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  1. The cards for the Youngers can now be found on the WWX card resource: https://www.wildwestexodus.com/factions/confederates
  2. It's likely the classic Firestorm is still played in various clubs and in peoples homes. But like all games that are no longer in active production, its natural for it to become a rarer game on the tabletop. For those that still play the Classic Firestorm Game, we have the Warcradle Classic miniatures to help complete your collections. There is a brand new game called Firestorm Armada in development. It is a new game that we hope appeals to many fans of science fiction space battles. Knowledge of or experience of the Classic Firestorm is completely unnecessary. If you have classic models you will, of course, be able to use them as a 'counts as' in the new Firestorm Armada, but there will be an entire range of new and exciting miniatures to enjoy!
  3. Once Dystopian Wars launches you should expect to start hearing the wardrums for Firestorm!
  4. Dystopian Wars can be played using classic models to represent the units in the game. Of course we cannot create hundreds of units for the game to support models that are no longer in production, but what we hope to be able to give players is a list of 'counts as' for tournament play as well as a single generic class for each ship type in each faction (cruiser, battleship etc) that will act as a catch all for those old miniatures people may have in their collections.
  5. This seems to be a common comment. Existing fans are irked that the miniatures they have purchased in significant quantities are not selling now. Could I suggest that a good reason is that the models are classics and designed for a game that is now largely only played by people that own significant fleets etc already? We only ever intended the classics range to be a customer service offering to the existing community. A way to give continuity to your collections and allow you to complete or fill or certain selections. The same is true for WWX. It is regrettable that the Classics offerings have not sold especially well compared to main range releases or to community expectation, but considering the time elapsed since the classic game was in production it is less surprising. The important part was that miniatures have made it into to the hands of fans that would otherwise have to rely on third partirs such as eBay or Facebook selling pages. On the subject of things we find especially irksome, for me it is that Warcradle is being accused of blaming the community for anything. While it's true that there have been a handful of toxic individuals who have had to be taken in hand, they are certainly not reflective of the amazing community that supports the games we make. Regarding those individuals, I do not think aeshva you are one of them, I realise it is comforting for those feeling isolated and embittered to cling to the general community and delude themselves that they are in the same mental space and that their personal views represent a groundswell of opinion. It is perfectly natural to do so. But we have a responsibility to keep the community spaces we look after safe from such self-destructive people.
  6. It's one ship in the entire Union fleet that has the arc technology. It's special because its unique. Union can have all sorts of rockets. You can replace any Heavy Gun Battery with a Heavy Rocket Battery Torpedoes launch out of the torpedo tubes that the ship has on its prow. Why would it be a portal generator? That's a little 'on the nose' isn't it? I'm all for a homage but come on Danny. I thought you held us to much higher exacting standards.
  7. It's worth keeping in mind that the Beta ships are literally just for the Beta. They are not the actual designs for the Third edition game. For example, the new Boridino class Battleship is not the same as the beta test commonwealth Battleship (it has a different profile, an integrated cryo generator and many more distinctions). Those units are just for beta testing and are intentionally generic (and almost bland) . You'll see many differences in the final units when the game comes out.
  8. Regarding our plans changing, no not really. Firestorm has always had some guiding principles we set down as to how we want the game to be for its new edition. The Games Developer role we are advertising is to build on what I said about a year ago, we would scale up the studio as we create more concurrent games. We have around a dozen games in development right now (including Firestorm, Dystopian Wars and Wild West Exodus). We are expanding the team so that we can deliver on those. We have also had a Lead Illustrator join us, and are expanding our writing, sculpting, CAD and graphic design team too. While it has been just over a year since we acquired Firestorm, in terms of games development that really isn't very long at all, especially when we take into account things like manufacturing which has lead times of its own. As for the purpose of the Beta, the Beta is never about getting the rules out there for the community to go have fun playing games. Its about giving the community the opportunity to help shape the final form of the game. If you want to do that, great, if not, no problem.
  9. Just to add to the scale comment - all I was saying was that while each millimetre in DW equates to a real-world measurement, the ships in FS are not necessarily held to that maxim. A human battleship might be 10" long and so might a reptilian one but in real terms, they may not be exactly the same length. Battleships will be roughly equivalent in terms of role and firepower, not necessarily mass. (which is somewhat less relevant with wildly varying alien materials etc). That was all. The principle of the centre of the flight stem actually being the ship is quite interesting. The models themselves being magnified and projected representations of those ships. As humans, we need playing pieces to be a certain size and on the whole, we also equate size with power. The game will certainly maintain those points but that does not mean that every playing piece is to the same scale.
  10. I think much what you've mentioned will be touched on (other than it won't have the words Dystopian or Legions in it).
  11. That was not the intention of the rule. The revised wording for 1.09 will be: "The Stunned and Disordered Conditions do not cause Attribute penalties to be suffered by this unit, though they still count as having the Condition. The Hazard Condition has no effect on this unit and if applied is immediately removed. Furthermore, the unit ignores negative Piercing modifiers when taking Grit Checks unless against attacks from weapons using the Blast template or if the attack has a piercing modifier of -3 or greater."
  12. The whole point will be that the eight factions in Firestorm will have far more reasons to duke it out than to cooperate. Seeds will be sown to address why same faction battles are likely too. Basically, we want your games of Firestorm to always feel like they are part of the story.
  13. A couple of things: The Firestorm Universe is not going to be a Cold War. If you have an entire galaxy to wage war across, with vast distances of time and space separating the various combatants you can have multiple belligerents actively battling each other in full-scale war while still having the breathing room to explore, exploit and expand. Let's not get too hung up on notions of 'The Directorate are going to be turned into X or Y.' We haven't announced any factions yet or even if there will be a Directorate at all (just kidding... maybe). Just lots of lovely speculation from the community. I'm certainly in the camp of being excited about the possibilities rather than worried about what might get thrown out with the bath water.
  14. We'll list changes for each update, absolutely. Logic will usually be in response to Beta feedback, where that's not the case I'll make sure we outline why a change has been made.
  15. As Richard has said, we are still looking at developing the setting. Firestorm Third Edition will be a new game (with rules that are an evolution from the second edition) and new background (that will include many of the existing concepts for factions etc). At this stage, it is not anticipated that it will be a continuation of the second edition in terms of background. That said I'm not involved with the team developing Firestorm, at the moment, so can't say with an absolute authority on what it will or won't be. On the subject of the Directorate, bear in mind that it is a tabletop miniatures game. The miniatures should clearly communicate the archetype and stylings of the faction they represent. The background is there to serve the game, not the other way around, after all. To my mind, if you have a corporate/commercial faction then their vessels should communicate that aspect of them. Large cargo bays, use of mercenaries or something else that makes their background directly inform the miniature design.
  16. Welcome, Space Cat. Don't pee on the carpet.
  17. Can we not have trading on here (albeit by PM). If you want to sell stuff there's ebay to search and various FB sales groups. We'd rather not get involved in private selling.
  18. A good deal of your questions would be resolved by remembering the following: It isn't like 40k or similar games where squads all roll dice together. While Units containing multiple models must take the same action, in every other respect you resolve them separately. Target an enemy unit with each separately etc. Roll die for each separately. Hopefully that clears up quite a bit for you.
  19. These are less 'sets of things being released and more just the output of moulds as we have gone through the range. There is no intentional order or priority, it is simply a case of whatever is next to hand as the teams go through the various crates and pallet of moulds. We may never come across the submerged version or the surface version of some models. If it's got acrylic components, that makes it less likely as well. It's basically one step up from a components service, in that we are releasing entire miniatures. Carriers won't come with tokens, for example, just the actual model.
  20. Constructs aren't dead. They are very much alive. The Enlightened haven't (yet) unlocked the ability to resurrect the dead. At least not satisfactorily. Piloting the Scythe (and the smaller Sickle) puts incredible stresses on the human body. So all Enlightened pilots are augmented in some fashion so as to make better pilots. Of course, there will be some that are more passable for an unaltered human than others. Think of constructs more like cyborgs - heavily augmented humans. They are all either volunteers or conscripted into the process (depending on the Enlightened Peer orchestrating the whole thing).
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