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  1. The fate of mobile airfields and other big things

    It won't be an upgrade kit, rather there will be similar models (reworked for the new scale) that will fill the same function as a mobile airfield in games of Armoured Clash but the units they launch will be of a smaller size (rocket troops, gyros etc). Players can use their Mobile airfield models as a 'counts as' for Armoured Clash, but there will, of course, be new models.
  2. The fate of mobile airfields and other big things

    Exactly this. All good ideas. With some of them (particularly models like the Seydlitz) want to retain the styling of the original miniature but add new details and elements to make them a part of Armoured Clash.
  3. The fate of mobile airfields and other big things

    The idea with mobile airfields is that rather than launching fighter aircraft, they will instead launch gyrocopters, winged infantry, jet troops, aerial drones and other science madness to dominate the skies. Same function in game terms, but different scale. Of course there will still be fighters, bombers, blimps etc but these will have launched from airbases, carriers or other ‘off table’ positions.
  4. The new Armoured Clash

    Switch inches for centimetres, third the ranges, double the ranges. You can homebrew whatever you want. All we provide are models, rules and guidelines for consistency when playing new opponents. What you get up to with your friends in the comfort of your dining room is entirely in your hands.
  5. Carriers and TFTs in 3rd Edition

    No, they are removed from the table once their action (defence, bombing run or whatever) is resolved (the game assumes that they return to their parent carrier once they have conducted their mission for the turn ). Each turn a carrier can despatch squadrons on a variety of missions (the larger the carrier, the wider range of missions available).
  6. Prussian Imperium future

    There will be a Metzger for Dystopian Wars and a miniature the same size (though with the different scale representing a smaller automata) for Armoured Clash. Of course you could use the land version of the Metzger model as a ‘counts as’ for Armoured Clash.
  7. The new Armoured Clash

    It will be a new rules set with its own mechanics. It is in development and we'll have more news once the Open Beta for Dystopian Wars is underway.
  8. Carriers and TFTs in 3rd Edition

    No local air support (though possibly a narrative scenario could supply it as part of a campaign).
  9. Carriers and TFTs in 3rd Edition

    Each carrier will have a specific squadron capacity so that there are distinction and value to each class. We hope for the Open Beta to start before the Summer, but we are a fair way from a formal announcement.
  10. Support Aircraft in the Dystopian Age

    The aerial units in Dystopian Wars will still come in small medium and large sizes. We haven't confirmed exact models yet but certainly, small airships such as the Jager/ Speerwurf will continue to be used in Dystopian Wars.
  11. Carriers and TFTs in 3rd Edition

    This is a discussion on third edition, so no need to change your play style until then!
  12. Carriers and TFTs in 3rd Edition

    It’s also worth noting that TFTs are not units themselves, can’t block line of sight and are not activated separately to their parent carrier.
  13. Carriers and TFTs in 3rd Edition

    Exact details will be revealed in the Open Beta, but effectively TFTs are a specific role until they land on the carrier and then are removed from the table. That same token can be reused in the next turn to represent a different type of aircraft. While on the table, the token has one specific role.
  14. Carriers and TFTs in 3rd Edition

    TFTs are defined by how you use them. So if a TFT is being used this turn to attack a submarine, it represents torpedo bombers (or some other esotericly weird anti sub warfare technology). If TFTs are by friendly ships, they are fighters giving aircover etc.
  15. Carriers and TFTs in 3rd Edition

    The bomber on the flight deck represents a carrier mounted bomber (not that third edition will require a modelled distinction between fighters and bombers as tokens). Like all the aircraft on carrier decks, they are there for aesthetics rather than a specific indication of units. The bomber you see on the flight deck is too small to be used in a game as a unit in its own right. Perhaps we might create TFT's with them on for players who want to visually indicate which TFTs are bombers and which are fighters but Third Edition doesn't require it as a TFTs type is defined by what the player has them doing each turn rather than what they are modelled or painted as.

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