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  1. Iron Spider Overlord! I'll definitely get Gustave as a resculpt. Always loved the artwork and idea behind his character but the models proportions were always off for me.
  2. I mostly did demogames ranging from 500-750 points per side, so that both newbies are able to keep track of their units and it worked out great. But for the last conventions we actually took a painted up Gunfight at Red Oak box and splitted both posses. After most games people asked me what's inside the two player starter box and i was able to point directly onto the models and the rules material they just played with. Usually they were pretty intrigued by the low price point of the box because they could already relate to all the stuff which comes with it, which resulted often enough that after two to three convention days, the Red Oak box was all sold out.
  3. Für Januar 2019 (genaues Datum wird noch festgelegt) plant unsere lokale Gruppe in Köln eine narrative Aufbaukampagne die mit einem großen Abschlussturnier enden soll. Für weitere Infos schaut doch mal im Top Tables vorbei! Anfänger und Einsteiger ins System sind sehr willkommen!
  4. As seen in the Dark Council group Spirit != Spirit Walker is correct.
  5. Correct, that way you can block summoning enemy units on certain portal models/positions.
  6. A height of 75mm would be suitable yes, but 35mm width is too narrow. Not only for miniatures but especially for the S-size bases. i'd suggest 45mm instead.
  7. We took about 3" in height for the upper doorframe and windowframes and 4" for the floor height. Those measurements felt suitable for us.
  8. Absolutely! The Red Oak box has a great Value for what you get, hope you have fun with the game!
  9. A New Orleans themed board built mostly by our fellow Terrainiac Dirk with a little help from his terrain- and painting-elves. For the most part i did the digital work, like posters, commercials, wallpapers, paintings etc., with some additional painting work here and there. Also i had to do the quay wall and the water board. The ship, "La Belle", consists of three parts so that that the first level (Casino), the second level (Saloon and private suite) and the roof are playable simultaniously. The complete board took about 500 hours of work, starting back in may, shortly after the Roleplay Convention and finishing about two weeks ago. Now, since the Spiel'18 show is over, the board travels back home to Cologne and will be just the newest addition to our WWX terrain at Top Tables
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