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  1. One is for shooting vehicles and disrupting them, the other is for mowing down infantry or following up on a stunned vehicle
  2. I'd say either Chef: http://www.wildwestexodus.com/outlaws/35765-chef or John Wesley Hardin http://www.wildwestexodus.com/outlaws/35768-john-wesley-hardin
  3. Game 2 Watchers Viridian Alpha (250) 5 Pulse Myriad (125) 5 Drain Myriad (125) Hex The Third Man (275) 4 Hex Cutthroats (120) 3 Hex Gunmen (105) Deployment: Viridian - Drain - Pulse Third Man - Gunmen - Cutthroats Turn one Pulse Myriad (3 AP) move and dash to the right behind cover Third Man (3 AP) generates a portal near the Cutthroats and near the right edge of the board Viridian (3 AP) runs towards Third Man and shoots hoping to displace, critical failure rolled Gunmen (2 AP) approach the portal and Hunker Down Drain Myriad (3 AP) move and dash towards the column at the edge and near the Viridian to give him bodies Cutthoats (2 AP) move towards portal and trabel to the edge Turn 2 Viridian (3 AP) burns Adventure card for +1 AP, dashes and moves towards Cutthroats, kills one (Fortuned re-roll failed), Tainted test failed The Third Man (2 AP), burns Adventure card for +2 AP, Hex Bolt at Drain Myriad and kills two Greys (no Fortune used for the saves), summons a portal near himself and teleports to the Gunners The Drain Myriad (2 AP), moves and tries to destroy the new portal, but it rolls two Critical successes for the save The Cutthroats (2 AP), do a Portal Move Action and shoot at the Viridian with Overcharged active, two get Stunned but all six shots hit, Viridian burns three Fortune to save and plays an Adventure card to restore Fortune Pulse Myriad (3 AP), move and dash at the edge of the board and into cover, flanking the Gunners Sharpshooters (2 AP), move and shoot at Pulse Myriad, nothing happens Turn 3 Drain Myriad (1 AP), burns two Adventure cards for +2 AP, shoots at the Cutthroats, after two salvos only one Hex cultist falls (3 Fortune spent for save re-rolls) The Third Man (3 AP), burns one Adv card for + 1 AP, moves towards Viridian and Bolts at him (Viridian goes Hunkered Down for one fortune) but the target saves all, shoots again with same result Pulse Myriad (1 AP), two are in range and shoot at Gunners, one misses the other is saved against Cutthroats (4 AP), Fortune to clear conditions, Focused shots - one shoots at Viridian, one shoots at Drain Myriad, resulting in one Grey dead and one Fortune spent on Viridian to re-roll save Viridian (2 AP), teleports to engage the Third Man and the Gunners, critical failure on attack againt Gunner Turn 4 Drain Myriad (2 AP), burns one Adventure card for +1 AP, shoot at Cutthroats, one dies the other is Stunned and Hazardous (1 Fortune spent for re-roll) Gunners (3 AP), swarm the Viridian and make a Focused strike, Viridian dies to a critical failure Pulse Myriad (1 AP), burns one Adventure card for + 1 AP, move and shoot at Gunners, leaving one alive Third Man (3 AP), burns one Adventure card for +1 AP, move, teleport to the Drain Myriad, Focused Hex Bolt at Drain Myriad, unit destroyed, Third Man leeches Hegemonic Technology Cutthroat (3 AP), clears conditions with Fortune and burns Adventure card for 1 AP, teleports to the Gunner, shoots at Pulse Myriad, two Greys die Turn 5 Third Man (2 AP), burns two Adventure cards for +2 AP, teleports to the other side, Focused Hex bolt at the Pulse Myriad, one dies, Third Man goes out of LOS Pulse Myriad (2 AP), burn two Adenture cards for +2 AP, shoot at Cutthroat with Focused shots twice, Cuttthroat makes all saves Cutthroat (2 AP), shoots at Greys and kills them Comments: Viridian Prime - this time he made a better impression, withstanding much more punishment from the shooting and requiring more attention from the enemy, but got killed by a critical failure from a Strike action; I still don't see this guy working - he wants to support his troops but they don't give him cover, he goes into combat but a lucky Grit test stops him in his tracks, he makes a shot and displaces an enemy but the result is hard to predict - and any follow-up costs two actions, limiting his output; I have yet to spend the AP on Shrewd Strategist, and possibly it will have a use in larger games, but I find Tactical Brilliance to be a much more efficient ability Pulse Myriad - these guys need a different setup, they just don't do anything meaningful on the battlefield - maybe increase their piercing to -2, or give them ROF 2? Drain Myriad - this unit will be very useful in larger games as they can hit stuff with Mettle and make it more susceptible to death The Third Man - this guy is amazing - he supports his guys with Fortune x 5, he lays down portals, can engage units at long and short range, grows through the game with Leech, and can hold his own with Impervious and Grit 7 I would like to see this guy cost at 300 pts and have his Grit lowered to 6, as right now he is just too versatile Hex Cutthroats - awesome unit for their cost, and with Portals they can make some great sneak attacks - ROF 2 and -2 Piercing is just crazy with Elite Hex Gunners - again, Elite allows them to take two shots at a very long range and if the opponent overextends with a Boss unit, they can be a great drain on Fortune and force an activation out of the opponent's desired order + I forgot to use Tainted, but I find this ability to be a kind of a saving throw, needs further testing Questions: 1) Overcharged trait - if a unit is already Stunned, what happens when they fail the Grit check? - Overcharged will be changed, but any further instances of Stunned are ignored 2) Can I shoot at my own portals? - Yes 3) Does a Portal Move Action generate a Backstab? - No 4) Can I use Fortune to re-roll critical failures? - No
  4. Hello, I am starting with small 500 pts games to get a feel for the mechanics of the game, as the game count progresses I will increase the point values. +++ Game 1 Viridian Alpha 5 Grey Pulse Myriad 5 Grey Drain Myriad Jesse James 5 Bandit Sharpshooters 5 Bandit Cutthroats - Deployment - Cutthroats - Jesse - Sharpshooters Pulse - Viridian - Drain - Playthrough - Turn 1 The Aliens flanked on the right with the Viridian and the Drain Myriad The Outlaws Hunker Down and Jesse adjusts to the middle The Pulse Myriad moves out and tries to shoot the Cutthroats, effect Turn 2 Drain Myriad moves and shoots at Sharpshooters, one dies, others get stun and hazardous (Fortunes Chips used for saves) Sharpshooters return fire and down an alien (Fortune also used) Pulse Myriad has low AP and does a focused shot on the Cutthroats and kills one Jesse flips high AP and shoots up the Drain Myriad, but they roll a lot of Crits and only one goes down Cutthroats get near the Pulse Myriad and shoot down one Viridian Prime moves and shoots down a Sharpshooters, risks an approach nearer to Jesse to try and engage him next turn Turn 3 Outlaws try to steal initiative, Aliens take it back The Viridian needs a 3 AP card to reach Jesse and whack him, 2 AP is flipped - the Pulse Myriad shoots at the Cutthroats with a Focus and kill one Jesse activates and kills three of the Pulse Myriad the Drain Myriad shoots at the Sharpshooters and does nothing, backs away to the Viridian to give him bodies the Sharpshooters return fire and fail to do anything the lone Pulse Grey hides the Viridian Alpha does a hit-and-run on the Sharpshooters and misses Turn 4 Outlaws win initiative Jesse activates and blazes away at the Viridian Alpha, killing him with the second salvo (the Viridian shifted as many attacks as he could away from himself, but there were only three Drain Myriad left at this point) The Pulse Myriad shoots at Jesse and does nothing the Cutthroats finish off the Pulse Myriad![](http://www.wildwestexodusforum.com/uploads/editor/dg/vjw90oyrxhfj.jpg "") Thoughts on units: Viridian Prime - did not do a whole bunch this game, having only a ROF of 1 his shooting is more tactical with the displacement, but to survive he needs to get into combat, although whether he will be able to achieve anything once there is a whole different topic Greys - I do not see the point of the Pulse Greys, even with the re-roll they just seem so subpar compared to the Drain Greys - sure, they have a slightly shorter range, but if the Drain guys are around a Viridian Prime they also get a re-roll, and when they hit they apply two conditions, which has an impact on the game even if they don't kill the target Jesse James - an all-round awesome model, kills what he wants, is survivable - my gut feeling is that he is too cheap (feels more like 260 pts?), and I would rather see his guns have a range of 12-15", to make playing him a bit more risky, as the rewards are certainly there Sharpshooters - good range of 24" and Piercing -2 make these guys a solid basic infantry Cutthroats - their -1 Piercing helped me see that the Xenoshield can actually work, but with two shots apiece they were able to consistently hit - I did not try revolver fan, but I guess it would hurt a lot - Rules to confirm - 1) When are conditions from attacks applied - Immediately when the unit is hit 2) Does displacement move the entire unit or the model? - Only the model hit 3) Can I use more than one Adventure card on a particular model? - Yes 4) I can has cheezburger? - Yes
  5. Excels says 760 I just wonder how strongly our list building will change when we actually play some scenarios
  6. Hello, Based on the Starter Set and two blisters, here's my first list: Viridian Alpha 250 6 Grey Pulse Myriad with Heavy Drain Rifle 165 OnyX Beta 145 Cerulean Prime 135 5 Gray Drain Myriad 125 Icterine Engineer 140 2 Scarab Myriad 40 The idea is to steadilly advance in two groups, with the Cerulean Prime copying the profile of the Onyx Beta while at range to snipe at bosses, and switching to the Viridian Alpha once up close. I gave the Grays a Heavy Drain Rifle as it applies Disorder and has two shots, so the condition should appear more often. I am concerned with the fragility of the faction, but that has to be seen on the table. I will explore a variation of the list, swapping out the Icterine Engineer for a Cerulean Vixen to have a more aggressive board presence.
  7. Hello, As the Wayward Eight have a Posse for exclusively Face units, I am guessing we can expect the same for Ponce and the Conquistadores? : >)
  8. In terms of the 1 to 3 option, you can still chain activate to get the same effect, sort of.
  9. I think the Warrior Nation profile cards are correct in that the model price is for a single piece
  10. Looks mathematically sound! Thanks!
  11. Lawmen Hired Hands also have a high cost - 145 for Veterans and 115 for Gunslingers?
  12. Hello, Am I right in my understanding that a minimum unit of Spicas costs 720 points?
  13. Yes, and I am kind of confused by the model costs
  14. Hey, Is there some issue with the stat card upload? It keeps saying "due momentarily", and hasn't changed in hours? Delayed for tomorrow?
  15. Ok, I misread the Limit attribute - it is the limit of actions I can take, not the number of AP I can spend
  16. Hello, On page 17 it says that a Focused Action costs an additional AP, but in the given example the Countess spends a total of 4 AP, shooting once as a Focused Action, and shooting again (which increases the cost of action as it is repeated). Do the additional costs associated with Focused or Repeated actions do not count as being spent for the purposes of the L characteristic? ![](http://www.wildwestexodusforum.com/uploads/editor/jh/rjq5hspo96oa.png "")
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