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  1. The expansions sets blog received those pictures too and will surely be completed as new ones are available. You can now have ships descriptions with a nice pics next to it :). http://www.spartangames.co.uk/firestorm-core-faction-expansion-sets EDIT : Forget to add a link to the 3d previews for Pathogen and Saurian fleets for those who didn't saw them. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/921886974/firestorm-galaxy-expansion/posts/1965434
  2. @Cernunnos, the latest blog about firestorm armada and planetfall, "Return to Proteus Prime" have a download link to the Return of the Overseers guide book. It contains all the scenarios, ships stats and pretty interesting narratives. http://www.spartangames.co.uk/return-to-proteus-prime You can find the link just above the picture of the two fleets (the same pic you posted on this thread). All the best
  3. It's a nano-virus created by Omnidyne. So I'd say both ? Edit : @Xerkics, I really hope Neil will go with the "captured ships" way.
  4. That's exactly what I thought at first glance and was like "what ?". Parasited and deformed, abducted ship would fit better with the pathogen since, as an incontrolable biological weapon, it don't have a determined appearance.
  5. Hey Fracas, Here's what you were searching for, scroll down a bit and you'll find pathogen ships : I prefered the old "parasited ships" over the full alien thingy, BUT, Neil told me that they went with another design. I'm pretty curious now.
  6. Sorry to ask again and again, but we are waiting since a few months and I'm pretty sure that some of us missed other interesting offers because we were waiting for the Corinthian club gift. I hope I'll be able to get both Laconia and Andania space freighters on the future, it's frustrating :/ So, @Spartan Mike, @Spartan Neil, It's okay if gifts aren't ready or not on your priority for now (work on FA v3 and make it great :)) just tell us so we won't wait for nothing to make our orders. If you're busy, between FA v3, preparations of the FA Kickstarter and others, just use already existing models as Corinthian gift as it was already made on the past (I remember the Dystopian wars bunker complexes were used as gift for example). I really don't mean to be aggressive, just losing some patience, any hint would be good to hear or see. Cheers up, all the best
  7. Hi everyone, is there any news about the Corinthian gift ? Maybe a few hints for the upcoming month ? pretty please ?
  8. If you want to use percentages why not try something like in the "Marauders of the Rift" campaign guide. All factions had it's own % of large / medium / small ships. It can take some time to adapt those value for each races but it was better lore wise as, for example a faction known for using small ships was able to field more of them (more points). Of course factions that used more heavier ships had less points for support. With some tweaks It could be a good balance between using % and giving flavor to all lists.
  9. There was some pictures of Pathogen ships on this topic from General Discussions (at the bottom of the first post) : I'm curious to see if they'll stick with this design or change it a bit.
  10. You have to know that some items will ship later, like the nations guides for example, but it's roughly the same for everyone. Can't wait to receive my Crimson league ships (and Egyptians too)
  11. Pledge that contain a Deluxe 2-player starter will be the last to ship because it need the custom rulebooks to be completed first. Fortunately those rulebooks are on their last phase of production/customization as explained on Neil's Kickstarter udate (with a pretty picture of the Egyptians). I guess our packages will ship during first half of august if we're lucky. Hope that helps.
  12. From what Mike said, Neil is surely working on something gorgeous so let's not ask too much and give him time to see what he prepared. Three month of Corinthian club is already a great move. That being said, I'll have to take those firestorm freighters with my next order, love their designs
  13. Aren't those rules for the old Canada ground forces ? All the ground forces will be more or less entirely reworked in the future, so expect new sets of rules for them. I'll wait to have my hands on the upcoming Dominion of Canada Orbats. EDIT : Sorry, misinterpreted Canda for Canada, just ignore my post :/
  14. The Orbats are still worked on. The ones you can download on Spartan's website are only 2.5 compatible temporary rules. When the final versions goes live there will be all alliances nations available.
  15. Hey @Gonmoa, it's to early to be dissapointed, the alliances rules are temporary and still being working on. My guess is that Spartan Games is working on all the alliances rules like they did with the main nation. So to say, right now the Indian Raj Orbats are just a 2.5 compatible version. It's not the final Orbats. Expect a few changes before the release of the final version
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