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  1. lupo1982

    The Beta Lives!

    Are you reading the new rules? How do you rate them? Do you like?
  2. lupo1982

    Teutonic Order

    Thank you, you were so kind
  3. lupo1982

    Teutonic Order

    I'm Asking Here too, anyone got the OLD orbat wich had all the robots of Prussian Empire, i got an Armoured Brigade box but the new orbat lack the medium and small robots stats. Thank you in advance
  4. lupo1982

    TEutonic ORder

    Orbats for there units are vanished, someone still got them?
  5. lupo1982

    Mine deployment

    Hi Admirals, I'm writing to clarify a doubt Can mines be deployed while the model deploying it is Submerged or deep diving? Moreover I got this brandtaucher squad which have a tesla surface mine x2 listed with an AD value of 5 So they spawn 2 mines cluster of 3x5AD or one cluster of 6x5AD?

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