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  1. 2) Please tell me when you had 8 formations, because when I read the rules for Brigades correctly, you must fill one brigade with 6 Formations to start a new brigade and the second one must have 3 formations. 3) Thats a true problem, because the RoF has many Units with Bombardement rule, that needs a Spotting Unit (so it has to spend commandopoints for them). Its the same problem with EoBS. Hi, We may have mised the rule about a Brigade having a max of 6 formations but at the moment for my 4000 point French Army I'll be fielding: Legion Armoured Regiment - Combat Formation - 630 points including 'For The Cause' Legion Armoured Regiment - Combat Formation - 630 points including 'For The Cause' Legion Armoured Regiment - Combat Formation - 630 points including 'For The Cause' Heavy Tank Regiment - Support Formation - 260 points including 'On to Glory' Mobile Air Defence Regiment - Support Formation - 400 points including 'On to Glory' Heavy Assault Command Detachment - Corps Asset - 400 points including 'On to Glory' Aerial Strike Asset - Corps Asset - 650 points including 'On to Glory' Aerial Command Regiment - Corps Asset - 380 points including 'On to Glory' Currently with 24 CP this feels like it is balanced and has potential but 11 CP would make life difficult. I think there's an anomaly in the French List (and possibly others) in that the Legion Armoured Regiment can have an integrated artillery which is very nice but there is no integrated spotter units. So I've either got to use recce flyers from other formations as attachments which takes time and CPs or rely on my iron clads which are poor so I've got to shove in two or three CPs to have a reasonable change of a successful spot.
  2. I've just downloaded the new rules and so far I'm not terribly impressed, main gripes to date 1)The printing the PDF will eat print cartridges, can't we have a B&W printer friendly version? 2) Command Points, these were a nice touch but now only getting the CP for models with the HQ MAR has dramtically reduced their usefulness basically the only things I can see CPs being used for in the future will be artillery spotting. With only a handfull available there's no point in investing in Command Abilities or trying to influence initiative. I'm playing a 4000 per side game on Saturday, currently I'll be generating 24 CP under the new rules I'll get 11 not much for 8 formations and 80 models.Six of these would be used up every turn just trying to spot targets and another couple if I want to attach dedicated spotter units to formations. Use a command ability? forget it. And it's worse for the Russians who seem to have almost no HQ units and poor crews. 3) Lack of consistency for HQ MARs, the Soverign has HQ2 but the Bastille HQ1, even worse if a British Tank Battalion is commanded by a Steward Guardian Tank it gets HQ1, A French Tank Battalion commanded by A Char 1C Heavy tank gets 0 for the same points cost, this is starting to smack of Francophobia. 4) The EoBS units haven't been re-pointed, they're too cheap.
  3. I'd disagree, the EoGS landships are their heavy walkers, the 'Taka-Asho' Mk II Heavy walker unit is every bit as nasty as other landships and puts out a very creditable 12 red dice of gunnery at 16" for only 170 points. The issue I have with the EoBS is the apparent cheapness of their long range rocketry which allows a lot of medium units to destroyed before they get into range, leaving the one or two heavy units to be mobbed by the EoBS medium units and finally destroyed by the heavy walkers. This is particularly trus of the EoBS Bombardment Regiment, the Miage-Nyudo' has 10 red dice out to 40" is veteran and is an 'Observation Platform'. So for 2CP the commander rolls 4 red spotting dice needing 3+ to succeed and once it has succeeded the HO-I Bombards can drop 12 dice on the same formation. It is a beautiful combination of long, medium and short range firepower, I have no problem with the mechanics, indeed EoBS seems to be the best combined firepower force in the game, I just think its too cheap.
  4. So that means that we were correct in our original interpretation and only those units in a batallion which would be destroyed get to roll their AA against rockets? If so it reinforces my original point that the EOBS has a lot of cheap units with a lot of long range offensive capability.
  5. DanJ


    That's exa ctly what I mean, a flak tank battalion has 4 models, I'd like to attach 2 models to each of by Armoured Legions to provide extra AA fire but the coherency rules mean that this is impossible as I've got to keep all thye flak tanks together as a single unit.
  6. That's how we played in in DW and it feels right to me but our interpretation of the AC rules means we've plumped for only those units of a batalion which would be destroyed getting to roll their AA. Is there a higher authority we can refer to?
  7. But the AC rules on states that "Each Unit in the target Battalion which would otherwise be damaged or Destroyed by the attack may roll a number of Dice equal to their AckAck value." This means that if a unit has 3 models but only 1 model would be destroyed or damaged then only 1 model in the unit gets to fire its AA which for most units with medium models will make very little difference to a rocket attack.
  8. We had a couple of novel situations last night which people might like to comment on. In the first one I moved a unit of tiny flyer fighters directly in front of and 5" away from a unit of enemy interceptors heading for my airship, I was expecting the fighters AA to engage the interceptors when they moved, it was agued that this couldn't happen because AA fire only falls on tiny flyers OR other flyers who finish their move less that 4" from the fighters. This effectively meant that the interceptors flew past the fighter screen and attacked my airship it was flying CAP for. Fortunately and only by accident, I'd placed my fighters only 4" from the airship so engaged the interceptors at the end of their turn but the possibility was that under other circumstances the interceptors would have simply ignored my fighter CAP. Later on a bomber unit dropped its load on some iron clads. As the owner of the iron clads I was keen for their AA fire to have some effect on the bomber squadron, however the rules say that bomb runs are the "same as other ranged attacks" and else where it implies that AA fire can only be directed at tiny flyers so the bombers dropped their bombs with no risk from the iron clads flak. Did we play these two situations correctly? If flak can only attack tiny flyers what is the point of flak towers and the french flak tanks if they can't attack bigger flyers? Dan
  9. Has anyone done any calculations on the relative cost effectiveness of units? I mention this as it seems the Blazing Suns seem to have a large number of tough units with decent kill ratings and very large long range attacks available for very modest costs. The flying squid thing seems particularly frightning, 160 points for a unit with a kill rating of 8/7/5 and 10red dice of rockets at 40", and it's not alone. I can't find any other faction which can match this sort of cheap firepower, for instance the French Bastile Landship is 7/7/6 but only get 6 blue dice at 32" and it costs 180 points. At this point many people will say something like "but when the bastille get in close it's much better". This is true but by the time it gets close it's probably lost most of its support units to long range rocketry and is vulnerable to being mobbed by mediums.
  10. That could be a posiblity but the idea is to play larger games so you have more units on the table, more chance for the short range suff to get to grips. It also has the advantage of being simple, a key concept when you have more than 1 person playing a game. The only force I'm concerned about are the EoBS, they seem to have an inordinately large number of relatively cheap units with very long range.
  11. DanJ


    That is indeed what the rules say, although the flak tanks have an 8" range vs flyers. My point is that as written the coherency rules force me to field my small airfields and flak tanks in single large units, this makes them very strong but very localised, I can provide cover for 1 or possibly 2 formations if I keep them close together. A better and more (and I hesitate to use this word in a fantasy game) realistic method of using such assets would be to spread them out across the fighting units, unfortunately as written the coherency rules prevent this.
  12. DanJ


    I'd like to attach a couple of flak tanks to each of my armoured Legions to provide defence from rockets, dive bombers and other aerial nastyness, and attach an arbalete to launch a recon flight for my mortars. Unfortunately neither of these very reasonable desires appears possible as the rules are written.
  13. I've just bought some of the French Arbalete Medium Land Carriers and will be getting some Flak Tanks in the next month or so. It would seem that that best way to use these formations would be to split the models up and spread them across the battle field to spread their effect rather than have a single inflexible unit. Idealy I'd like to attach two of the flak tanks to each of my armoured regiments to bolster their ack ack rating. This is how many armies have treat such units historically but the coherency rules would sem to prevent this. Is there something in the rukles which I've missed which would allow this sort of flexibility or am I stuck with the coherency rules?
  14. Hi Matt, I've been thinking about this, one solution could be to distribute the formation activation cards equally (or as equally as possible) among the players on a side, then all the players on that side turn over and activate their formations simultaneously. All other activation sequence rules would still apply; if side A has 3 players and side B has 3 players and side A has initiative all side A player turn over their first formation activation and move their first battalion. Side B then discloses their formation activations and move their first battalion. This should speed things up by a factor of 3. One player should of course be regarded as the supreme commander and hold the command point tokens and turn cards, doling them out to is subordinates as he deems most apropriate Dan
  15. That's the way I'd read the rules, and am generally happy with them, but the Vauban has such an obvious split for its hull batteries that I was hoping there might be an exception somewhere in the rules for big models like this.
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