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  1. Spartan has a phenomenal customer support, shout-out to Lizzie!
  2. @blut_und_glas with this system, i cannot think of a use for command points that i wouldn't instantly drop for combining my fire... The problem with combining is that, no matter how you try to balance it, you HAVE to use it. If you lower the effect by lowering every ships firepower, so that combining is comparable with linking now, you will rarely be able to damage ships 1on1. If you reduce the effect by "thoughening up" each ship, you get the same problem. And if everything else stays the same, then why not use combining all the time, killing everything outright? I rather like the idea of @Meatshield. Granted it doesn't help with the "problem" of ad degredation, but it adds another layer of depth and complexity to the game strategy wise, which i really like. Having more different stuff and more choices is always great! I think the last pages have shown: We need more infos about the power core idea @Spartan Derek! Will it be the "feared" version where you can always fire 1 weapon at full power, or something more similar to the ad degredation we have now? Or even something we haven't thought of at all? =)
  3. As i am the "problem" Neratius is having, maybe my insights might be of some help.. The first mistake i think we do is: we rarely play with objectives, and in a 7-8 turn slugfest, the Dread just outlives everything. Therefore i think the second mistake is not focusing the dread. The Sorylian player most of the time has the activation advantage, so keeping the heavy firepower back until i activated the dread and then using it where it does the most damage is key in my mind. The third mistake arises from some of the tips i've read, i myself realized quickly that reserves and ambush just take away those vital activations. We are in optimal range from turn 2-3, so why cut ourselves with reserve? As you all have written, the Relthoza player controls the engagement, but with the massive firepower the Sorylians have, most of the time is somewhat possible, in the sense that i have to uncloak, because he will crit me through my cloak regardless. In conclusion: i would bring everything on the table, focus the hard to remove stuff early, because later you miss the firepower, don't field stuff that doesn't do as much as other alternatives (heavy cruisers, destroyers, light cruisers) and play with objectives.
  4. Huai

    MinscS2's Ba'Kash

    Now having taken a look at your Ba'Kash, i might really consider adding some to my own collection. They aren't as ugly as i thought, same with the RSN...you really need to see the models in person/ in pictures of other people, rather then the ones in the stores to form a final opinion..
  5. Huai

    MinscS2's Xelocians

    @MinscS2 now somehow your paintschemes really resonate with me. All the right colours in all the right places, not too many and in just the right combination, really nice! If i ever get my hands on some xelocian models i might have to steal this scheme...
  6. Huai

    MinscS2's RSN.

    Normally, i am not a big fan of painted bases at all, but those look really fabulous! And they really complement the otherwise very clean and bland style of the ships, which i also like.
  7. oO now those look fantastic! I really like the idea of the sensor/pd ship assisting the fleet with firesolutions and stuff (maybe scrambling the enemies firecontrol as well, bit like bsg raptors^^). And that Repair carrier looks in my opinion better and more like a carrier than the official one ^^ You really get the feel of SRS docking on it, refueling and leaving to resupply the fleet!
  8. Now what i missed in my earlier reply is talking about the "pace" of the game, i.e. how fast will stuff blow up? I like to draw the analogy to games like warcraft and starcraft 2, in warcraft your units die really slow in comparison to starcraft2, this leads to two things: smaller armies and more micromanagement. Now what does that have to do with FA? Simple: all we do is micromanage our fleet, we control every model individually, rather than whole blobs. If we "speed up" the game by having things die faster, things like tactics, positioning, etc. become more irrelevant and by essentially lowering the number of dice rolled, we give a smaller amount of rolls more importance -> depending on less rolls. Now in my mind, in every wargame you try to maximise your number of dicerolls, to get closer to the average ( 10 50/50 chances on 1 dmg, vs 1 50/50 chance of 10 dmg is more preferable in my mind) and i think we shouldn't stray from that maxime. Second point is army size: to compensate this lack of dicerolls, we would have to make the game bigger. As it stands now, in my opinion, a 1200 MFV game on a 4x6 table has just the right proportion of models/space where flanking manouvers are possible, you can deny flanks, stay out of the (main) fight, and it feels like a plausible engagement between two mid-sized fleets (a carrier/ dreadnought and its escort group). If we increase the number of models on the table, we would then in turn have to make the table bigger, which -everyone will agree- is a pretty bad idea. A solution to this would be to make the distances between the models bigger. You get twice the sice out of your gaming table if you just half all your inches or measure it in cm^^. After resolving those "problems" in my mind, we would have a large-fleet game with more models (which is good for selling more, but bad for new players as it increases the cost of entry) that would take the same amount of time, if not longer to play as the current one, which has its own appeals to it (massice space battles are frickin awesome!) but doesn't solve the issue of "game takes too long". TL;DR: more brutal games -> less tactical more models -> saving no time But that's just my 2Cents, and of course we will have to see what the new rules will actually bring. Also: capturing ships was cool, targeted strikes should TARGET systems, and:
  9. Exactly my thoughts, just lock them in their sections and turn the respective lifesupport systems off...
  10. OSO Omnidyne and STL Syndicate had Patrol Boxes when they where released last summer. OSO Corsairs and STL Traders who where just released have no Patrol Boxes... Don't you think it might just be because they don't have a battleship yet? I just can't believe that -with all their focus on new players- they would throw away those perfect entry points into the game.. although they did hint at "no more "value-boxes" " in their pricing-blogpost i think =(...Sad Huai is sad.. On the bright side though: Do you guys think ,with new models coming in August and the switch to blisters, that there will be a sale in the near future? =)
  11. Now the single most important passage in that blogpost of course was: "August 2017 Brand new models arrive with statistics and rules for the factions within[..]" ^^ i can't wait to get some new (looking) models. Those Terran destroyers are in dire need of some 3-dimensionality ^^
  12. I started this game last month and i don't really get those "complexity problems". Now granted movement can be a bit finicky, especially in dense formations, but having a special turning template (like Neratius' 1"/45/2"/45/1" or the spectacular one by icarius) helps a lot. Nevertheless Kurgan's idea of a round template sounds very intriguing as well, but then you need at least 3 templates (up's the cost of the game, the chance to forget one etc.^^) and the most difficult thing for newcomers isn't remembering two digits, it's -in my experience- the turn limit (things like: you can only turn ONCE after you moved your turnlimit, turning costs 1", etc.), but they get the hang of it after their first 1-2 games and you are not supposed to know everything perfectly after your first game, we do not play "Mensch ärgere dich nicht", do we? On the other hand the AD "calculations" are a fairly simple business are they not? Especially if you visiualize them by actually forming pools with your dice and manipulating those (add dice for every ship,half secondary, throw both..) and after 3-4 games it's not really more time consuming than calculating it in your head and counting the dice. Now for the powercore thing, i am -like all of us i guess- very interested what lies behind it and would love something like dedicating power from the weapons to the shields etc. as well. P.S.:Oh and i think it is a great move to have your community discuss it with you, have it thoroughly tested and to get their feedback, it always makes for great games and indicates good business-pratices!
  13. Wow, that's a lot of information to digest. Normally, i am a proud member of the "never change a running system"-party and that announcement left me with quite some mixed feelings, especially as the game as it is now is -in my opinion- the best and balanced tabletop game on the market. Some of the points you wrote in the blog do seem pretty fun and immersive like: dedicating energy to different systems, a broader range of models, the changes in weapontypes and the changes in boarding. Those i can get behind 100% (especially more models ^^) On the other hand, things like the command and control, the removal of the degredation and the changes to SRS look a lot like changes made to either dumb down the game to get more customers, or to appeal to some whiny folks that flamed you on the forums without critical reflection. I just hope you keep the game in the fun and balanced state it is and keep it separated from the "beginners level rules".
  14. Admiral Neratius Menkoria sat in his command chair onboard his flagship, the battlecruiser 'Velocian Hammer', waiting for reports from his communications-officer, as his '101st Sorylian Liberation Fleet' left foldspace at the target coordinates. " Frigate Squadron 'Archaeon Sword' and 'Euornith axe' reporting successful jump, Cruiser squadron 'Dactyls Spear' and Sazurius Venkuria's gunships have jumped as well sir." "Very good sergeant, any enemy signals?" Ever since they received Admiral Sika's distress signal, Admiral Menkoria was eager to get revenge on the Zenian League. After countless encounters on the Sorylian border, he had developed an increasing hatred against them. "We got two unknown signals, sir, they seem to be orbiting a planet. The receiver-readings match, they are our targets!" Two days ago high command ordered them to support the Terran fleet in the Amber Sector by capturing two Transmitters of utmost importance, activating them and holding them for as long as they could. "Helmsman, bring us in boarding range to the one closest to the moon. First mate Santaria , get a strike team in a boarding shuttle ready to capture that transmitter, prepare a second one for the technicians. Sergeant, set the whole fleet to alert-status one, this is too easy. Something smells spidy to me..." Admiral Huu'ashh'iiikk watched with the glee of the patient hunter, as the Sorylian fleet left foldspace just as he had planned. Those puny little lizards were completely oblivious to the presence of his 812. Hunter Fleet 'Krash'ka'sssssa'. Once they would divide their fleet to activate the Transmitters, his trap would spring and his mighty Dreadnought 'The Stalker' would smash the tiny lizardman into pieces. He had orders from the Twenty themselves to help the Dindrenzi hold the Amber-Sector. "Sir, the enemy seems to concentrate their fleet on only one side of the planet, what do we do,sir?" "Open fire! Let's hunt them down!" So the lizard commander wasn't as foolish as he had thought, nonetheless it didn't matter. He would crush them either way, with them divided or with them unified... Ladys and gentleman, i present to you our first battlereport playing the first mission of the Flashpoint-Amber Campaign: MFV:1000 Forces: Neratius: (Burn Thrusters, Intel Gathered, Drives to Maximum, Thermal Control) 1x Hasta Battlecruiser 3x Warwolf Gunship 4x Falcata Cruiser 5x Reaper Frigates 5x Reaper Frigates Huai: (Burn Thrusters, Intel Gathered, Drives to Maximum, Regroup, Repair Drones) 1x Apex Dreadnought 3x Bane Shunt Cruiser 3x Assasin Cruiser 2x Venom Destroyer 2x Nidus Frigates 2x Nidus Frigates Deployment: We had a big planet in the middle of the table, with a small moon orbiting it clockwise. Outside the picture on the left was a debris field. The ambush markers were put to the left objective and close to the Relthoza cruisers on the right. Turn I: The Relthoza regroup their frigates into one squadron, the Sorylians set their drives to max. The Relthoza win the initiative, activate their frigate squadron, turn to the right and launch their interceptors to establish a point defence perimeter around the fleet. The Sorylians activate their gunships and blast half the cruisersquadron down with scatterweapons and a nuclear torpedo crit, therefore securing the "first catch of the day". Shocked by this brutal firepower, the Relthoza move the dread towards the enemy fleet, launching fighters for even more PD. The Sorylian cruisers split their fire on the undamaged cruiser and one shuntcruiser, critting both. The damaged Relthoza cruisers roll lucky and blow their Sorylian counterpart into bits, securing "first catch of the day" for their fleet as well. The Sorylian frigates deal a damage to a cruiser. The shuntcruisers launch their bombers, dealing no damage to the cruisers. They jump behind the gunships dealing only one damage. The Sorylian frigates drive towards the shuntcruisers behind their lines and open fire, killing the already damaged one and the damaged cruiser. Finally the Sorylian Flagship activates and deals a damage to the last remaining cruiser. The remaining Relthoza Cruiser fails his disorder check and the Sorylians buy back their TAC card. Turn II: Both admirals gather as much intel as possible, although the Relthoza seem to have the better IO's as they win the Initiative. The Destroyers reveal their failed ambush on the left. The shuntcruisers activate first, driving fore and jumping back into boarding range. They crit the farthest gunship with their corrosive primaries and board another, rendering their drives useless. The Sorylian Cruisers turn around, shoot at one shuntcruiser and only manage to damage it. Enraged by the failure of their gunners, they try to board the remaining shuntcruiser, but fail horribly due to their well known mortal fear of spiders. The crew of the last remaining spider cruiser has had enough and is promtly turning around, trying to escape the battle. The Sorylian frigates move behind the shuntcruisers, critting the damaged one. They also fall victim to their arachnoiphobia as they fail their boarding attempt against the remaining shuntcruiser. The dreadnought moves steadily towards the midst of the battle, unleashing his torpedos into the far away frigate squadron, double critting them. The remaining Sorylian frigates move to the asteroid field, shooting down a Relth. frigate. The destroyers drop their full stop. The battlecruiser moves up and unleashes his broadside into the barely flying shuntcruiser, killing it. The Relthoza frigates join the fight and destroy a Sorylian counterpart. At last the gunships activate, blasting another frigate into oblivion. Turn III: While the Relthoza still try to get more information about the enemy, the Sorylians set their drives to boost. Through superior Intel, the Relthoza win the Initiative again. The shuntcruiser imitates the fleeing cruiser and jumps to the other side of the board. The Sorylian Frigates continue their hunt of their Relthoza counterparts, blowing one more out of the sky. The Relthoza cruiser goes to hold the left objective, in case they win the engagement on the right. The Sorylian cruisers turn around to shoot at the Relthozan one, but miss due to its stealthsystems. The Relthozan admiral has had enough and unleashes the full firepower of his dreadnought, critting a gunship and damaging the battlecruiser and a frigate in his aft. In response the gunships finish off the remaining Frigate and try to damage the cruiser and board the dread, but failed. After lifting full stop last round, the destroyers now enter the fight, jumping forward and critting the enemy flagship. The rear-guarding frigates target the dreadnoughts defensive systems, getting a damage done and setting him on fire. Finally the Battlecruiser turns, unleashes both of his broadsides, which leads to a malfunction in his shuntdrive, bringing him out of coherency. Turn IV: The tactics for both admirals stay the same, the Relthoza gain the initiative againwith the help of their superior intel. The Cruiser goes into full stop at the objective, using the planet as cover. After still having three perfectly intact cruisers, they turn around, shoot at the destroyers damaging one through his cloak and rendering the drives of the dreadnought unusable. In return, the dread destroys a gunship and damages the battlecruiser. The battlecruiser then activates, doing nothing. The shuntcruiser whiffs at the frigates, doing nothing. The Sorylian frigates on the other hand kill off the cruiser at the objective. The Destroyers move back into coherency. The gunship continues on his way to the left side, coming dangerously close to the moon. The shuntcruiser looses his third crew to the fire, but the dreadnought gets his engine back online. Turn V: Both admirals order their ships to burn their thrusters and without intel, the Relthoza give the initiative to the Sorylians. With their cruisers still mostly unharmed, they unleash their broadsides into the dreadnought, dealing one damage only. In return the dread turns towards them , crits one of them as well as the battlecruiser and a frigate. The frigates then crit a destroyer, destroying it. The remaining destroyer gets into the back of the battlecruiser, killing it. The frigates on the left turn around, shooting their starboard broadsides into the shuntcruiser, damaging it. In return the shuntcruiser jumps to the objective, hoping his cloak will protect him from further frigate fire. Last but not least, the gunship made it around the moon thanks to it burning its thrusters. Sadly there is no photo of the end of this turn... Turn VI: Whilst the Sorylians still get the maximum out of their thrusters, the Relthoza switched back to analyzing their foe, but still loosing the initiative to the Sorylians. As his first activation, the Sorylian admiral orders his cruisers to get close to the objective and try to kill the dreadnought, which they fail to do. Seeing the end of this engagement, the shuntcruiser gets into the Sorylian deploymentzone. The gunship uses the gravity of the moon it so narrowly escaped to launch itself towards the objective, firing useless shots at the shuntcruiser. The remaining destroyer jumps into the enemys deplyomantzon, out of the picture, as well, but gets to crit a cruiser in the back. The three remaining frigates in the midst of the battle try to damage the dread, but fail. The dread in return kills off two frigates and a cruiser, which conludes this epic game that ended in a perfect draw(13vs13) (At this stage we realized we could get onto the bench of the Sorylian player and make photos from a much better perspective ^^) Conclusion: I made some very big mistakes in deployment and the first turn (deploying at the 12" mark-> no stealth, not revealing the destroyers, that i placed on the wrong side) but all in all it was a very fun game, enhanced through the story-telling nature of the mission. 5 Stars for Spartan games for giving us this immersive mission! This battle would forever be a reminder for admiral Huu'ashh'iiikk to never underestimate his opponent again. His hubris almost cost him his entire fleet. The twenty would not be pleased with this result. As his dreadnought plowed through the remainder of his enemy, he had the confidence that he could still wipe them out, but for what price? He had lost almost all of his fleet, 598 lives lost. Those pesky lizards had surprised him as they instantly blew half of the cruiser squadron ' Xssa'thssi' to pieces with their nuclear missiles. And continued to fight like a beast that does not want to accept its place as pray... "Sir, the enemy is activating their shuntdrives." "Very well, get the repair crews in order and order all remaining ships to look for survivors, enough blood has been spilled today, let's regroup." Admiral Menkoria watched with anguish as his flagship, the 'Velocian Hammer', exploded midhips, breaking into two pieces, slowly falling towards the planet and bursting into flames in the athmosphere. At first he thought it would be a slaughter, as his first volleys decimated the Relthozan ships. All went well until, out of nowhere, this fracking huge dreadnought appeared. It caught him completely by surprise as it shredded through his main battleline. He had planned for everything, had his nuclear warheads readied before the enemy was even detected. He had a squadron of frigates guarding his rear against those pesky shuntcruisers. But in the end, he had to have his crew abandon ship and resettle to the cruiser 'Litany of Fury', which at least had a functional shuntengine. Right then, in an escapepod, he got the order from high command to retreat. High command didn't seem to have anticipated a Relthozan presence at these coordinates, so their reaction, albeit being slow as ever, was not what Admiral Neratius Menkoria had expected.
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