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  1. OK so I saw the kickstarter on FB and it brought me back here to see the "excitement". I see this thrad with posts from 20 people, not all positive. If this is the excitement for FSA kickstarter, Spartan truly have killed the game - compare to now growing 8th edition 40k, with investement from a new approach GW. OK, so I won't look again at FSA.
  2. This is the way a developer treats concerns of a customer? Ok, I go to GW for new 8th Edition Warhammer 40k. Goodbye!
  3. I understand your point, but is this the way to say it? And you were the one to say you would give weekly updates, no-one else. This does not give me a good feeling, or make me want to read the rest oif the post
  4. But that's still less than the cruisers, for more points...that's the thing - what do they do that the cruisers aren't already? Firing torpedoes in rear arc RB1? Wow. I like the model but cannot buy with this profile
  5. Easy way to handle - Mines become secondary weapons with a rear arc and range band (4") - which I think is what Hive is saying. no need to make them torpedoes which is just weird and totally out of the game feel
  6. I hate that they say "the entire background material will be replaced"...WHY? This bacground follows on from the first Marauders book, why do Spartan now change that? I hope they mean they will add to it, and not change - this is always a big turn off for me when a company does these changes for no reason.
  7. What is the ship's purpose in my Corsairs fleet? I can already get a linked 10/14/4/- shot from my Cruisers for 25 points less! Yes, these can be upgraded to 6/9, but that means they now cost 180 points and that 10/13/7/- is their max firepower. Their max damage AD is 12/16/10/- with upgraded fore weapons, but my cruisers are not so far and I can upgrade their CR & DR to 5/7 (for free), and they retain Retractible Plating for a non-shooting DR/CR of 6/8, or I can upgrade their weapons and put out 17/21/11/-. The ship seems to want to be a tank, but for almost 200 points a 10/13/7/- on a squad size 2 ship is not very appealing...I just target one of them, get 6 hits and the squadron is useless, because the squadron is only as strong as its weakest link, and they don't have enough ships in it to mitigate this effect. Sorry, but I stick to Cruisers!
  8. This seems to be just saying "trust me", yet we have all seen rulesets written by you for Spartan that have had big problems from release day 1 - Planetfall is the big one here, so forgive me if I do not trust you or Spartan in this way at all. I do not care what your "profession" is, only that the existing game is not changed into something I do not like or want - that it grows with "tweaks" as was promised or is completely redesigned as seems to be the case here. Spartan (and therefore you) have to do better than say "trust me" once more - you need to provide evidence and be convincing, or your customers will continue to move to companies who can be trusted. Good models is not enough today.
  9. To be honest - these are big changes to the game, which I don't understand the rationale behind - why can't I capture a ship? Why do I now need to pay to use my weapons? All of this is sounding unlike the current game
  10. I don't understand the Power Core mechanic - it seems to just be changing tracking of one thing to another - in fact, additional, metric (since I'm guessing HP will still be recorded). This also doesn't seem like rules tweaking, but a distinct and separate edition?
  11. Looks like a large redesign to me...so no reason to buy into FA now when everything seems so much in change. I hope it desn't become too much like the other games SG have, otherwise what's the point in getting into FA rather than DW or HFB?
  12. Like the CoA look - what should I start with?
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