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  1. Warcradle Richard

    Firestorm fluff

    That's how we see things. I would even go so far as to say. I can see lots of the passion for the various factions here. But experience tells us that many of the changes we are almost certain to make are going to upset some players. Almost certainly the narrative core of the Firestorm universe will be both similar and very different.
  2. Warcradle Richard

    Firestorm fluff

    We are still quite a few FTL jumps from the release our Firestorm So information is going to be quite light on the ground, but the tempo will build. One thing probably worth making clear is that though we are not changing the scale etc, we will definitely be placing our fingerprint over the aesthetic and ship designs. And of course the universe.
  3. Warcradle Richard

    Model availability

    Following the Q and A at the end of this week, we will share some information next week on all the construction and expansion of manufacturing that has been taking place.
  4. Warcradle Richard

    Can someone catch me up?

    Halo is gone. It was not part of the acquisition and we were asked to destroy anything Halo related we found by Microsoft.
  5. Warcradle Richard

    Introducing the Rules Team for Third Edition

    I agree with RB on this. In future within a few days of the Q and A's, we will have a transcript in a blog post. As we do them live it is difficult to do then and there but I will make sure the resource is allocated to do it.
  6. Warcradle Richard

    Future FA rules

    Don't expect them soon though
  7. Warcradle Richard

    Future FA rules

    I have signed off the budget for some plastics for both Dystopian Wars and Firestorm Armada.
  8. Warcradle Richard

    Future FA rules

    There have been alot of well thought and constructive suggestions on the forums over the last few months. We do read them. Scale won't be changing and whatever we do with the universe we will make a place for your current minis to fit in.
  9. Warcradle Richard

    Future FA rules

    We don't have the resources to burn on maintaining stats and rules on an old edition of the game. We are going to be focussing fully on our vision for the game and universe. Lots of things will be familiar of course. We realize (through re launching WWX, and the Dystopian Wars work) that we will not be able to keep everyone happy but we need to create our version of the games and drive them forwards.
  10. Warcradle Richard

    Firestorm fluff

    We are talking about FSA, we do have it in the release schedule for next year, and to be fully supported for a long time after. You also might see a novel as one of the very first released in our Firestorm universe.
  11. Warcradle Richard

    Model availability

    We have a tentative internal re release schedule, it does include some FSA. But we are not ready to publish it yet until we know we can hit the dates.
  12. Warcradle Richard

    Model availability

    We definitely will get some casts out this year. We are midway through quite a lot of construction work to expand our manufacturing capacity. It should be complete by mid May, so we should be in a better position to announce any availability then.
  13. Warcradle Richard

    Future FA rules

    Well speaking for me personally. I am a massive hard sci-fi fan.
  14. Warcradle Richard

    Thoughts on ship Classes

    Internal classification for a faction of ship types makes sense.... So a Terran fleet would have hull types for the various classes. Frigate, destroyer, light and heavy cruisers etc. Should they be functionality based or size and weight? Also for sake of sanity and ease of play it also makes sense to share those class designations across all factions, for the most part. Oh and Leviathans
  15. Warcradle Richard

    What will new PF bring us?

    Nowhere have we said that about Planetfall, nowhere. We are focussing on Dystopian Wars first. We do have work ongoing in the Firestorm universe, but it isn't far enough along to reveal anything concrete yet.

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