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  1. Well, I've now been waiting 7 months for an order from Warcradle via their parent company - and at this point I am thinking Wayland should knock the 'available to order' for firestorm models on the head until they have them in hand, as it seems they have no intention of honouring this purchase. For the two companies to not have communicated a reasonable timescale for production of something 7 months after they have taken customers money for it is more than unacceptable, it ought to be embarrassing.
  2. I asked my question above on a ticket with wayland - to which the answer was: 'those models were out of stock but available to order'. (Which, you'll note, doesn't answer the question at all) As with many of you above, a wait in itself isn't an issue for me, but the lack of clear communication (after taking our money no less) really is.
  3. @Warcradle Sam as the most recent member of the warcradle crew to respond on this thread - could you direct the question on my post above at the appropriate people?
  4. Could someone from warcradle confirm are the ships marked as 'awaiting restock' on wayland games' website actually just being cast on demand? or are we genuinely waiting on a restock? I'd just like to know whether it makes more sense to wait until the stock levels are updated on the website before blowing some payday moulah!
  5. I pre-ordered some of the 'available for pre-order models' and have received 90% of them - resin and metals all in great nick. However, a couple of others I was asked to raise a ticket for and then sked if I would prefer a refund due to the delay. No biggie, but none of the ships I pre-ordered have dropped into 'in stock' yet. I got a Hawker Carrier and Escorts, I also ordered a directorate Battlecruiser, a terran torpedo cruiser, and a couple of RSN heavy Cruisers and a few other bits which all came fine, but didn't get hawker frigates If someone from warcradle could confirm are the 'awaiting restock' ships actually just being cast on demand? or are we genuinely waiting on a restock? I'd just like to know whether it makes more sense to wait until the stock levels are updated on the website before blowing some payday moulah!
  6. Yeah, Different scales for different classes (fighters and the like aside per the standard for genre) would be a hard no for me. I want my big ships BIG, and to look it! At the current scale - A frigate is approximately the length of a WWII Battleship - (I worked it out ages ago) which is a great little metric. I think that depends on the price of the IP... They may well have bought it simply to make their own game without the risk of someone else revitalising FA in competition (Which would be a perfectly legitimate thing to do, even though I would be saddened) A couple of decades following battletech has taught me all about IP wrangling. I'll be interested in the Beta - Like you @Small Mek I am hoping to be pleasantly surprised.
  7. Sooo. Where can we catch this Q&A due today?
  8. There's a new wave of ships available - but they seem to all be awaiting re-stock. I assume that's just a placeholder as there are no images either.
  9. [Eats Hat] - There are some Firestorm Warcradle classics available on wayland games' website! Have at them!! That didn't sound excited enough ---- Woooooooooooooooooooooohoooooooooooooooooooooo!
  10. That's great news, @Warcradle Richard Is there any chance of any Firestorm classics in there this time? or if not, any news on when these may be available?
  11. Yeah, I can see Vector movement being great for hyper realistic space battles - but I'd rather stick to a simple format for fleet based games - I like Full-thrust's turn system - but it's a bit more involved than Firestorm 2.0 - And there seems no appetite for more complexity.
  12. I think full thrust does it in a similar, but marginally less complex way.
  13. It seems like the classics releases are being used to hype the beta etc for Dystopian. I would expect the same for firestorm. Maybe when Dystopian is done and FSA is close to a Beta they'll put some old ships out. The complete lack of a timescale other than 'soon' (TM) has made me spend the money I was hoarding for FSA on Necromunda the latest releases for which are - somewhat ironically - also due out 'soon'.
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