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  1. I'm working on getting my impressions up I have just been really busy since getting back from Gen Con. A quick note Aquans are fine.
  2. You have my attention. @Spartan Neil I really appreciate your attention to the communities wants and needs. If these come online I will certainly back the Kickstarter as soon as I can after Gen Con. Thank you. As for the Civilian Ships, I'm referring to the original three models.
  3. @Spartan Neil Things I would buy in a heartbeat if made available : The Medusa - we've had this discussion before and it seems I'm not the only one. The Civilian Ships - everyone could use these for scenarios and I'm sure they'd help bolster the sales of future campaign books. Dimensional Gate and Anethama Probe - Again, these would be useful for campaigns for those that do not wish to order the Overseer box set (such as me, I don't like Directorate) Saurian Battleships Station - I know it's new and a Kickstarter model but I'd purchase it separately if I could. To reiterate, I'd buy each of these the moment they became available....I'm sure I'm not the only one, right?
  4. We may see a first draft in pdf form but the rules are far from complete from what I've seen here. I wouldn't expect a print or final version for at least 3-6 months
  5. Repair Battleships and Medical Ships for Aquans? Seems uninspired. I'd rather take something that's sure to take out an enemy ship rather than something that might save one of mine. I can't wait for my opponent to field one so I can focus down his other ships before they have a chance to do their job and leave them neutered with nothing but repair and Medical Ships for an easy win for me. Torpedo cruisers, now that I like. Where are the gunships, light cruisers, etc? I wish this Kickstarter had something to get excited about but I'm still waiting. I'm holding out hope but it seems bleek. I really want this Kickstarter to do well along with Spartan. I hope they can pull it out.
  6. Balanced? Unlikely. I'll use my Aquan +3 FT bonus to win the roll and choose defender every time to get the boost in CO...or, I'll roll low and still at least have better initiative advantage. Something doesn't seem right here.
  7. This 100%. I don't know that I'm interested in the boxed set although I'm highly interested in the 3D terrain, acrylic tokens, campaign books and scenic models.This is what I like. I wanted to put some positive comments out before I mentioned my concerns. Unfortunately, they made THE classic Kickstarter mistake, that of having exclusive models available only to those that throw the most money at them and are elite enough to get. Some of us are on a budget. Some of us will have just spent a lot of money at Gen Con, not a couple weeks earlier (such bad timing). These are things that will weigh on my mind as I decide whether I want to back this at any level. The rules are in such a state of flux right now that this will surely be delayed in shipping. Also, it's very concerning that I heard about this here and not on their home web page where there is nothing about this. I'm very confused by this in particular. I was just starting to regain some confidence in Spartan and I'd like it to continue so.... I'd like to see @Spartan Neil address some of the concerns I have here and that of others. There's a lot here to like but also some things that I'm genuinely concerned about. I'm looking forward to the response. Thank you in advance. We love Spartan and want to see it succeed, all the best.
  8. Saw the blog but totally missed the links... Thanks!
  9. Well this might have talked me into eventually picking it up, just wish I had something to do with those Directorate ships, ugh.
  10. @Spartan_FA_Mike The volume of information and feedback has been such that by the time I start to consider one issue another is brought up so I completely understand. I'm looking forward to bringing my Aquans to Gen Con and testing some of these new rules. I'll be there with my fleet, space mat and terrain on Thursday so be ready!
  11. @Polaris Thanks for posting those stats! I really appreciate seeing them. I'm assuming, then, there is a scenario included with the box set?
  12. @Spartan Neil So two questions....what is the ship by the dimensional gate and is there a way to get the dimensional gate and that ship separately? I'd buy the box as there are Aquan models I don't have but I don't want the Directorate models.
  13. I thought Terrans for shield tech from the Aquans...I know I read this somewhere.
  14. They're are so many balance issues here that I don't know where to begin. These are going to require EXTENSIVE play testing to find all the broken interactions. Honor the Charter : Never take a disorder marker? I don't think this needs explanation. Focused Shield Harmonics : This is beyond broken. +2 shields for free in a 1000 point plus engagement? How about adding Honor the Charter to Focused Shield Harmonics? Viola, an unkillable Dreadnought. Marked for an Honorable Death : Sure, let's throw this on a squadron in a close game on the last turn when you know it's going down. This can't even be balanced Impossible Manuever : Uhm, yeah, as an Aquan player I'm using this a lot. Not trying to shoot my faction in the foot, but damn. Proscribed Repair Systems : Seriously? This is easily abused. These abilities should be reserved to the ships the MAR is attached to for balance reasons. Pasted from a text editor and I don't know how to change the text size help!
  15. @Spartan Neil I'll be playing in the Thursday event at Gen Con and look forward to putting the new 3.0 rules to the test. I'll try to take photos and get a battle report to you if at all possible.
  16. I'm curious about this as well. I've already found several concerning issues just looking at what's been released in spoiler form and this is before I have even began any playtesting. I'm just curious what the progression has been and why these issues weren't caught sooner considering they're already in beta testing and nearing release. A lot looks really good but it seems far from a finalized ruleset ready for print.
  17. I'm sure as a community there are ideas for command orders floating around that could be added as a replacement to provide compelling and useful effects that would add tactical diversity and flavor while keeping CO optional in fleet building while also making the decision to take CO a more difficult decision
  18. My main complaint is not so much that command orders exist, I do like the idea, it's that core components of 2.0 game play such as belly up, full stop, and fold space are lumped into the new system. Perhaps you could look at adding these back as core mechanics and leaving the more extreme to CO purchases. With the current percentage system for building your fleet this creates added, and possibly unnecessary complexity during list construction. With the right mix, I believe there would be viable options for taking CO's without feeling that it is being forced upon the player.
  19. This seems like a much more interesting mechanic. At the moment I'm finding it hard to see why is spend points on CO when I can just have more ships and win through superior numbers. The command orders aren't compelling or advantageous enough for my consideration.
  20. So now you rotate around the z axis instead of the y axis...can't it be both? Use 180 AND belly up. More tactical flexibility and realism.
  21. I feel that with a points rebalance Aquans would be for the most part fine. They can't do everything well, there boarding is as low as it gets and with all ships being able to fire in any arc now that advantage is lost.
  22. So, here's a long post that's going to cover everything, I hope it's helpful. Some things I like about my Aquans I'd like to see remain. Speed. I enjoy the tactical use of the Aquans high speeds. Getting into good positions and efficiently using terrain to get into optimal firing positions. Shields and the option to take extra shields as an upgrade. I feel the Aquans being an old advanced race have perfected this technology and I like the option to take these in lieu of more damage or SRS options. Feels like I have real choice in how I design my fleet, which brings me to my next point... Tactical flexibility. having to make decisions such as taking shields, energy transfer, drone mines, etc. give the player interesting choices and allow for varied fleet builds. I feel these are attributes that are core to the thematic and cinematic feel of the Aquan and provide a strong faction identity and am hoping these remain. Ships: Kracken: Nothing I see wrong here. Durable, powerful, effective as a dreadnought should be Malestrom: Again, perfect in it's battleship role Orca: Always seemed a little squishy, seemed ineffective when not taken in a squadron Isonade: Maybe a little too good from the durability side Stingray: Long range stealth beams. Perfect in it's destroyer role Snapper: Although I've used this to great effect others have found it lackluster, don't know if Pack Hunters is worth it Chimera: From my little experience they seem okay mostly due to larger squadron sizes. Overall I feel the ships are interesting althought some think they are too good. With multiple arc firing no longer being a balancing issue I feel the Aquans are losing a bit of faction identity here. They are abysmal at boarding but I like it that way. Maybe a little heavy on SRS but, again, this is faction identity however, there seems to be little reason to take a carrier because of this. The Planetfall ships seem essentially useless which is a shame because they are beautiful models and I'd like to field a Guardian Shoal but I can't see why I would with the other options as is the same with the Namuz heavy cruiser. I feel that being filled with water these ships should be nearly invulnerable to boarding. Just a thought. Hope this insight from a new player provides some value to you in design.
  23. @Spartan_FA_Mike Are you saying Isonade lost beam weapon except as an upgrade? I need Aquans stats.
  24. I guess I can see how this stops winning fold space bug outs but I kinda liked that cinematicly. Was this often abused?
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