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  1. Spenetrator

    Model availability

    I pre-ordered some of the 'available for pre-order models' and have received 90% of them - resin and metals all in great nick. However, a couple of others I was asked to raise a ticket for and then sked if I would prefer a refund due to the delay. No biggie, but none of the ships I pre-ordered have dropped into 'in stock' yet. I got a Hawker Carrier and Escorts, I also ordered a directorate Battlecruiser, a terran torpedo cruiser, and a couple of RSN heavy Cruisers and a few other bits which all came fine, but didn't get hawker frigates If someone from warcradle could confirm are the 'awaiting restock' ships actually just being cast on demand? or are we genuinely waiting on a restock? I'd just like to know whether it makes more sense to wait until the stock levels are updated on the website before blowing some payday moulah!
  2. Spenetrator

    new rules set

    Yeah, Different scales for different classes (fighters and the like aside per the standard for genre) would be a hard no for me. I want my big ships BIG, and to look it! At the current scale - A frigate is approximately the length of a WWII Battleship - (I worked it out ages ago) which is a great little metric. I think that depends on the price of the IP... They may well have bought it simply to make their own game without the risk of someone else revitalising FA in competition (Which would be a perfectly legitimate thing to do, even though I would be saddened) A couple of decades following battletech has taught me all about IP wrangling. I'll be interested in the Beta - Like you @Small Mek I am hoping to be pleasantly surprised.
  3. Spenetrator

    new rules set

    Sooo. Where can we catch this Q&A due today?
  4. Spenetrator

    Model availability

    There's a new wave of ships available - but they seem to all be awaiting re-stock. I assume that's just a placeholder as there are no images either.
  5. Spenetrator

    Model availability

    [Eats Hat] - There are some Firestorm Warcradle classics available on wayland games' website! Have at them!! That didn't sound excited enough ---- Woooooooooooooooooooooohoooooooooooooooooooooo!
  6. Spenetrator

    Warcradle Classics?

    That's great news, @Warcradle Richard Is there any chance of any Firestorm classics in there this time? or if not, any news on when these may be available?
  7. Spenetrator

    An example of Vector Movement

    Yeah, I can see Vector movement being great for hyper realistic space battles - but I'd rather stick to a simple format for fleet based games - I like Full-thrust's turn system - but it's a bit more involved than Firestorm 2.0 - And there seems no appetite for more complexity.
  8. Spenetrator

    An example of Vector Movement

    I think full thrust does it in a similar, but marginally less complex way.
  9. Spenetrator

    Model availability

    It seems like the classics releases are being used to hype the beta etc for Dystopian. I would expect the same for firestorm. Maybe when Dystopian is done and FSA is close to a Beta they'll put some old ships out. The complete lack of a timescale other than 'soon' (TM) has made me spend the money I was hoarding for FSA on Necromunda the latest releases for which are - somewhat ironically - also due out 'soon'.
  10. Spenetrator

    Future FA rules

  11. Spenetrator

    Firestorm SpecOps designs

    These are awesome!
  12. Spenetrator

    Future FA rules

    Yeah, I'm trying really hard not to sound like a furious old Grognard, But I'm 100% sure I'm failing, haha. I'm not a Directorate player though (My Terquai's Favourite pastime is vapourising Directorate!) - Just someone who read the Fleet Manuals a while ago. and is (Maybe a bit too) passionate about the game. This is true. And if WC were to say that, then that puts the matter to bed - doesn't it. Their Ambiguous messages on here are a bit counterproductive sometimes. (Especially when there's utter nutjars on here ready to pounce on any tidbit and proclaim them as the footseps of doom - ahem... ) As I've said before, I don't mind changes to the alliances - though I think they are unnecessary I can see the value, and that other people seem to be won over! I don't mind changes to the rule system - or the ship designs being thrown out and started from scratch... What I really object to are arbitrary changes - and changes that either just don't make sense or feel like dumbing things down. Ultimately - WC could just as easily have bought FA just so that they could make a SF warship game of their own without a rebooted FA as a potential competitor. If that was the case - that would be their right too. As Warcradle Richard said: 'that doesn't mean we have to respect it, keep it or not rewrite it' I hope TPTB don't take too much offense at my occasional venting. - For the most part it is intended to be constructive, even if it sometimes comes off a little 'sharp'.
  13. Spenetrator

    Future FA rules

    You'll forgive me if the contents of that podcast seem to directly undermine that assertion. To be fair there was a fair bit to disagree with in my post - did you disagree with everything, or just the general assertion that you hadn't done the research? Hey, I know you are going to change things - and hopefully some of it will be for the best - I don't think think there's many here who would want you to leave the rules untouched...
  14. Spenetrator

    Future FA rules

    "So the Directorate. Why the ships look the way they do? What is it about so that they you know ... they’re to be commerce people. Cool. So why do the ships look like that? [...] Where’s the commercial thing about it? [...] In the narrative where’s the drive where it’s kind of explains that? [Alex Mann and his son Oscar explains the Directorate wiped the Sabulons out and stole their tech] " The fleet with the most clearly documented explanation for the visual design... Explained in one of ONLY 3 printed books for V2. Great research done there. 1. If warcradle had read the fluff they are so keen to dismantle they would know the Directorate DO have little bits of the best of everyone else. Shields, cloaking, Grav weapons, Cyber... And the reason they are in the zenian league is because IT WAS THEIR BLOODY IDEA. 2. These models don't look 'commercial' because the commerce the main members partake in is that of shipbuilders and arms dealers. It's like asking why Macdonnel Douglas' latest fighter doesn't look like a bloody Ford Transit... 3. Even without point 2 - These are Warships not bloody freighters - They don't look like commerce people because they aren't They are the military arm of a spacefaring nation - albeit one made up of corporations. (If you want to play FREIGHTSTORM ARMADA then this aint the place...) I hadn't listened to this podcast before - and now that I have I feel the 'problems' Warcradle see in the 'ok' fluff and models are often resolved by the same fluff they clearly haven't been arsed to read. And I feel more and more that a respectful - let alone faithful reboot of the franchise is looking less likely. I would welcome any indication to the contrary. And hey, If I am proved wrong then I will get off my high horse and chow down on humble pie. Rant over...
  15. Spenetrator

    Future FA rules

    Maybe I kneejerked - a bit - there... Ha, ha! I definitely just read my 'worst case' interpretation of that short sentence. Overread, you make a good point - A point Warcradle could have made eloquently, Instead of being so damn ambiguous all the time.

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