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  1. arcane_cowboy

    Wayward 8

    Updated: Here's a link to the Crown faction on the Wayland Games store (store is owned by Warcradle). http://www.waylandgames.co.uk/1239-wild-west-exodus#/faction-crown
  2. arcane_cowboy

    Bass Reeves Tribal Alliance Theme

    From fluff, why would Bass Reeves work for/with Warrior Nation?
  3. arcane_cowboy

    The Woeful Tale of Wyatt Earp and the First Ever Army Build

    Looking good! I like the posse choices. The dogs make every list better.
  4. arcane_cowboy

    Wayward 8

    Also... Really like the pink on Kay Free. Stealing that for mine!
  5. arcane_cowboy

    Wayward 8

    Looks good. That Sierra model will be is in the Crown now. Is the "old" Flowing River going to another faction? I didn't see her.
  6. arcane_cowboy

    Lack of legendary boss in faction

    What about Marie?
  7. arcane_cowboy

    What model for Yul Brynner?

    What model comes closest to Yul Brynner in "The Magnificent Seven" or "[Westworld]( "Westworld")"?
  8. arcane_cowboy

    Stat Cards

    > @Nhesh said: > Yes, and I am kind of confused by the model costs For now, divide costs by six and it gives you the per model cost. See discussion in Holy Order thread.
  9. arcane_cowboy

    Rules Link

    [wildwestexodus.com/content/66-rules](http://www.wildwestexodus.com/content/66-rules "wildwestexodus.com/content/66-rules")
  10. arcane_cowboy


    d10 / 2 round up. Why they tell you how to round numbers in the beginning.
  11. arcane_cowboy

    Rules Link

    Add it to your sig file, Huckleberry?

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