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  1. @Sniddy The short answer to both of these is that I'm waiting to get hold of Neil to coordinate post-GenCon. @slk28850, hope we can meet on the battlefield next year!
  2. Yeah, trying to cite it from memory. Ops Centre (Value) While on the battlefield, and during its activation, a model with the Ops Centre MAR may attempt to regenerate a single Command Order Point. Roll a single [BLACK] D6: if the roll equals or exceeds the Value listed in the brackets, a single Command Order Point may be regenerated. This may not cause the Fleet to exceed its starting level of Command Points.
  3. These ships will have extended medical capabilities, but are armed. At this point in time, they are not the classic 'hospital' ship painted white with a red cross, for example:
  4. You sure it's not radiation sickness? Seriously though, hope you get to feeling better.
  5. We are looking at using Ops Center[Value]. Roll 1d6, if the Value is greater or equal to the die roll, then regenerate a point, not to exceed the original maximum available.
  6. It wasn't completely ignored, there just isn't much to say about it. We either go free form, heavies first, or heavies last. It was placed on the list of rule changes to review, and a ruling will be forthcoming.
  7. <<END RADIO SILENCE>> Well, GenCon 50 is in the books. It was a much needed 5 days away from work and life in general. It was great to meet and toss dice with several of you at the Operation Aurum Draco event. I look forward to many such events in the future. The players at GenCon were able to get the 3rd edition rules on the table, and all of them provided great feedback on what worked, what didn't, and how things ought to be changed. They also provided input on the ships that were used, and that helps as we are looking at the re-stat of things. I kept tabs on a few things, but cell coverage was not the best, so I didn't try to respond to anything. I'm going back through threads now, looking for items to address. If I miss something that you're wanting an answer to, let me know and I'll get around to it when I can. Mike
  8. Okay, so this is my last post before GenCon, it really is time for radio silence. Thanks for sticking through this guys, your ideas and feedback have been a great help here*. We've got several things to work out with cloaks as well as other mechanics. Just wanted to let you know that you've been heard, and to tune back in after GenCon. I hope to have news to share then. Or at least more time to adequately track down the answers. Mike *Actually, the feedback from everyone, on all of the topics, has been very helpful. I'm not wanting to spam the site with the same message...but know you've been heard, and change is coming. But first...I've got a Con to go to. Hope to see many of you there!
  9. The Strategic Value MAR will be used, but limited in scope. The large capital ships are already worth more due to their inherent cost. I would expect to see this used more in specific scenarios, rather than a common MAR on ships.
  10. In looking at how command orders work, I can tell you that we're not going to require CO for general squadron activations. There are other changes that we could/would/should make before we go down that path.
  11. Hey all, Was going over old comments and things to ask before I really do go dark for GenCon. Some comments were posted in another thread on some out-of-print models that people would like to see come back. Made me curious, if you could get get Spartan to reissue something, what out-of-print or hard-to-find model would you like to see? I'm not saying that any of these can or should come back; just a fun little exercise to see what models people are trying to chase down. It's been so serious and tense around here (I know, I'm at the center of it ) so maybe a lighter topic will tide everyone over for the next little while. For me, I'd like to see the Dindrenzi Praetorian, Terran Razorthorn, and Terran Tyrant make a reappearance. What's on your wish-list? Mike
  12. It's used for any opposed dice roll. This is for turn initiative, terrain placement, and deployment.
  13. I would love to tell you. Unfortunately, I do not know. You might try and ping Neil, and see if he'll divulge anything.
  14. All: Remember that there are two Mike's about. Be sure to mention the right one depending on the game you're going for. Not all carriers will have access to all kinds of SRS. I do not expect that the repair/medical ships to be the only ones with these SRS on board.
  15. @Commodore Jones, thanks for the game info. This is helpful feedback. I've a couple of questions for you: Is my math off here? I'm counting only 6 hits to the Regent from what you've noted here. I'm guessing that there was some extra damage, just not noted. Still, that much damage on turn 1 seems more unlucky than anything else. The Hard Pounding result on the critical chart only results in 3 damage, so the damaging critical (crit+hit) is doing 4...there was damage elsewhere I'm assuming. Still, I get your point...it's no fun to lose ships on turn 1. Command Points: Did your opponent not have opportunity to spend lots of points, or was he making a conscious decision to use them sparingly? Given the current framework of costs (and I do realize how much you hate them), how many points would you have reasonably used if you had them available? Focused Fire: can you elaborate on the issue you have with this firing option? Is it the point cost, the bonus, or something else. I don't play planetfall, so I'm not familiar with any issues that game has with it. While I didn't quote/comment on other parts of your feedback, I'm not ignoring it. This kind of battle report is helpful. Also, if you (and everyone else) wouldn't mind adding a few pictures, just so we can see the layout of terrain and size of board, etc. Thanks Mike
  16. SRS launch and activate on the parent carriers activation, during the Indirect Weapons segment. In the case of interceptors that are sent to perform escort duties to another ship, that token moves with the ship until it makes a PD defense, at which point it immediately returns to the parent carrier, regardless of where they are on the board. The interceptor SRS on escort duty cannot be reassigned to another squadron without first returning to the parent carrier.
  17. @Commodore Jones, the use of inappropriate and offensive language does not help to get your point across. You can speak your mind on the changes that have been proposed, but please do not use foul language to do it.
  18. Just to help clarify, we are not using carrier points in V3. If you lose a full token of 6 wings, the next activation you will have those automatically replenished on the carrier. Wing Capacity is only lost as the carrier takes damage, -1 WC per 2 HP damage.
  19. Notwithstanding my previous comments about entering a communications blackout, I had a few minutes this morning to check in on things. While I'm pondering FSA-3 in general, cloaks are one of the things that I'm specifically thinking about, and this caught my eye. In 3rd edition we are trying to eliminate the need for halving dice, which is why Cloaks got targeted, so to speak. As has been discussed here, making them simply BLUE doesn't give enough of a attacking penalty, or defensive bonus, to be of much worry. Generally speaking it seems that players are in favor of keeping a exploding dice threat attached to cloaks. Building on this idea from CoreHunter and others, how about this: Cloaking Field (Density Level): While the Cloaking Field is active, any attack against this model must first convert a number of AD equal to the Density Level to [BLACK] dice. Additionally, all attack dice against a model with an active Cloaking Field receive a -1 bonus to-hit. Attacks originating from a cloaked vessel also convert dice in the AD pool to [BLACK] dice, but do not suffer the -1 penalty to-hit. Scatter WAR: In addition to other effects, ignore the -1 to-hit penalty when firing against cloaked ships if all weapons have the Scatter WAR. So, I do remember the heartburn that many have on the Kinetics vs. Shields issue. I only propose this here as it provides a limited counter-balance to cloaks, and is a nod to the thematic animosity they have for each other. Based on these two changes, cloaks have a both the defensive bonus, and a slightly less negative attack penalty. I'm suggesting that the -1 to-hit only apply to inbound fire, since I believe that the cloak should give a slight advantage to the attacking side. Cloaks can be dropped at the start of the squadron activation, and restored during the end phase. What do you guys think? Warning: Math ahead. We have the following probabilities for scoring hits per die: [RED] = 0.8 per die; 0.6 per die with -1 to-hit [BLUE] = 0.67 per die; 0.5 per die with -1 to-hit [BLACK] = 0.5 per die; 0.33 per die with -1 to-hit Given a 14 AD attack, (more or less a standard cruiser attack), we get the following hits on average, depending on the cloak strength: Cloak (8) on: 6 [RED] + 8 [BLACK] = 3.6 + 2.4 = ~6 total Cloak (7) on: 7 [RED] + 7 [BLACK] = 4.2 + 2.1 = ~6 total Cloak (6) on: 8 [RED] + 6 [BLACK] = 4.8 + 1.8 = ~7 total Scatter vs Active Cloak: Cloak (8) on: 6 [RED] + 8 [BLACK] = 4.8 + 2.4 = ~7 total Cloak (7) on: 7 [RED] + 7 [BLACK] = 5.6 + 2.1 = ~7 total Cloak (6) on: 8 [RED] + 6 [BLACK] = 6.4 + 1.8 = ~8 total
  20. Questions on past kickstarters should be directed to @Spartan Neil.
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