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  1. Future FA rules

    Well speaking for me personally. I am a massive hard sci-fi fan.
  2. Thoughts on ship Classes

    Internal classification for a faction of ship types makes sense.... So a Terran fleet would have hull types for the various classes. Frigate, destroyer, light and heavy cruisers etc. Should they be functionality based or size and weight? Also for sake of sanity and ease of play it also makes sense to share those class designations across all factions, for the most part. Oh and Leviathans
  3. What will new PF bring us?

    Nowhere have we said that about Planetfall, nowhere. We are focussing on Dystopian Wars first. We do have work ongoing in the Firestorm universe, but it isn't far enough along to reveal anything concrete yet.
  4. The new Armoured Clash

    Fracas, we understand the scale change is something you are not happy with. We have stated our reasons for doing so repeatedly.
  5. Less Dice Rolls, More Game

    How about onboard bookkeeping for status and effects? On the model for quick but messy identification, on stat card, that opponent might not miss? Something in between? In app?
  6. Halo Ground Command and Fleet Battles Forum Archive?

    The instructions we had re Halo from Microsoft were explicit. Destroy everything. Sorry.
  7. Warcradle - Limited Print/manufacture runs?

    Ok, where are we. We literally had all the molds and masters etc chucked into pallet containers. When they arrived with us. When a company enters administration usually it isn't an orderly and organized process. So we had this huge amount of stuff that we have had to work our way through. Including an additional 25 pallets found in another location, that though it had no value, was really an important thing for us to be able to control the disposal of. Then we have had to back up and protect the huge amount of data for the assets. Well over 16TB, that wasn't well protected. So we had to build the local storage solution, then ensure it was backed up and safe whatever happened in transit. Lots of issues with the files... We had to audit them to remove any items related to Halo. Then we have to start looking at SKUs. I know it seems simple to say here is a mold, that must be a single product. But it isn't like that at all. Most of the molds are not labeled in any way. We have mold labels at Warcradle which are actually molded into the mold making process. So we have to identify what constitutes a product then start finding the molds for them. We already have an ERP system at Warcradle to put the data in, but though there was an equivalent on the Spartan kit we acquired, It had been deactivated months before administration due to non-payment so we didn't have access. So building assembly lists for products takes a while. Add to that there being almost no Studio minis present... Despite them being photographed everywhere in packaging and books, and then lots of missing equipment that had managed to vanish between going into administration and us visiting... amazingly it was a selection of equipment that would allow manufacturing of a wide range of products. One of the 3d printers vanishing. The list of frustrations goes on. So since then, we have been building data, assessing molds, getting data into our ERP and expanding production facilities. Had all our creative guys work on design libraries for the games and various factions too. Making our facilities safe etc. For example, we have proper ventilation and air quality infrastructure for casting environments and resin residues are dealt with responsibly. We have proper health and safety plans. As opposed to just chucking out empty resin buckets at the back of the factory like Spartan did. Loads of meetings and investment in how things are going to be arranged moving forwards. It is important that we do things properly.
  8. Warcradle - Limited Print/manufacture runs?

    Loads of reasons Look we understand it is easy to post a remark to say these should all be in production right away. But there are lots of reasons for not just pouring resin into some of the molds and selling it. Amongst others: We want products we sell to be of a high quality. Some of the molds and masters are simply not present. There is a significant outlay involved in remastering and remolding items, and that doesn't include packaging. If an item is only going to sell a handful it isn't worth the time and effort. We have a significant amount of construction taking place between March and April which will quadruple the size of our manufacturing facility. While it is going on it will have an impact We do not want to follow a direct only model. It alienates retailers and partners.
  9. Updated Cards 1.05

    This is the issue with printed cards. It is simply uneconomical to update the physical cards every time the digital ones are updated. The rate of change will reduce but we would suggest using the online versions all the time as they will always be the latest versions.
  10. Firestorm fluff

    Oh good, almost no consensus
  11. 'Fleet' boxes or Blisters?

    Good question, cant give you a detailed answer except to say we are thinking about it. And if you look at the bases we have manufactured, they have magnet slots in...
  12. 'Fleet' boxes or Blisters?

    Just as an example there are approx 350 Sku's currently for Wild West Exodus. That is not a reasonable range to expect a retailer to carry. Some stores would take just the core products, some wider selections but very rarely could a store be expected to carry the entire range. We also see distributors and stores as partners, not as competitors. Pretty much every other manufacturer seems to want the money retailers to give them, but do so reluctantly and would rather only sell direct. We want to be different. This is due to us being on the receiving end of the treatment as Wayland. We need to make sure the ranges are the right size so retailers can reasonably stock them and that there is the best chance for them to get a return. We won't pack the same frigate in every box don't worry. I even think most ships will be in box sets with parts to make variants to make them as flexible as possible.
  13. Alliances

    Logan, firstly welcome to the forum. Secondly, I am of course effectively offering customer service by being visible. I won't take offense to your remarks so feel free to make observations. Let me be clear though, we absolutely do listen. That doesn't mean we will adopt every change or every preference of every person in the community. It just isn't feasible and many are in direct conflict with each other. I'd prefer to be realistic rather than tray and spend all our time just placating small but very vocal groups. It isn't hostility to them at all just realism and pragmatism.
  14. Is the 3.0 in the pipeline scrapped

    Keep the ideas coming, please.

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