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  1. should note the mat is 4 foot wide, the play area was 3 foot wide, starts at the left most buildingi to the rightmost rock!
  2. Had a game the other night using the Watchers and had a problem with the Umber Scarab Myriad. We played on a 3x3 board, see below. ![](http://www.wildwestexodusforum.com/uploads/editor/6v/x2l0p7effmoc.jpg "") Problem arose when trying to place the Scarab using Unexpected arrival as the rules for are as follows UNEXPECTED ARRIVAL: When this unit is placed in the Play Area, the controlling player must first place a blast template at least 6” away from any edge of the Play Area, unit, obstacle, building or impassable terrain feature. It was impossible to place the template! if you take away the six inch table edge buffer you are left with a 24' square in which to place a template without being with in 6" of pretty much anything you have on the board! Can you have a look at it, seems way to restrictive for the size of the board as with even minimal terrain you are going to struggle! You could say 'place the centre of the blast template at least 6" away' or just amend the restrictions to enemy units an table edges.
  3. And a quick card check later and the mystery is solved!
  4. Why would you ever use the solar rifle over the fusion array? Same weapon with a lower roa. Is it meant to be able to shoot both?
  5. Thanks for clearing up!
  6. Do 'get in', 'get out' and dash count as movement actions or are they seperate so a limt two hand could dash and move at a cost of two actions? Weve been playing as if they were move actions so the same hand as mentioned before wouldnt be able to dash and move as it would be three actions. Is ask in the BOW demo the guys were playing it as the former
  7. Also love the pace of the new version, so much slicker and can now get a game done in an evening! Really enjoying the Action deck as its adding a little fog of war element without being to intrusive. That and no more tracking Hands wounds!!!
  8. We played last night and there was a lot of jumping in a building, shooting and then shooting and jumping out of sight next activation. I understand it for solid buildings and bigger games but for smaller games where we have a lot of foreground buildings i think we'll prefer to play in an around them as they stand.
  9. Does each player have adventure deck or do you both draw from a single deck?
  10. Ha! thats my question answered then!
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