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  1. The Ranger Showboat posse is a Face-heavy posse that revolves around Wild Bill Hickock. If all six slots are filled in the posse by at least one unit, than all units in the posse gain the Elite special rule, allowing them to treat the Guts bonus on any Adventure card as +1 action point rather than the listed bonus should the player choose to do so. This will allow the Lawmen player more opportunities to Focus their actions in critical moments, which is a boon considering Wild Bill is the only unit in the posse with the Largesse special rule (other units can use his Fortune) with a measly 3 Fortune to his name. The best way to utilize this posse is by taking advantage of the crowd control options available and disabling the biggest threats as quickly as possible to avoid running out of Fortune for re-rolls. The key thing to remember with the Ranger Showboat posse is the unit restrictions. Every unit in the posse must have the RANGER keyword, limiting you to only twelve units: · Wild Bill Hickock · Rabecca Copelie · Missie Copelie · Grace Myrtle · Nate Berenger · Calamity Jane · James McClain · Veteran Rangers · Ranger Minutemen · Ranger Interceptor · Ranger Gyrocopter · Ranger Blackjack Wild Bill Hickock is primarily a support-oriented Boss with some teeth. His 18” range rifle with a -2 Piercing combined with his Aim value of 7 lets him easily reach across the battlefield to find vulnerable targets, and the Iron Asp Baton that is nearly ubiquitous amongst the eligible posse units. He comes with the standard Tinman special rule unique to the Lawmen (models in base-to-base get +1 Grit, ignore uneven ground, can re-roll failed Yeller Checks) along with the Forward Echelon special rule (grants +1 Grit to non-Disordered Hands within 3”, can Go On Lookout for 1 action point regardless of previous combat actions), making him ideal for pairing up with a group of Veteran Rangers. Both units have the Trailfinder rule, allowing them to make a free Walk action after deployment. By keeping Wild Bill and a full group of 6 Veteran Rangers together, you get a walking bunker with +2 Grit (not taking terrain into effect) that will take a good amount of dedicated firepower to remove. If this bunker makes it to an objective, it will be nearly impossible to dislodge. And if you have the points available, you can give this bunker a pair of Liberty Gatling Guns to ruin the day of any Outlaw who happens to get too close. You’ll pay out the nose for this setup, but it’ll get the job done. The Copelie sisters are pretty similar aside from weapon loadout. Missy comes with a Chace launcher, giving you some high-powered template shots at Piercing -3 to dislodge groups of models on the tabletop, whereas Rabecca has a pair of Juiced pistols for a more in-your-face approach. Both come with Iron Asp Batons as well as the Tinman and Dead or Alive special rules (melee weapons gain Lethal when attacking a Stunned or Disordered unit). They both also comes with the Teamwork special rule, allowing for some potential chain activation shenanigans if you’ve planned far enough ahead. Something to keep in mind using Missy is the Heavy keyword on her Chace Launcher, meaning she can’t fire it after making a Move action, so try to position her early on to ensure she gets the most use throughout the game. Grace Myrtle is one of your heavy duty snipers in this posse, thanks to a combination of her Chace Rifle’s 18” range and the Deadeyed special rule allowing her to target anyone in range regardless of whether or not they have the Target Priority special rule. Bosses and important Faces won’t be able to use a group of Hands as human shields against Grace. She’s also notable for being one of the all-important crowd control options for the Ranger Showboat thanks to her Lasso. The Lasso is a 6” ranged weapon with Tangle (target must pass a Fight check after the Grit check or become Stunned and Disordered) and Drag (unit becomes Disordered and is moved d5” towards Grace) on a critical success. Top all this off with Headhunter (unit games a Fortune chip for destroying a Unique enemy model) and Grace Myrtle is practically an auto-include for her ability to shut down Faces and potentially Bosses in her turn. Next up we have Nate Berenger, one of the few sources of Smoke Grenades in the posse. In many ways, Nate is a toned down version of Wild Bill. Nate comes with nearly the same special rules as Wild Bill (Tinman, Dead or Alive, Forward Echelon, Rapport) and a slightly worse statline. Nate also swapped out the long range capability for a heavy Juiced Launcher and some Smoke Grenades. Nate’s ability to deny firing lanes with Smoke Grenades makes him an ideal defender, so if you have other plans for Wild Bill on the table, you can easily swap him out for Nate when building your Ranger Bunker to protect either an objective or a group of Civilians (should you decide to try for some extra Victory Points). Calamity Jane is Grace Myrtle on steroids (or quality whiskey, in this case). Her rifle has a longer range (20” vs. 18”) with a higher Piercing (-2 vs. -1) and comes with two Lassos instead of one. That combined with her high Aim of 7 compared to Grace’s 6 and both units having Dead or Alive makes her even more dangerous to nearby enemy Faces. What Calamity Jane does not have, however, is Headhunter, so Jane will always be stuck with her 1 Fortune. Grace is also 30 points cheaper, so if you’re trying to keep your points costs down, Calamity Jane might be a bit too extravagant. It not, however, then feel free to use both Grace and Jane to shut down or remove the more difficult units outright. Our final Ranger face is James McClain who, like the Copelie sisters, is also useable in an Outlaws posse as well. James McClain is a short-range Face, only carrying a pair of Chace pistols and a baton. Looking at his rules, the two that stand out a great deal are Trailfinder and Gunfighter. He’ll be able to keep pace with any Veteran Rangers thanks to Trailfinder, and Gunfighter will let him either split his fire (not that effective with ROA2 pistols) or use Revolver Fan for free. His best place seems to be with a group of Veteran Rangers helping to build or reinforce a Ranger Bunker on an objective to free up other Faces (or Wild Bill) for other duties on the table. The Ranger Showboat posse comes with three Support options: Interceptors, Blackjacks, and Gyrocopters. These three vehicles are remarkably similar and do the same basic job with a few unique methods. Each option costs 85 points per model with a unit size of 1-3 with an average Aim of 5, some extra survivability thanks to Moving Target, and providing Shred in some capacity to make cover less of an issue. The Gyrocopters can quickly bring Gatling fire and smokescreens to bear thanks to Flight, the Blackjacks will give you some additional crowd control with Winch Lassos, and the Interceptors can quickly cross ground on the table to either take objectives or eliminate anyone trying to hide behind cover to take potshots thanks to their guns coming with Shred as default and Lethal on a crit. This gives you a good amount of flexibility when building your posse. At the end of this posse breakdown, we come to the Hands units: the Veteran Rangers and Ranger Minutemen. These two units are ideal for taking and holding objectives quickly and easily thanks to Tinman. Veteran Rangers (the melee variant) comes with Trailfinder to give you an extra jump at objectives (or Civilians running around like chickens with their heads cut off), whereas the Ranger Minutemen (the long range variant) has Deadeyed to give enemy Faces and Bosses pause when approaching. Both units can take at least one weapon from the faction armory, and thanks to the Experienced Unit special rule, they can take a second weapon with a max sized unit of 6 models. They also come with the ubiquitous Iron Asp Batons to make them a bit more useful than their Deputized counterparts (and all Outlaw hands, but that’s an issue for another time), so don’t expect a unit of either flavor of Ranger hands to simply be brushed aside after a single round of combat.
  2. Honestly, all you really need at this point is a Rules & Gubbins set and a tape measure (assuming you don't have one already) and you're ready to go.
  3. Yeah, the Indirect stuff was a typo. I'd originally wanted to remove them entirely thinking they wouldn't be that useful in narrow tunnels, but changed my mind and forgot to remove that statement. I thought about firing around corners, but that might be a bit much to remember rules-wise. I did make the changes to Itchy Trigger Finger, Oppressive Blackness, and Frayed Wiring, since they're good ideas.
  4. Last night I was idly browsing Reddit when I came across a very well done D&D dungeon set in a sewer system. I thought that would make an excellent setting for a narrative WWX game, but it would need some extra rules to crank up the thematic feel to 11. So I sat down today and threw together a quick draft of rules for playing games in a sewer complex. You could also use them for something like an underground tunnel system, a hidden Watcher outpost, or whatever you can think of. I'll be using this thread to keep track of changes and adjustments throughout. I'll be cooking up a few potential Adventures for this rule set over the next few days. which I'll happily share here and the Facebook group. So without further ado, let's get started! NOTE: The current rules listed here are version 0.2, as I've incorporated some of the feedback received in this thread along with adding some new terrain effects. Wild West Exodus Tunnel Fighting Rules Models can only move through the tunnels and doors on a Tunnel Fighting map. The portions of the table outside the walls are considered Impassable Terrain. A model with the SPIRIT keyword can pass through walls and doors as long as they end their Move action within a tunnel. Cramped Conditions: Only Small, Medium, and Large based units (round and oval) can fir through the twisting confines of a tunnel complex. Units with the FLIGHT keyword may not make a Flight special move action. Treacherous Ground: Mounted units must make a Quick check after either a Focused Move action or a Dash action. If the units fails, it is considered Wounded. Unit special rules ignoring Uneven Ground (Timman, Sure Foot, etc.) do not apply. Narrow Corridors: All Torrent and Blast weapons have the Brutal special rule. If the weapon already has Brutal, it gains Lethal. If an Indirect weapon scatters and comes in contact with a wall or other terrain feature, mark that spot as the point of impact. Doors: Doors in a Tunnel Fighting map will have three different states: Open, Closed, and Locked. · Open Doors can be passed through with no movement penalty. · Closed Doors can be passed through with a -1 Quick penalty (the door needs to be opened first). · Locked Doors can be unlocked by spending one Action Point. Itchy Trigger Finger: Models carrying a Ranged Weapon with the Close Work may make a free Give ‘Em Hell reaction when an enemy model declares a Charge action with a -1 Aim penalty with no effects applied for a critical success. The Oppressive Blackness: Hands units must make a Yeller Check after the unit size has been decreased to two models. If the Hands unit is within 3” of a Boss, the Yeller Check can be re-rolled without using Fortune. OPTIONAL: Stab In The Dark All Ranged weapons have a range of 12”. At the start of the game, each player places a numbered token representing their units. The tokens will move with the same Quick value as the units they represent. When two units come within 15” of each other, both players can make a Mind check to determine if the units have been revealed. If the check is passed, the opposing player removes the token and replaces it with the models from that unit. If one player fails their Mind check, the opposing player’s token remains in place. Units are not able to declare Charge actions against tokens more than 12” away. If two tokens are able to draw line of sight to each other within 12”, they are automatically revealed. EXAMPLE: Sam is controlling a unit of Raider Cutthroats is making its way through the sewers of a Promethean complex in an attempt to steal a particular galvanic contraption from Lady Augusta Byron. The Cutthroats turn a corner and are able to draw line of sight to a token 14” away. The Raider Cutthroats pass their Mind check and discover a Brute shambling through the tunnels. Bill, the Enlightened player, fails his Mind check and does not see the Cutthroats. If the Cutthroats move 2” closer to the Brute, they will be automatically revealed. Watch Yer Aim!: Any Shoot actions with a non-template weapon that roll a critical failure have the potential to ricochet back into the unit. Roll another d10. On a roll of 6+, the shot bounces off the wall and hits the shooting unit. Resolve as normal. Ricocheted shots will have no effect on a critical success. Terrain Effects Perilous Sewers: The following terrain and effects can be added to a Tunnel Fighting game using the Sewers terrain. Both players must agree on which terrain pieces are considered Perilous Sewers beforehand if the Adventure does not specify. · Rusted Grate: If a model crosses over a Rusty Grate, it must make an unmodified Quick check. If the check fails, the grate collapses and swallows the model into the maze below. The model is considered Wounded and removed from the table. · Toxic Sludge: Any models passing through Toxic Sludge must make a Quick check or gain the HAZARD and TAINTED conditions. · Flammable Miasma: Models passing through a cloud of Flammable Miasma must pass a Grit check or receive the Hazard condition. Models with the MASKED special rule are unaffected. If a shot passes through a Flammable Miasma cloud, it has a chance of detonating. On a roll of a 6+, the cloud explodes. Place a torrent template down every tunnel accessible from the center of the cloud. Models under the template must take a Grit check against Piercing -1. Models that pass their Grit check are pushed back 1" and gain the Disordered condition until their next activation. Natural Perils: The following terrain and effects can be added to a Tunnel Fighting game using the Cave Network terrain. Both players must agree on which terrain pieces are considered Perilous Machinery beforehand if the Adventure does not specify. · Razor-sharp Stalagmites: The terrain feature counts as both Difficult and Hazardous terrain. · Razor-sharp Stalagtites: If an indirect weapon misses, it has the chance of hitting the ceiling of the cave and raining stalagtites onto the enemy. Roll another d10. On a roll of a 7+, the indirect shot strikes the ceiling. Use the second d10 roll to determine distance and direction for the blast template. All models caught under the template must make a Grit check against Piercing -2. · Unstable Ground: If a model crosses over Unstable Ground, it must make an unmodified Quick check. If the check fails, the ground crumbles beneath their feet and swallows the models. All models that failed are considered Wounded and removed from the table. Infernal Contraptions: The following terrain and effects can be added to a Tunnel Fighting game using the Infernal Contraptions terrain. Both players must agree on which terrain pieces are considered Perilous Sewers beforehand if the Adventure does not specify. · Steam Pipe: If a template weapon catches a portion of a wall designated as a Steam Pipe, roll to see if the shot bursts a Steam Pipe. On a 6+, the pipe bursts. Place a template at the point of impact. All models under the template must make a Grit check against scalding steam (or whatever otherworldly substance was being carried through the pipeworks) with a -1 Piercing value. · Frayed Wiring: If a model passes within 2” of Frayed Wiring, it can trigger a Galvanic Eruption. The model must make a Grit check against Piercing -2. If the check fails, all model within 2” of the initial model must make a Grit check against Piercing -1. Every Grit check that fails will result in every model within 2” (not including models already struck) must make a Grit check against Piercing 0. If any Grit checks are passed, the Galvanic Eruption will not arc out to nearby models. Models with the AUTOMATA, MACHINE, or VEHICLE keywords are more susceptible to Galvanic Eruption. The distances for these models are 3" rather than 2", and the Piercing value is increased by 1 if they are the first model to trigger a Galvanic Eruption. If they are not the first, the Piercing value is unmodified if the Galvanic Eruption jumps to another model. EXAMPLE: Wyatt Earp is standing 3" behind a pair of UR-30 Lawbots when they wander too close to a patch of Frayed Wiring. The first Lawbot makes a Grit check against Piercing -3 and fails. Wyatt Earp must then make a Grit check against Piercing -2. · Toxic Sludge: Any models passing through Toxic Sludge must make a Quick check or gain the HAZARD and TAINTED conditions. Otherworldly Machines: The following terrain and effects can be added to a Tunnel Fighting game using the Otherworldly Machines terrain. Both players must agree on which terrain pieces are considered Perilous Sewers beforehand if the Adventure does not specify. Unless stated in the Adventure, the Stab in the Dark rule cannot be used with Otherworldly Machines. · Malfunctioning Teleporter: A unit moving within 2" of a Malfunctioning Teleporter must make a Mind check. If the check fails, the unit is transported 2d10 inches in a random direction determined by a third die. If the transport places the unit outside of the map, move the unit the minimum distance needed to bring them onto the playable board area. If the 2d10 roll is a double critical failure, the unit is destroyed. If the 2d10 roll is a double critical success, the controlling player can choose where to place them anywhere within 12" of the Malfunctioning Teleporter. · Sentry Turret: A Sentry Turret is a stationary unit that will fire on any model coming within range. It has the following stats: Q-, M6, A4, G5, F-, L1 Rules: Tasked, Xenoshield Weapon: Dual Disruptor Blasters Range 12", Piercing -2, ROA 4 · Power Nodes: A unit passing a Power Node can attempt to use it to juice their weapons up for a turn. Any unit wishing to do so will need to make a Mind check with a -1 modifier. If the check fails, nothing happpens. If the check succeeds, the unit's weapons gain either +1 ROA or -1 Piercing until their next activation. If the checks is a critical success, the unit's weapons gain both effects. If the check is a critical failure, the Power Node explodes. Place the blast template over the Power Node. All models under the template must make a Grit check against Piercing -1. Haunted Catacombs: The following terrain and effects can be added to a Tunnel Fighting game using the Haunted Catacombs terrain. Both players must agree on which terrain pieces are considered Perilous Sewers beforehand if the Adventure does not specify. · Restless Tomb: A unit passing within 2" of a Restless Tomb must make an unmodified Mind check. If the check succeeds, nothing happens. If the check fails, the unit gains the Disordered condition until their next activation and -1 Mind for the rest of the battle. · Possessed: A unit passing within 2" of a Restless Tomb must make an unmodified Mind check. If the check succeeds, nothing happens. If the check fails, the unit becomes Possessed and must make an immediate Charge action against the nearest unit. · Bat Colony: A unit moving within 2" of a Malfunctioning Teleporter must make a Quick check. If the check fails, a colony of bats is startled and immediately attempt to flee the Catacombs. Place the blast template over the unit and roll a d10. The Bat Colony immediately scatters in that direction. All units that fall under the blast template must make a Quick check. All models that fail their Quick check gain the Disordered condition until their next activation. A model with a Torrent weapon can attempt to shoot down the Bat Colony. The Bat Colony has a Grit of 4.
  5. TR_Mike

    TR_Mike's Outlaws

    A collection of my painted Outlaws miniatures
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    TR_Mike's Lawmen

    My current collection of fully-painted Lawmen
  7. If you want to be lazy (or are working with a model that won't really convert that well with that method) you can always put the mount on a bigger base and put the model standing next to it. For extra points, you can magnetize the model and bases to make it easy to switch from mounted to unmounted.
  8. Taking a look at the most recent posse & armory release, there doesn't seem to be an armory card for the Order. Is a new armory in the works? Can we use the previously released armory (v1.03) in the meantime?
  9. The Warrior Nation is largely a meele faction, so you'll want as much LOS-blocking terrain as possible to protect your troops until they can get into position to charge. Once you get them up-close, however, their close combat skills really shine. Especially Walks Looking.
  10. Reposted from The Dark Council Facebook group: So at the end of the year, I currently have 2 nearly completed factions fully painted and ready to go. At current count, I've got 3435 points of Lawmen and 2570 points of Outlaws. While I have my eye on a few additions to these forces (Infernal Investigations, some Confederates, and of course vehicles), I also have a small handful of Union, Order, and Enlightened models as well that I could build up to a decent size fairly quickly. The Order force I'm putting on the back burner for a bit until more Cor Caroli get released (and because the Spica have SO. MANY. LEATHER. STRAPS.), so it looks like my choices will be between the Union and Enlightened. Which should I choose?
  11. TR_Mike


    I got a holiday edition Kyle the Red and White that arrived a little after Christmas.
  12. Based on the wording, no, Tinman does not stack. The max Grit bonus you'll get is +1; adding more units in base to base simply spreads the +1 Grit bonus to them. You'll find the Tinman rule on most Lawmen stat cards, not in the rulebook.
  13. An album of my currently painted minis: https://imgur.com/gallery/LKW4P
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