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  1. When are conditions from weapons applied?

    Look up the weapon qualities associated with the negative conditions, stun and hazardous for instance: "A model hit by a weapon with this quality...", "A model hit by this weapon...". Negative conditions are applied on a successfull hit, not on a hit after failed grit checks, just a hit.
  2. Posse Previews!

    I'm taking my first steps with the Galvanic Mysteries posse anyway these days, but i'm really excited for Creation X & XIII And Wicasasni's posse...i know what i'm going to build once my Enlightened are 'finished'.
  3. Pierre's Enlightened

  4. Pierre's Enlightened

    Still some minor details and the bases to do, but i'm pretty pleased so far.
  5. The problem with Teslabots

    As i see it, units with the Machine trait are able to hunker down.
  6. I guess this was just overlooked, i'd put the Dustcutter on an oval base for style too, but for rules purposes you still count the short 'edge' anyway.
  7. 1.05 WWX Exodus rulebook fluff

    The exact year was never mentioned in WWX, wether in the first edition nor in the second edition. The only thing your can read is the following (from the website):
  8. 1.05 WWX Exodus rulebook fluff

    The Celestial and Crown factions will be moved from WWX to the wider narrative of the Dystopian Age. Both factions were new in the second edition (they hadn't models for it anyway at that time) but after the acquisition of the Dystopian Wars IP Warcradle decided to remove both as they might be better represented on a more 'global' background. But that's currently the only thing i know of which will definitely be changed.
  9. Original starter box

    Glad i was able to help
  10. 1.05 WWX Exodus rulebook fluff

    The fluff within the current rulebook is still canon.
  11. Original starter box

    Grey Drain Myriad and Grey Pulse Myriad units have the 'Experienced Unit' special rule, you could give one of the Greys a Heavy Drain Rifle from the armoury and field a unit with 5 Greys and a unit with 6 Greys (5+1) or a unit with 5 Greys, and two units with 3 Greys. Just play that model as a regular Grey with a special weapon from the armoury (with appropriate points cost).
  12. Die Qual der Wahl

    Ich selbst habe Order nie gespielt, Statcards und Modellauswahl suggerieren allerdings eine eher elitäre und womöglich auf Fernkampf spezialisierte Fraktion. Wollte man nun größtmögliche Abwechslung würde ich wohl zur Warrior Nation tendieren. Stärkerer Fokus auf Nahkampf, mehr Modelle auf dem Feld durch viele Braves... Keine Ahnung ob meine Einschätzung stimmt, ist mehr so ein Schuss ins Blaue.
  13. February's Wild West Exodus Pre-Orders

    I really love those aesthetics and the price point is absolutely reasonable, i will definitely get me some (that means all) houses. Now i'd like to see a two storey house in addition to that OR a revised version of the current Micro Arts Studios range
  14. Posse Previews!

    The Infernal Investigations posse might get me into the Lawmen again, i really like their rag-tag witch hunter theme BUT what i'm most excited for as an Enlightened-player (and a die hard Ghostbusters fan) is the Soul Hunters theme posse.

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