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  1. I'm new to dystonian wars and have just started playing. One of the rules I'm having a hard time getting my head around is the high bands. Its kind of poorly worded well I find it hard to understand. So the band the firing models is in had no affect on the dice results needed to hit only what height band the model being targeted is at. So a battleship shooting a flyer in obscured would need 5,6 and stratospheric would only be able to hit 6. And can only fire if the flyer is in RB 2 or more? So is there anything from stopping me deploying my imperium into obscured and then moving into stratospheric? I don't see any reason not todo this as far as i can tell it wont impact its carrier actions nor negatively hurt its AD or Boarding actions. If i have this wrong please help clarify what I'm missing(I'm guessing its not meant to go stratospheric and this will be covered in the new model rules for 2.5 when they come out.) I'm also unsure on subs is there any reason a Vanguard should not move to deep diving It can still use its torpedoes vs anything and it will hit based on what height band the model is at? so a vanguard at deep diving shooting a battleship will be 4,5,6 but the battleship shooting back will be half AD and need 6's?
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