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  1. Thank you for your kind words
  2. So, I didn't have time to post the Helix before the old Planetfall forum closed... so here it is
  3. Hey guys ! I didn't have enough time to finish the Helix, but here are the gunships !
  4. Thanks a lot guys. I'd say I am 60% finished, it should be over this weekend. I'd rather post pictures of finished products rather than WIP, hope you don't mind
  5. So, I decided to start with the Terran Aerial Helix, painting is in progress... No pictures yet but I can tell you I went for a GDI-style color scheme
  6. Thanks guys ! Those are great ideas ! I'll update the post as soon as the models are primed and the color scheme is chosen... stay tuned Thank you for your welcome
  7. Alright guys, these two helixes are ready to be primed and painted ! Any ideas for the schemes for each one ?
  8. Thanks for the explanation I'll try to check the forums for scheme ideas
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