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  1. It will be 3 years at the end of 2020. I know it seems like forever. And of course we'd like to have had all the games out sooner but, we were clear we didn't want to rush. The beta will be announced quite soon and we hope you can become enthused about it. The same free rulebook offer will happen for FSA as it has for both WWX and DW.
  2. Danny, you need some time away from these forums.
  3. Danny What on earth are you on about? What do we need to apologise for and what on earth have we done where our intentions are not clear? Interactions with you are draining, you always go out of your way to seek something that hasn't been said. We didn't have to bring classics out. It has been a huge sink of time, money and focus and we did it to allow players from before we took over to fill gaps in fleets etc. We didn't have to do it. Yet we did. We have involved the community in extensive playtesting. You only speak for yourself, yet you always try and imply you speak for all the old players of Spartan's games. We get that you don't like our vision, surely now it's time to accept that we want to take the games in a different direction than you want us to. That doesn't mean we have ignore old players at all. It just means you yourself don't like it.
  4. It has not been designed to not match Spartan's vision. It's been designed to match ours and give it a better chance of commercial success. We are not in any way rejecting old fans, but your endless attempts at negativity are not representative of anything but a tiny group. You also have no idea of WWX popularity, It is in over 300 regular ordering retailers which I am more than pleased about.
  5. That's assumes we have lots of viable moulds and masters. The moulds are old and most of the masters are broken. Should a mould have 10 items on it the moulds degradation might mean only 4 are viable casts. Those 4 casts take almost as much effort to produce as a full new mould of 10 or 50, whatever number it might be. You are assuming there is some demand out there that simply isn't there currently.
  6. There is a tendency to rely on your own personal viewpoint and then apply it to a situation that doesn't fit with assumptions. The demand for DW classics just isn't high. The effort to keep a large number of low demand SKU's in stock and manage and maintain them is a cost to us. We carried the cost initially as we were told there was demand. There is some demand but just not enough to keep them in production. It;s just the reality of the demand and our decision to better use the resources for products that generate a return. We will do our best to fulfil any outstanding orders. Regarding warnings about Wayland, I see this often and it irks me. We sell more hobby product than any other independent retailer in the world and the vast majority of orders go out promptly. We ship well over 1000 orders most days and the number of issues is tiny in comparison, but we also have a dedicated customer services team that will be able to solve almost every issue. I know we invest far more in service and technology than any other retailer in this industry and we have never stood still and accepted that we cant improve. My staff are constantly pushed and motivated to improve.
  7. No Danny, I have literally told you the very specific reasons directly and you do your odd reinterpretation thing again.
  8. Sadly, the volumes ships sell at is tiny compared to the numbers of even obscure items GW sells. We have tied up thousands of hours into the classics range already, it is not a money making exercise for us, simply as way of allowing classics players to close some gaps in their collections. It is most likely that DW classics will be closed at some point in the new year, just prior to the release of the new game.
  9. We will make some announcements soon. We have about 10 Creatives in the Studio at the moment, not including management, and we are about to recruit 7 more roles about to be announced tomorrow.
  10. There will be Firestorm yes. Rather than put up the near 500 in this batch the guys will start uploading the products sometime today. There should be more products most days leading up to Xmas now
  11. There will be a very large push of Classics items going live some time this week.
  12. The minis in the demos are 3d prints not castings so still some refinement possible, but we are unlikely to show more minis until we start having production casts in hand.
  13. We won't know for sure until all the molds have been tested. That is still a few months away though. The release tempo should be increasing in the next couple of weeks though.
  14. Hi Commodore Jones, We wont be forcing you to use the new bases, you will still be able to play with any bases you already have. We just want to make a base for flyers that is easier to mass produce for us.
  15. Bases will definitely be replaced for FSA V3. We looked at getting them designed in advance and releasing them with Classics items, but they were too likely to be changed and refined before FSA 3 is out. So we are getting some old style bases/stands created now for the FSA Classics releases.
  16. Hmm, I'm not really keen on Gothic Space battles. I'm far more to push for harder Scifi styles. But without taking it to a physics simulation for relativistic conflict, at least not as the focus. We disagree with you. Of course, we have all read the fluff. But that doesn't mean we have to respect it, keep it or not rewrite it.
  17. I don't think you can estimate our changes based upon Dystopian Wars/age changes.
  18. For all sorts of reasons, we are going to make Firestorm, our Firestorm. We have already suggested that the background will be changed to some extent. We are not doing it to upset you but to give the game a sound footing and a future with a growing player base.
  19. Without boring you to tears And not an exhaustive response. Re print on demand, there are some services with a global presence that we can tie into. And they can print and ship from somewhere relatively local.
  20. We are working towards an app. We are also considering printed card sets. We have discussed the issues with printed cards before. If we need to make changes then someone somewhere will just have purchased them. One of the possibilities in the app is that it partners with a print on demand service that you can order the cards you need from within the app.
  21. Ahem, first releases appeared today, a newsletter with more details tomorrow. We have multiple waves in the process so numbers should grow quickly.
  22. We want to be launching with plastics for core products at least. That is the current intention. There may be some products that just won't work in plastic. So resin will still be in use at some point. This could all change in the coming weeks.
  23. They were 3d prints not casts to be clear.
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