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  1. Yep! That be a single barreled Order cannon!!
  2. Christian, The Meat Cleaver is less effective to XL and above and Machine, Spirit and Structures... as Lethal doesnt not apply to those types struck with e crit. The Servo Claws do not lose the crit bonus of Lethal to things it hits... So are more effective... the question is why have both... as there is no reason you can not always use the Servo-Claws... so why risk not being able to use the crit on Decapitate... I would do something else to differentiate the 2 to truly give you a reason to use the cleaver... Such as make the Servo Claws more deadly... like Pierce -4... and gain the Complex weapon quality... then you would need to use the meat cleaver for any additional attacks... but the Servo claws have a much bigger hit... I would also prefer to see the Hook get stats as well... then give him a Hook attack with drag... similar to the lasso... and give the Mortician's Blade Thrown....
  3. Hey David, We use to have someone in Dallas, but he moved... but we have start up communities in Houston and San Antonio... The Wraith live over in Shreveport, La as well...
  4. OOOOO Blackhoof rider... scout knee guard... scout arm guard... scout cloak... Grant's original pistol?
  5. Being new to the Dystopian War game the Beta rules seem good... I like the version of the Guts and Glory cards being picked up in this game as well... makes a nice symmetry with WWX... Tho would like to the see the DW deck of cards not be the same tan color as the WWX decks... maybe a nautical blue... (reserve the Armored Clash dual deck a green)... Will definitely be printing the proxies and giving it a go with my Navy Vet friend soon!
  6. So... Ghost Wolf Posse options currently would not work with the models above.... In his Themed Posse Judgement of the Plains in the 1st slot you can bring Hawkeye or a Warrior Nation Hands Unit. Then in Slot 2 you could bring a WN Face and/or Hands. Slot 3 WN Hands and/or Non-beast Support (Kaga, Shaman, Spirit, Firebringer), Slot 4 WN Face and/or Hands, Slot 5 up to 2 WN hands or Support with out Beast Trait, Slot 6 up to 2 WN Hands or Support Units. Ghost Wolf Faction posse also requires lots of Hands... Slot 1 up to 2 Hands, Slot 2 WN face and/or a WN Hands, Slot 3 Face and/or Support, Slot 4 Hands and/or Support, Slot 5 Face and/or Hands, Slot 6 Hands and/or Support... You would not be able to bring River or Zarelda as they do not have the Warrior Nation Trait... To get you into a playing force you would need to pick up a set of Hands... this would allow you to fill Slot 1 and Slot 2 of a Faction posse then allow you to Slot 3 your Energy Beats and Slot 4 your Weavy Weapon as Kaga Bro... (or you could Gat or Bow up one of your Brave Hunters in Slot 2) You would need to bring an Outlaw Boss to start another posse to bring River and Zarelda.
  7. To keep the 2 halves in the Action deck fair... you can remove a 2 AP card and the 5 AP card to make the 1s, 2s, 3s, and 4s even... I would then separate them evenly by numbers so you create two fair decks. each with the same number of available AP cards.
  8. I think having his son would be a better option... as it doesnt have to be an actual historical person... using a true son gives the Napoleon Dynasty more weight...
  9. This is amazing... love the Nebula!
  10. The only Outlaw Posse that would allow the lawmen access to the Buggy would be Bill the Kid's Regulators Theme Posse... but it requires you building the posse all the way to Slot 6.
  11. Wyatt, Doc and the Lawbots lured me into the game during the 1st kickstarter... with all the bits added since then, and coming up, Yep, still a Lawmen! Looking to do a Wyatt Wrangler Conversion soon... and to pick up the Infernal Investigations as soon as they release... for obvious reasons of course! The Rangers are an amazing set of models and with 11 hands in the box they have an added bonus... They play very hard in the game as well so almost completely replace deputies... also like bringing Carl Fredrickson along for some portal fun! The Gyrocopter is also one of the most wicked support models in the game!
  12. Howdy Burson, I believe someone already forwarded the map campaign from last year... would be interesting to dust it off and try it with 2.0 rules.
  13. Honestly, I picked up every faction so I could always have options for those I play against... My Favorites are Lawmen and The Order... I currently have Lawmen, Outlaws, The Order and Union painted armies... ongoing work on some rebels... warrior nation... and the original Wayward 8... plus an assortment of adds to union, lawmen, and outlaws. I do like having some synergy to my demos... so having iconic forces painted up can help with showcasing the game... so will likely paint up Hex next to counter my Order...
  14. Howdy Gents! Looking to be quite a group so far...
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