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  1. I have a list, its very long and my account is preparing for the worst.
  2. Start with names and dig up pictures as we go. If your thinking about stats, then you'll have to decide which ones to include.
  3. There has to be a clearly defined difference, WC version is called Dystopian Age so sits nicly under that banner, just give the Spartan-Verse a similar title and roll from there. I think if its clearly defined then it won't cause confusion.
  4. If this is in relation to what was put on Facebook im willing to help out where i can, if i can spare a few minutes.
  5. Asuo

    Prussian Imperium future

    The model has both Gunnery and Tesla Broadsides on the drawing, id personnely love to see this as a main stay of Prussian design, there is not enough Tesla weaponry on the older ships.
  6. Would another form of forum appeal more to you?
  7. Stitching the two universes togther will take time and care, so we just need to remain patient, as hard as that is . Id like to throw in a scenario for you to how the current plan could d be used, so you and your friends are playing a roleplay of a scenario, your Union agents sent in to spy on a military base, when there you are able to find out that the Russians have set up a secret military base, you then have to escape, then if you escape you warn the Authorities. This is where the systems can be blended, your characters come back with a Union Navy Fleet to assault the base but you find the Russians have brought in a navay fleet of their own, enter a thermatic DW game, then if the beach landing is successful you have to battle across county to the secret facility, AC there, then the final assault is conducted using the WWX system as your characters bravely storm the facility Anyone can set up a blog, ive been half tempted for a while my self, though i expect the spelling would be terrible. Thats great news Richard.
  8. Well now im going to have to sit here mashing my F5 key, aren't I.
  9. How about another Q&A, get you guys in front of the camera again, do another discussion on the leaked images?
  10. Im pretty sure their not planning on keeping the Designs and models they showed at Salute hidden, im sure we'll see somthing soon, just a little patients, though i have to admit i am getting a little excited.
  11. Asuo

    Atlanta Light Cruiser

    The model never got anywhere it was concept from a Kickstarter back. I really do like the idea of dedicated support platforms, hopefully well see something similar coming out for the union.
  12. Asuo

    Atlanta Light Cruiser

    By modifications you mean?
  13. If the extra detailing bothers people a simple solution is too simple file/cut it off, nothing says a model has to stay the way it is once you've bought it. Were looking at a global stand off in the world, why wouldn't you want to try and out do you neighbours is showmanship.
  14. Asuo

    Atlanta Light Cruiser

    You can find it Here

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