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  1. Hej folks! I have corrected all profiles. At least I hope so! I sorted all Ships by Tier & Point cost. Also I corrected some writing errors. And the MARS are in alphabetical order. (For the "Monk" in me) If you find some errors or typos, please inform me here! https://www.dropbox.com/sh/j6051gzsaieaj37/AAAZkGBWP-sPx-hQnPqn-phza?dl=0
  2. Yes. As Confused Marker now have a zero effect against non SHIELD units. In a match between Dindrenzi and Syndicate -> confused marker were completly useless. Syndicate shoots only RED Dindrenzi have no SHIELD. And too many INTERCEPTORS -> so boarding was no option -> confused = zero effect. RED have the highest dice value. 17 dice against low (1, 2 or 3) SHIELD. BLUE have a low dice value. 5 dice against high (4) DP. So confused had almost no effect. Boarding? To many Interceptors. Blue weapons are ineffective (low dicethrow against high DP). So we need a little tweak here: Maybe, DP defends against RED Weapons and SHIELD against BLUE Weapons. Now we have a high dicethrow (RED) against high DP and with my other rule tweak, damage marker will have an effect. And we a have a low dicethrow against a low SHIELD.
  3. Hej Ghost! I read your table and i think its very interesting. I couldnt test it but i will give it a go in the next days. My (theoretical) main problem: you need 21(!) hits to tripple a DR7 Ship. Still 15 for a DR5 Ship. So its very hard to damage them and you need some high damage at the end of a normal table. I think one problem with the actual damage table is: if a ship has some damage, it is often useless. So you have to do something against that. One thing Im testing right now: Change the effect from damage and disorder! Why? Fluff: A damaged ship is weaker against another attack. The hullstructur is weaker and so on... A confused crew cant work effectivly so its hard to shoot for them. Game: Now its getting interesting. A damaged ship is weaker so another shoot will take it more down. The shield or PD is getting -1 for every damaged marker. So it will be soon destroyed. But The ship is not useless: it can shoot back. It may get -1 for every disorder marker but you can remove them at the end of the turn to bring the ship back for some action until it is completly destroyed -> avoiding zombie ships. So in conclusion: ships are easier to destroy but they wouldnt become useless. A Tier 2 ship with Attack -3 is flying zombie. Its a little tweak but it changes so much in game...
  4. I dont like the idea for a complete new damage Table: The old one is straight ahead! You could throw 2d6 +/- Modificator and have a result. higher = BAD lower = GOOD So you could easily use rules to modify the results. If the 7 (most rolled dice result) is the badest throw, its hard to modify it. You cant add just 1 for a higher (negativ) result. And I like the situations: i (attacker) want to get a high result, my buddy wants a low result. Maybe I can force him to reroll his dice for a better outcome. Its always like a little Duell in itself.
  5. A little mindgame with Requisition (XYZ) I have 3 Directorate Ships: TIER 1 - OVERSEER CLASS - Carrier - Squadron 1 - Requisition (Cruiser) TIER 2 - ASCENDENCY CLASS - Escort Carrier - Squadron 2-3 -Requisiton (Cruiser) TIER 2 - ABRAXAS CLASS - Cruiser - Squadron Size 2-3 Ok. I can take one OVERSEER and put it with 2 ABRAXAS together. Or I can take one ASCENDENCY and put it with 2 ABRAXAS together. BUT: Can I take one OVERSEER and one ASCENDENCY with 1 ABRAXAS together? Can I take one OVERSEER and two ASCENDENCY together? Can I take three OVERSEER? Another Question: I have one OVERSEER (Tier 1) and two ABRAXAS (Tier 2). What are my Victory Points for destroying this Squadron? 5 for TIER 1 or 3 for TIER 2. Or maybe 8 for Tier 1 + 2? When I can take three OVERSEER together for REQUISITION (CRUISER). Are they now TIER 2? Another Question: When I take the ASCENDENCY CLASS and want to use the Requisition Rule. Do I have to take 2 ASCENDENCY CLASS because their Squadronsize is minimum 2? Dont take it too serious. Its just a little mindgame. How would you interprete these rules?
  6. Kurak Faction & Zenian League Minelayer instead Minefield Marauder Faction Oroshan Defiller has RED Torpedos! Syndicate Spur Class: Interceptor (x2) +4 / +4 / - is missing Terran Alliance Hauberg/Templar Class: Tier 3. Should be Tier 2. Palisade Class: Torpedos (X1). Should be Torpedos (360). Dindrenzi Hammer Class: Tier 2. Should be Tier 3.
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