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  1. 14 minutes ago, RuleBritannia said:

    Especially with two new games making people wonder if DWars is, rightly or wrongly, being put on a backburner.


    Stuart from Warcradle already mentioned that LWX is definitely released at the end of the year AFTER Dystopian Wars hits the shelves.

    But it was in one of those videos you haven't watched.

  2. I replied to you over on Facebook, but for everyone looking over here for answers, i post it here too.

     1. Walks Looking is right.

    You'd normally force an enemy unit to reroll one attack via <Parry>, yes.

    But Walks Looking cancels this out because of <Soul Strike>.

    2. You played it right, although the Third Man might had the chance to reroll those unmodified grit checks (see <Impervious>) by using Fortune or by Kreechur taking the hits with <Loyal Companion>.

  3. 6 hours ago, ShapsyTheMad said:

    I agree with RuleBritannia also. They need to fix WWX first and release missing models, Also make system faster as there rules are better but slower games and harder to get new players to enter.  I have a miniature store in Australia and we have about 16 new players over last month. But people finding much harder then GW Kill Team and Malifaux skirmish games. I been a collector since Outlaw release with Kickstart in 2012/2013.  I am trying to build a larger community here as I now have an Australia distributor. Make a second system like PP done with Warmachine and hordes is not the answer. Make rules smoother games faster and grow the player bases.  We are working on Reference sheets and clearing up rule issues we have found this past month.

    I will be posing some stuff over the coming months on the forums to help grow my WWX local community here. 

    Keep in mind that there's a big rules update underway (v1.09) which incorporates the current feedback on v1.08.

    There's still time to submit feedback via the feedback-form.



  4. I like Plains Stalkers with Plianswalker Crossbows or Gatling Guns. They provide some good covering fire while the majority of your posse tries to get into close combat, plus they're slightly better at shooting with an Aim of 5.

    So in addition, you can't go wrong with some Kaga Brothers which you then assign to some Hands units.

  5. 1. page 25 "If the Initial Target has been wounded and removed from play, any remaining hits and associated conditions are applied to the next closest model in the the enemy unit and so on (regardless of range but must be in Line of Sight) until the unit is wiped out or each hit has been resolved by a Grit Check."

    2.  page 30 "Should a unit with the On Lookout condition be declared as the Initial Target of a Combat Action by an enemy unit, it may immediately make a Give 'Em Hell Reaction." 

    3. also page 30 "At any point during the enemy unit's Combat Action the unit On Lookout may make a Free Strike Action or Free Shoot Action against them (however their Rate of Attack is 1 for the Free Action)."

    4. page 22 "To enter a friendly transporting model or building with the Capacity Special Rule, a unit must meet any Base Size requirements and all models must be within 3" of the Transport model or Building's base."

    5.  page 15 "[...]Regardless of the outcome, both players must discard their Action Card face down to form (or add to) their discard pile for the Action Deck."


    I hope this helps. For further questions, may i recommend to you the Dark Council Facebook Group? That group is a lot more active than this forum.

  6. I haven't experienced any slow downs while determining line of sight yet using the above method and you're using it for every case, not just for different height levels.

    If a unit is standing on an elevated position/terrain feature and shooting down on an enemy unit then the "higher ground" rule is applied, furthermore it counts as having made a "get in cover" action.

  7. I had to check back with Warcradle if my following example would be correct.

    Below you see a montage to clarify how LoS in WWX works. 

    To prevent modeling for advantage Warcradle decided that only the base size is important to determine line of sight, regardless of the model standing on top of it.

    Let a base stand on its edge in a perpendicular angle to see your bases "height", in addition to the bases width you create a somewhat 3-dimensional cylinder.

    This cylinder is the area from which would be drawn line of sight in terms of height.

    That way a deputy sharpshooter would have the same LoS-area as a Warrior Nation totem, even though both models are of different size.

    EDIT: Stuart from Warcradle added that the expectation for this rule is that the model can crouch.



  8. 2 hours ago, Aristos601 said:

    Also, QATD, does not have to be the first shot. So if your opponent has 3 Rifles and a Gatling, and elects to shoot with rifles first to bait you out, you can choose to take the rifle shots normally in the hopes you will still be alive to QATD the Gatling.

    That bit isn't correct since you declare "the Quick and the Dead" before any dice are being rolled. And those dice would be already rolled when your opponent had the chance to shoot with those 3 rifles.


  9. 36 minutes ago, RuleBritannia said:

    I thought it was going to be a different larger scale system?

    That's correct, yes.

    As opposed to the old miniatures, Lost World Exodus will be a 35mm scale system just like Wild West Exodus.

    EDIT: though you still might manage to put your minis on WWX-plinth style bases (which are a tad higher than other bases) in order to give your models more "height".

    Maybe you'll also be able to proxy your models with new rules, but don't expect to find suitable statcards for every model from the old range.

  10. We are currently playing a newbie campaign where you'll earn 1 XP for a loss, 2 XP for a tie game and 3 XP for a win.

    While expanding our posses in 250pts steps every month you'll able to spend your XP for stuff like additional Booby Traps, Civilians or an additional hands unit (up to 150points).

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