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  1. BigDaddio

    Verifying Base Sizes for Specific Models

    Already did, and Stuart answered. :-) Seems most of the models I listed had typos on the cards. For anyone else wondering, there is change in base sizes for Oron, Wicasasni, and Eiffel.
  2. BigDaddio

    Scatter Terrain for Warrior Nation

    I know that terrain must have been quite labor-intensive, but it sure does rock! Great job!
  3. BigDaddio

    Could someone explain list building to me?

    You can only use the Armory on units that possess a Special Rule stating they can purchase from it.
  4. In going through the Beta cards (1.0), the models listed below seemed to have changed base sizes from the first edition. I'm not including the mounted models that are changing to the new oval-type bases, but rather ones that would require a re-base if those Beta cards are correct. Can someone officially verify if these changes are correct? - Ironhawk (was M now S) - Eiffel (was L now XL) - Wicasasni (was S now M) - Oron (was S now M) - Monocav (was L now M) - The old Golden Army Cannons (was L now S?) - Felipe Espinoza (was M now S) Also, I noticed the former Golden Army blackhoof models are now named characters with high Quick but only on Small bases? Should the base size be different, or perhaps they are on foot and should have the option to be mounted?
  5. BigDaddio

    Where to post feedback on the Beta Rules?

    Thanks. Those weren't loaded yet when I looked at that page this morning before work.
  6. Should we put feedback on the Beta Rules in the General Discussion section of the forum, or in another section?

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