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  1. Introducing the Rules Team for Third Edition

    Absolutely right, Storminwolf.
  2. Introducing the Rules Team for Third Edition

    I think this here is a key mistake. This is not the continuation of a show. This is not the original series of (for example) Dystopian Wars picking up a new creative team between season two and three. This is an all-new series of Dystopian Wars. The new production team, new cast, new writers and new design sensibilities. Now a miniatures game really isn't a TV show, but you started it so let's take this over-extended metaphor further... The new show of Dystopian Wars does not stop you from enjoying the original still (and in your case making 3D sculpts vaguely reminiscent of former showrunner Neil). It does mean that there won't be any more of the classic Dystopian Wars episodes. It also means that if anyone tries to make classic Dystopian Wars episodes, or edits classic Dystopian Wars episodes to make them stand up to modern viewing that they will get a visit from the new company's lawyers with a cease and desist pretty sharpish! But there will potentially now be a host of new fans for Dystopian Wars, and whether or not you personally enjoy the new series or its designs, you can at least appreciate that while the original is at an end, you can still enjoy it. But that there is a new version to enjoy for its own merits too. Now we aren't actually talking about a TV show, we're talking about a game. And the good news is that it's an even better situation for you. While your DVDs and memorabilia of the original series of Dystopian Wars were only relevant to that show, with Dystopian Wars as a game you can use your miniatures in the new edition too as we'll be providing some 'counts as' material for you to proxy with. Now of course stylistically they won't be a perfect match, but they'll (mostly) be close! While it is true that the community *could* tell new players not to get involved (as happened with Age of Sigmar), the game was in such decline that even with that kind of selfish and self destructive action from the community I'm confident that the property would bounce back as part of the Dystopian Age and that we would be seeing not only a host of new players who the second edition was offputting to, but also to many of the original community who spoke out against the new edition but when the new models are released and faced with the alternative of 'no Dystopian Wars at all' decided to jump on board and have some fun anyway! Now I could be wrong about all of this (and I'm sure the double-act of D & J will assure me that I am!) but the thing about being the game studio rather than the community is that the risk is ours, not yours. I'll let you know in a couple of years how it has played out!
  3. Introducing the Rules Team for Third Edition

    Surely better that we show you lots of new stuff too? I think a Q&A is overdue!
  4. Introducing the Rules Team for Third Edition

    Shhh, that doesn' fit into the narrative that we can't build excitement or communicate properly!
  5. Introducing the Rules Team for Third Edition

    Rather than you worry any more, let me reassure you that DW is definitely changing its aesthetic slightly towards a more detailed look. It is not going to be 100% like it did before (though you won't find they look too dissimilar of course!) Once you see the actual miniatures I'm confident you will find a great deal about them to enjoy. But if not, I wish you all the best with Dropfleet.
  6. Introducing the Rules Team for Third Edition

    Funny thing about alternate histories, they can be whatever notion you wish them to be. You can have an alternate history where women were the dominant gender, or where the continents of the Earth looked different or humans had feathers or the Battle of Hastings never took place and European development was radically different. Perhaps Queen Victoria was actually King Victor, perhaps it was the Japanese that settled Australia, perhaps Hellesdon North West joined an alien federation as an independent state within England, or we colonised Mars in 1799 and our world has changed radically since then. Or maybe all of those things happened, but our world is largely still recognisable as it is now (though for the record, none of those things happened in the Dystopian Age).
  7. Introducing the Rules Team for Third Edition

    This is a new Dystopian Wars game, it is not a continuation of the original. New factions, new rules, new nations, new histories, new designs. There will be some familiar designs, but yes they will have much more detail and a stylised design to them than before. This is not right or wrong, just different.
  8. Introducing Nakano Gozen

    Paint it however you wish. For me, I'd imagine she wears a form-fitting kevlar-esque bodyglove under her armour. In black.
  9. Introducing Nakano Gozen

    She's not a commander. That would be a General or some other senior figure within the Chinese, Japanese or Korean armies. not a lot of call for them way out in the badlands of the Union! WWX is not the game for the Prussians, Crown, Celestains and Commonwealth to start charging tanks at each other and ranks of disciplined infantry. I'd imagine that was better suited to another game and geographical setting entirely...
  10. Salute Pre-Orders: The Deadly Seven

    Throwing Knives have the Thrown quality. This means they can be used as a ranged weapon with an 8" range once per Activation (see page 45 of the rulebook). He has two sets, so can use the second set with the Quick Draw special rule.
  11. Totems

    No, though of course, you can only include them if you have models that permit them to be taken (the Totemic rule). Just like portals.
  12. Totems

    Reserve Actions are a type of Move Action. All totems have the same deployment rules.
  13. Future FA rules

    A 'normal' game should be around two hours. With most game nights kicking off at 7-8pm and approaching close for 11pm (tops) really any game running longer than 2hrs runs the risk of the dreaded phrase of 'Shall we call it/leave it there?' From a game design point of view, it means that exploring factions that come into their own later in the game becomes ill-advised if 'later in the game' rarely happens...
  14. Future FA rules

    Derek has been announced as being involved with the rules development for Dystopian Wars. Nothing has been announced for Firestorm.
  15. Help

    Full instructions (including diagrams) are available on the website

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