) For now Im going with the following Theme list for her @ 955 pts. willa shaw, +mounted -Boss, + twin grenade lauchers (slot 1) Sheridan, +mounted-Face (slot 2) Iron horse x2-Hands (slot 3) Iron horse x2-Hands (slot 4) Iron eagle x3-support (slot 5) Iron horse x1 (scout role) (slot 6) Rolling Thunder If anyone has any ideas for theme bonuses post them here..
  8. > @ZombiePirate said: > Thanks very much. With the faction documents out I put together a $1525 Union list and this felt about right, two posses. Now I just need the Outlaw units doing and I can have fun with that. > > Thank you again. I would be very interested in seeing that union list. Any chance you could post it in the Union section?
  9. From Hints on FB there known as the Immortal 12. That would be a safe safe bet.
  10. ![](http://www.wildwestexodusforum.com/uploads/editor/ha/yr6bb5v9taxu.jpg "")
  11. Did a little number crunching. Not being able to unlock slot 5/6 with out a legendary boss caps my theme list at 750 pts. willa shaw, +mounted -Boss (slot 1) Sheridan, +mounted-Face (slot 2) Iron horse x2-Hands (slot 3) Iron horse x2-Hands (slot 4) Iron eagle x2-support 750 on the nose! To stay within the theme I have 1horse, 1 eagle and a rolling thunder to expand but no available slots. still have to work on abes list
  12. > @Huckleberry said: > Having looked at Custer's weapons and having a fairly solid image in my head as to what sort of guy he would be, I'm happy with the idea of him charging headlong into the enemy while waving his sword threateningly. > > I suspect in his case, the 'Meat Shield' skill is entirely accidental! Missed the meatshield, think he's making the cut, haha.. just need the armory list and I can number crunch. Thanks!
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