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  1. Do Shield Generators (& Guardian) remove dice before or after rolling to hit?
  2. I believe the crown submarine can ram surface vessels. If you read the second sentence of the trait rules on page 1 and the ram rules on pg 29. My understanding is everything is a surface vessel except if it has the Trait "Submerged/Aerial/Ground/Skimming".
  3. KoB: Dynasty; No shield generator? + 18(0) typo on weapon arc.
  4. Thanks. Will treat them as CC aux. weapons.
  5. Hi All, New to Dystopian Wars but I have been following for while and was finally hooked re Kickstarter. Just a quick question, I have been painting a few random KoB models and just started the Vanguard Submarine. The model suggests a port/starboard/broadside weapon system. Yet model rules [ORBAT?] only has listing for fore torpedoes. I have seen a release image suggesting broadside capability, what is the history of this? Did it exist once upon a time and removed pre 2.0 or a design oversight?
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