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  1. Official Thread: Prussian Scandinavia

    Yeah, I'm pretty sure they said we could expect it August 11th.
  2. Area Bombardment

    If you'll excuse me, I have to go stick my Striker Eureka action figure on a base and use him as a Hochmeister.
  3. STO Navel Rules

    Well, I'm off to mark the 11th in my calendar.
  4. Seeking players in the Portland Metro area.

    Public beating at the hands of whom?
  5. Seeking players in the Portland Metro area.

    I'll try to make it come Sunday.
  6. Best boarding nation

    Squire, bring me my zweihander. There's someone I need to get my revenge on.
  7. Best boarding nation

    Please, for the love of Thor, stop tormenting me and hand over the orbats! I need to know about [REDACTED]!
  8. Best boarding nation

  9. Most extreme DW models.

    Then let's discuss the Harvester. You know, the tough-as-nails ship which abducts AP from the enemy's ships and that counts toward their victory points?
  10. Most extreme DW models.

    Wait, are we allowed to mention Invaders here? Because some Invader ships are pretty insane.
  11. Best boarding nation

    I honestly expected the PLC to be more boarding capable than they are. Sure, they do get some good boarding opportunities here and there, but generally speaking, their boarding capabilities are not as strong as I had initially thought. They're useful for other stuff, though.
  12. Most extreme DW models.

    I think that the Hochmeister is pretty extreme.
  13. The Egyptians!!

    @Aquarius-CamusYeah, or maybe, we get spies in there to steal the reverse engineered technology back! That way it looks like we planned the whole thing!
  14. Official Thread: Prussian Scandinavia

    Okay, so, the Egyptians have their orbat. Any chance that my knights could get information on our new equipment? Those Knights Luminary won't even tell me their plans!
  15. The Egyptians!!

    So the Egyptians found some of our old wrecked drones... and reverse engineered them? And made them better? We need to get some spies in place. Right now.

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