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  1. I'm sorry but i've seen your reply just now. The <Sic 'Em> rule doesn't differentiate between Gun Dogs and Attack Dogs, its only requirement is the "K9 Automata" trait, which both units have.
  2. Daz from the Studio did a tutorial a while ago, you can find it over on the blog within 'Daz's Dailies'. Maybe this helps you out -> https://blog.warcradle.com/painting-guides
  3. You're welcome! Though i passed this onto the Warhost discussion group, because i personally think that a Fire Team member with Gatling Gun is way too pricey with 60points each.
  4. No it isn't a misprint, you'll have to add the appropriate points cost for the Gatling Gun onto the points cost for each model. The v1.09 Fire Team is a lot more cheaper than the v1.08 one, the new Sniper Rifle basic weapon just leaves you with an additional weapon option now.
  5. Where did you get the models? If it isn't old stock from Outlaw Miniatures and you got them via the Warcradle Classics range, then you should contact the Warcradle helpdesk in order to get the correct bases shipped to you. Ruleswise you should use the base-size which is indicated on the respective statcard.
  6. Some additional information on that topic.
  7. For everyone else reading in this thread, this rules case has been cleared up by Stuart on FB within the Dark Council group as follows: "Portal Moves do not trigger backstabs as the models themselves do not actually move, they are removed and replaced on the table. I'll FAQ it to clarify. LWX will make this clearer too."
  8. The models on the demotable are still 3D prints, but those in the cabinet are the actual production models, yes.
  9. You're welcome, i posted those three pictures up here from my smartphone, although it appears to have a potato camera, the pictures' resolution is a tad higher than those on FB.
  10. I took some pictures of the Warcradle Booth at Spiel'19, not much DW stuff among them, but i hope it'll do.
  11. If you happen to be on Facebook and more specifically a member of the Dark Council group (see my signature) then you can download an Excel sheet from the file section that functions as a posse builder.
  12. Hallo veehrte Revolverhelden und -heldinnen! Aktuell planen wir für Januar das erste deutsche Gunslinger Turnier in Köln im Top Tables abzuhalten . Bestünde hier Interesse seitens der Community auch von weiter weg eine Reise anzutreten? Daran würde sich entsprechend die Teilnehmerzahl orientieren.
  13. No need to, if a rule implies an action of any kind then it would be listed in the rulebook. I.e. strike (combat action) for a normal action or for example charge (special combat) action. There are two types of actions, combat and move actions and some of them declared as special move/charge actions. In addition there may be special rules/abilities on Statcards which describe wether or not a certain ability is some kind of action, like <Sky Leap> for example. Actions are always described as such, if a certain ability isn't, then it isn't an Action. Don't hang yourself up on the word 'Special' regarding the 'Special Rules', it's just there to distinct those rules from the 'Common Rules' above.
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