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  1. Klem_K

    Beginning playing WWX

    Glad to have you. A big thanks for the reminder of how it was for me when I fist started into the WWX setting. Jim Petersen and Sadie Walker are great sneaky additions .
  2. Klem_K

    Watchers Faction

    Wow, those are amazing.
  3. Klem_K

    Sneak Peek for 2018 - New Buildings!

    I'm excited. New buildings, new forum. Things are starting to roll.
  4. Klem_K

    2nd Ed Beta Pros & Cons

    I agree that a clear objective for both sides is ideal, the secret side goals make for some sneaking and narrative games.
  5. Pros The adventure card aspect. Like 40k mission card, where you can pull out victory conditions unknown to your opponent. Re-alignment of models. Fleshing out groups that should work together. Standard table size of 3 X 3. Makes for a quick dust up. Warcradle makes fast adjustments. Cons (Hand Group actions removed) Alternating Single model activation. I much preferred the 1 to 3 option. Limit to a two player game. Multiple players on the same table are a hoot.

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