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  1. I believe you guys are going to like this: -> https://blog.warcradle.com/blog/2019/8/warcradle-studios-diary-1?fbclid=IwAR1VXbWyNVfoXcfukH9wFxYRBrw7GvfGdvO8HOZZ1cel8TFR4IShIYJytLg
  2. I passed your question onto the Warhosts discussion group. Answer from Stuart / the Rules Team: "Roll the die anyway, ignore everything except a crit success."
  3. The way you think about which route the Enlightened have taken lately, be it model-/stylewise or regarding the background...it IS an old argument. And to be honest, it's getting boring. EDIT: i mean, it's perfectly fine to not like how the Enlightened will develope during their new iteration, it's just that you tend to repeat yourself.
  4. I love the craziness of those Whale-Torpedos! This mad scientist stuff is just right up my alley. Here's a shot from another angle (from the Sturginium Lounge FB group)
  5. Have a look at the Portal's statcards.
  6. He/She rolls 3 Grit Checks and has to reroll one successful Grit Check (if there are any).
  7. There's actually already an existing model for the Grav Cannon, though it might be currently in reprint.
  8. There aren't any dedicated scenarios or corresponding rules for more than 2 players, yet. At least as far as i know. But it shouldn't be much of an issue to adapt the existing scenarios for multiplayer games.
  9. Stuart from Warcradle already mentioned that LWX is definitely released at the end of the year AFTER Dystopian Wars hits the shelves. But it was in one of those videos you haven't watched.
  10. You have to add the points cost for the Gatling Guns. You'd pay 135 points if all three models were equipped with Plainswalker Crossbows.
  11. Sounds like a special rule on a statcard, so we might not find it in the rulebook. Please show or guide us to the rule/card you are referring to.
  12. The current Beta-Version Template has the same size as the Medium Turning Template from the old editions.
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