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  1. its almost like you have read my mind, i really wanted to paint then red! The reason they arent painted is that since i painted the FSA fleet first, i didnt think i had the skill to do such detailing. Thanks for the recommendation, i will problaby get the bombardment group. Love the bombers!
  2. I live in brazil, shipping here is expensive so i have to plan all purchases i do.
  3. Its a shame how few SAS shadow hunter comes with. What is the main difference betwen walkers and tanks ? japan seens to have both with similar sizes ( light tanks and light walkers ). But right now im thinking of getting FSA tanks and EotBS walkers.
  4. Here are what i painted so far, feedback is apreciated. http://m.imgur.com/a/9NJfb
  5. I bought the shadow hunter box some time ago and had lots of fun with it. But im thinking about what should i buy next ? I plan on expanding both factions (FSA and EofBS). I also want to get into land combat, but i dont know where to begin.
  6. It is this turret, so i dont think i can scrap off since the glue is in the back.
  7. Also, i glued the Pewter barrel to a resin turret, not resin to resin.
  8. As i said, it doenst look bad, just a bit derpy. What about freezing and then unfreezing it ?
  9. Recently i was assembling a Kaiju battleship, but i kinda of screwed up a turret a bit and it looks kinda derpy. I have heard that acetone does it, but also that it melts resin. I also heard about freezing and then warming it, but i heard that damages resin as well. So, does anyone knows how to do it ?
  10. Oh, that was one of my theories, I just found it weird because it looks like some kind of drop pod in the ground. Thanks for the help !
  11. I have bought a shadow hunter 2 player box, i'm really enjoying it but inside the japanese small parts box there are 3 weird tokens that i have never seen before. I did not find it on the spartan store, so, anyone has any idea of what that is ?
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