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  1. Burson_Carpathian

    WWX posters

    Some posters i made to create a more vivid scenery.
  2. Burson_Carpathian

    Are upgrade kits available ?

    Not on the official one, but there's at least a trading group dedicated to WWX. --> https://www.facebook.com/groups/1269332523147547/
  3. Burson_Carpathian

    Are upgrade kits available ?

    There are currently no such upgrade kits. I'm getting myself two additional Brutes at the end of the month and will magnetize them in order to play the weapon which is needed.
  4. Burson_Carpathian

    Posse creation

    This right there. As an example: the Union Secret Service Theme Posse requires a Face unit with the Agent trait in slot 6, regardless if this is an Outlaw Face with the Agent trait or a Union Face with the trait. Slot 1 to 5 on the other hand require a Union Face with the Agent trait.
  5. Burson_Carpathian

    Pierre's Enlightened

    Still some minor details and the bases to do, but i'm pretty pleased so far.
  6. Burson_Carpathian

    What is correct points cost for Brutes ?

    Yes, this is an inconsistency. But since the Brutes costed 80 points before the last update and now they changed it (partly) to 70 points, i think the latter is the right one. The v1.00 cards from the box set are outdated, but for the Brute with Gatling Gun you're right. Just add 20 points for the Juiced Gatling Gun to its 70 points base cost. EDIT: I asked Stuart from Warcradle about this and he confirmed that the Brutes base points cost is 70.
  7. Burson_Carpathian

    Taint Check Critical Success question

    There is no limit on how many Taint Checks a unit can do when rolling critical successes. No matter how your opponent feels about this rule.
  8. Burson_Carpathian

    Hexalith "shrouded" quality?

    I guess that refers to the Posse bonus of the Third Man's Theme Posse. In this Posse Hexaliths confer the Shrouded rule for friendly units within 8".
  9. The Creation rule only specifies "Strike Action", it doesn't rule out Free Strike Actions, in my opinion it's perfectly fine using the rule in such an action.
  10. Burson_Carpathian

    Portals and Hexaliths.

  11. Burson_Carpathian

    Wild West Exodus August Pre-Orders

    Great stuff! I'm really a fan of the watchtower and already thinking about using it as a blimp tower for my "Union-Rapid-Response-Force-Zeppelin".
  12. Burson_Carpathian

    Just for fun - origins of the dark council?

    Christ! That is just utterly disgusting. ..... I like it.
  13. Burson_Carpathian

    Portals and Hexaliths.

    They can be declared as the initial target of an attack as normal and may be destroyed doing so if they fail their grit check.
  14. Burson_Carpathian

    Dark Council questions

    1) Dark Council does not require line of sight, the target just has to be in range. 2) Taking advantage of the Dark Council rule is not an action. Furthermore there are many more occasions where you could spend action point without making an action, i.e. Shrewd Strategist, Shield Aura or the Creation Rule for doubling up the PRC value of a melee weapon. 3) See the rulebook on p.3, Friendly Fire: friendly models cannot usually be nominated as the Initial Target of an attack.[...] EDIT: For 3) that was a bit incomprehensibly written, what i meant was that a model can't target other (friendly) models from it's own unit, BUT of course other units from it's own force/posse/army during that free action.
  15. Burson_Carpathian

    Version 1.08 Update - Rulebook and Cards!

    Of course it was, you asked for a list of changes and a changelog is such a list. But there's currently none.

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