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  1. 2.5 rule question

    Sorry for the late reply, the detaching of CAP due to disorder is a typo, the CAP will form a squadron with its assigned ship and stay that way until it or the parent unit is destroyed. In the case of a unit where its parent is destroyed, the unit will take a Morale check and carry on as if it had lost a normal ember of the squadron. A CAP can be affected by Carrier actions, unless some one can actually point to a contradiction.
  2. Napoleon

    Or what if Bonepart the first is still alive and commanding Bonepart the third from the Shadows, can't have Zombie Bonepart walking around in public can we
  3. 1.05 WWX Exodus rulebook fluff

    If there ever was a setting for cross dimensional story work I've not seen it, hum I wonder if I can get someone to do me some rules for Cuthulu, a fleet of old ones would just be lovely.
  4. Carriers and TFTs in 3rd Edition

    A really simple fix would have been if the fighters were respawned activated, this would remove them from the spam pool and reduce the carriers damage output.
  5. So, where are we?

    On the stray plane, it's a viable tactic to neutralise a carrier by hitting the flights hard and hope to leave 1 or 2, I see that as a balance. The locked down flights was meant to prevent initiative sink spam, you imagine producing two, three or four bases per activation!
  6. 2.5 rule question

    A model in the Diving height Band can move under a model at higher elevation, on pg 109 this is covered. Surface mines hit units in the surface and submerged height bands.
  7. So, where are we?

    Hey Grand stone, did you try the 2.5 carrier rules?
  8. Fuel Reserves in 2.5

    As per the exploding dice mechanic which governs the red 6 when ever you roll a red six it counts as 2 hits, this would mean that you get 2 fires and a reroll on a 6.
  9. Alliances

    A quick question, will activation during the game be based on unit or battlegroup?
  10. Man sized remote controlled Robots/tanks, you could stand them in for infantry or many Warcradle will have a use for them, take a look at the German Goliath for example.
  11. I think we should wait and let Warcradle finish their fluff before we start to write too many conclusions, its quite possible that we could go chasing the rabbit down the wrong hole.
  12. So were looking at a situation where the different nations have all developed new and terrible weapons, everyone wants to use the but they don't know what the enemy has managed to develop, so it's more of a shadow war where everyone is sparring up trying to understand what the enemy is capable of. I take it this is where the mention of the sea and Africa originally came from, let's go poke the hornets nest without risking our home turf. Maybe full blown war will happen, once some one gets confident enough.
  13. What's in store for the Alliance?

    Nano machine filled Fountain of Youth?
  14. As RuleBritannia had stated you text is black against a dark grey background, i edited it to change it to white so that it could been seen.
  15. Ok please when posting don't purposely try to hide what your saying, that's just naughty.

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