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  1. Warcradle Stuart

    Model availability

    The releases each month will be a selection of models from across our archives and will include miniatures from Dystopian Wars, Firestorm Armada and Planetfall. Many of the moulds as we test them are proving to be less than ideal in terms of the quality of what is produced, so many of the old models will never return. As we have miniatures of a reasonable quality available each month we will list them for purchase.
  2. Warcradle Stuart

    Model availability

    We will be releasing the first batch of Warcradle Classics towards the end of this month. There will not be specific individual profiles for the old models in the third edition, however, we will be releasing a sheet for each faction to cover every miniature released so far and what it counts as in the third edition so you can still use them.
  3. Warcradle Stuart

    A few questions

    Err... yes. In fact, it would be extremely hard to win. If you want to share an Action and Adventure deck as a taster for the game (after all that's what the set is designed for) just shuffle both decks and evenly split them. It isn't right for competitive play, but for a knock around with a small force between friends its more than sufficient.
  4. Warcradle Stuart

    A few questions

    No problem, I guessed that's what you meant. The Action cards are split into two piles so they fit neatly in the box (the Adventure cards are twice their size). Combine them and you'll find that they give you the 48 cards you need for the Action deck. You can even count the Action Point values on them to be sure (we explain that too in the rulebook). From page 17 of your rulebook - top left corner:
  5. Warcradle Stuart

    A few questions

    They aren't sold with two initiative decks. There's no such thing as an initiative deck. Do you mean the Action deck?
  6. Warcradle Stuart

    A few questions

    Each player should have their own Action and Adventure decks. There's only one rulebook in the box too...
  7. Warcradle Stuart

    Spartan old rules!

  8. Warcradle Stuart

    Spartan old rules!

    Interesting ideas. Certainly, the movement should be a crucial part of the game, positional fire arcs being the key to victory in many cases.
  9. Warcradle Stuart

    A few questions

    Welcome aboard! 1) The Warrior Nation are significantly different to the real-world native tribes and as such the characters are very much from the Wild West Exodus rather than just simply co-opted from history. Quite a few historical characters have been given a Dystopian Age twist. Even those characters you think are unchanged will have some subtle differences - Odysseus Grant, Armstrong Custer, Henry John 'Doc' Holliday etc. It is important to remember this isn't a historical game with a few steampunk tweaks, but an entire alternate history with many centuries of events that have shifted how the world has evolved. 2) Most of the units with cards are either currently available, or are soon to be released.
  10. Warcradle Stuart

    Prussian Imperium future

    The old Battleships are not being re-released, other than through the Warcradle Classics range. The Elector is the primary Prussian Battleship (and by extension the mainstay battleship of the Imperium).
  11. Warcradle Stuart

    Prussian Imperium future

    Good question. The current plan is for one hull for each vessel type. Carriers will be specifically designed as carriers, not a flight deck perched on top of one or more battleship or battlecruiser hulls. Frigates/destroyers etc will be largely one piece as they were in the second edition as any real modularity becomes difficult as the playing piece gets smaller. Of course each nation within the faction has their own version and miniature for those common hull classes with their own peculiar layouts, weapon fits and special rules so there is a great deal of variety and tactical options within each faction.
  12. Warcradle Stuart

    Prussian Imperium future

    That is almost exactly how it works. Having a different gun turret does not necessitate an entirely new class of ship. You can take your Battleship (which comes with main gun turrets as standard) and switch any of those out for Rocket Batteries or your faction's specific weapon type (Heat Lance for the Alliance, Flamethrower for the Celestians, Sonic cannon for the Commonwealth, Torpedo Launcher for the Crown etc). The Elector takes the principle slightly further by having larger weapon systems changeable such as lose two turret mounts for either a pair of Tesla generators or the Gustav Cannon. This extreme modularity is a trademark of the Prussian Imperium, though the ability to swap turret weapons is common for all faction's dreadnoughts, battleships, battlecruisers and cruisers.
  13. Nothing to stop you taking an Ironhide called Tranquility...
  14. Warcradle Stuart

    Where to look up 2nd edition fluff?

    There will be lots more narrative coming out as the Dystopian Age solidifies. Expect to see much more over the summer.

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