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  1. Burson_Carpathian

    New Q&A Announced: June 22nd!

    That's absolutely understandable, there are just too many questions burning under our nails and too little time I copied my questions (at least the ones which i think weren't answered) to the event discussion.
  2. Burson_Carpathian

    New Q&A Announced: June 22nd!

    Will questions from the last Q&A which weren't answered be considered again? Or do i have to copy-paste those questions and post them again on the event?
  3. Burson_Carpathian

    WWX posters

    The first draft of some wanted posters which i put together, but there are more to follow! And the first of hopefully more commercial posters.
  4. Burson_Carpathian

    Pierre's Wild West Exodus Terrain Gallery

    Some pictures of my latest WWX-board for demogames. Spent about 4 days of work on this one, but i only did the initial stages of the train and gave it to someone else at a later point (because i knew he'd do a great job with plastic card and would finish it in time).
  5. Burson_Carpathian

    Pierre's Dystopian Wars Terrain Gallery

    A small skirmish sized DW board which i've done in April for introductory games in preparation of DW 3.0. Nothing too special, but for two days of work i'm actually quite pleased with the outcome.
  6. You're sweetening my monday right now Great news!
  7. I want that Absolute Power posse! But one question: as some other factions can take a Hexalith via the 'Dark Council' special rule, will the model be available separately in the future?
  8. Burson_Carpathian

    K9 Gun Dog upgrades

    The default weapon(s) - lower left on the statcard - is included in the units points cost. Otherwise you'd have to add up points for pistols or rifles on hands units too for example (and that wouldn't be possible because there are no point values defined for such weapons). It's easier to assume that a units default weapon(s) are free.
  9. Burson_Carpathian

    Pierre's Hex

    My newly found Hex, beginning with a Hex Beast and Marie Laveau.
  10. Burson_Carpathian

    WWX @ Tabletop Network Treffen 2018

    Frisch vom Tabletop Network Treffen Wie man sieht hat der Zug ein paar Umbaumaßnahmen hinter sich.
  11. Burson_Carpathian

    Wild West Exodus @ Roleplay Convention 2018!

    Bilder vom Stand und vom Demotisch gibt's hier --> klick!
  12. Burson_Carpathian

    Wild West Exodus @ Roleplay Convention 2018 in Germany!

    So...after a pretty exhausting, but great weekend at the Role Play Convention i've got finally some time to post some pictures from our booth and the demo table.
  13. Burson_Carpathian

    K9 Gun Dog upgrades

    You always add up the full points cost of a weapon from the armoury to the units points cost indicated on the statcard.
  14. Burson_Carpathian

    Wild West Exodus @ Roleplay Convention 2018 in Germany!

    We will!
  15. Top Tables wird mit Wild West Exodus auf der Roleplay Convention 2018 in Köln vertreten sein. >>Top Tables @ RPC – Role Play Convention Köln<<

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