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  1. Me too, @sleeping_squirrel. I agree with @Erloas and @Nazduruk_Bugzappa. I can't understand why the people invent rules that doen't exist. Where is it said that SAS and the carrier have to be at the same height level???
  2. I agree with you and disagree with @Tricky guy, although is used very similar words, is not the same Repair attemps (page 197) than Damage Repair attemps (page 156)
  3. Anyway there are many ships (not diving models) with 2 or 3 shields, and you can attack them. You don't benefit from the Mar Hunter (Diving +2), but deny shields! I think it can be an interesting option in some cases...
  4. Hahaha You are rigth. Now, I'm looking forward to discovering the point of the Eagle and the Hawks (saparately or setting up the prince Squadron). Any idea?
  5. I've tried this tactic twice since you suggested it and... it works!! Now the Illustrious has a place in my fleet! Thanks!! And, with the suggestion of @Nazduruk_Bugzappa it can be even more interesting. I hope I find a tactic to use effectively the Eagle!!
  6. I know... But I'm talking about the Bombard version, which is the one that I use. Obviously is cheaper but what can I do with 10 extra points?? Oh, I can take an ACE!! I suppose you don't play with an Indian Raj fleet. Do you? I do. Indeed is my only fleet by the moment (althoug I'm preparing a British one): 1.- Devka's main turrets are primary weapons and Devack's broadsides are secondary weapons. I can't link them. 2.- Ok, I can use indirect fire with only one ship... Good bye to use two Jhasa and two Candas as I used to do... Now, only one if you're thinking to use indirect fire... 3.- Do you think that my opponents are afraid of the Chanura? No. They're not. They're more afraid of a Indus squadron almost... That's sad... And about the monarch, Are you kidding me?? Two main turrets, Two heavy turrets, Broadsides, fore torpedoes (terciary wapons, wich not suffer the Weapons Damage critical hit), P/S torpedoes (terciary wapons, wich not suffer the Weapons Damage critical hit), Shields(3) generator (instead 2), Elite crew by the same price than the Chanura (instead agressive) and of course, piercing munitions in two of the turrets... And, I'm sorry, but Monarch is faster than Chanura. hanura can be faster only if it doesn't turn (and just 1 inch). As @Marden told, I hope this is a temporary and we will find changes in the future, but my friends have core nations and they hae their orbat more or less more balanced. I've been waiting a looooong month to find this... And summer is the period when all of us have more time to play.
  7. I hope so... This weekend I have three battles in Madrid (Spain) and I'm not very comfortable with the cuts we have suffered. I've seen that the Canda's howitzer bombard is now a secundary weapon instead a primary one. As it has fixed channel you can't link it with the broadsides at all; and as it doesn't fire at range 1... What's the point of this change? Is it useful for anything?
  8. In stratospheric? With a to hit number of six and without area bombardment?? You should be very lucky with dices... If if they had area bombardment, it could be an option. And you could link them with the eagle in the prince squadron. But without it, it's very much interesting and cheap a Squire Squadron or even a lone Halifax
  9. Did you compare the HBB of the RoE wiht the one of the Indiand Raj?? It's ridicoulous!! The indian's one is too less powerful!
  10. I'm dissapointed with our new orbat. No good news... Only bad news, I'm afraid... We have lost the indirect fire, because we don't have spotter ships (only the useless hawk, and only 16''), and now our lovely jhasa is less useful because they cutted the power of the Howitzer Bombard... The Chanura is still the less powerful Heavy Battleship I've seen in this game, too expensive and not vey powerful (compare it with the HB of the egyptian or any other nation); The Canda is cool, but still has a fixed channel Bombard (and you can't use the indirect fire because you don't have spotters), the devacks can't link the turret and the broadsides... When I play against the japannese fleet, or the almost any other fleet, is very hard to win. Do we deserve these downgrading (I'm not native english, i'm not sure if this is the right word)? I'm seriously thinking about to sell my indian's fleet and go back to 40k...
  11. Then... how many SAS do you have to deploy if you are playing a 1250 ponits' battle?
  12. I agree with you. I have had the same sensation. I don't use a british fleet, to be honest, but an Indian`s one. I can combine it with the time flow`s gereneratos of he chanura and I think it will be very very interestinsg. Indeed, tomorrow i'm trying it!! (I hope my opponent is not reading this topic! hahaha.) About the eagle and the Hawks... it's a pity. I don't find them useful at all... Regadrs from spain!
  13. Using a carrier, you can deploy Dive or Torpedo Bombers. Both of them will be useful to deal with submarines
  14. Talking about new orbats... When will we have the Indian Raj New orbat????
  15. In the indian raj navy we have many ships (the most of them) with terror tactics, wich is very useful board ships (and you can see my fleet in instagram at @impriwars )
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