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  1. nearly had a heart attack seeing firestorm stuff.
  2. i finally finished the cruiser squadron. I had a lot of work to do with other minis but those are done at least
  3. @Spartan_FA_Mike i am trying to be as objective as possible on the ships. i am going to list all ships and what the problem with those are if i find any. I regularly play sorylians and i love them but they got some serious issues, which i hope will crystallize when looking into the ships one by one. overall the sorylians have problems getting into range or surviving until they get into range. Broadsword (Dreadnought): Actually not a bad ship. probably the most reliable T1 the sorylians have. it has decent broadsides but the fore weapon seems very useless in particular. one of the biggest problems of the fore weapon system is that it does nothing against other T1 while approaching. if it turns and unleashes it full firepower on something it does alot but that will only persist 2 turns until the enemy fleet will turn it to shreds. there we have the other problem of the ship: its defenses, therefor the lack of such. 1 shield and DR6 will ensure that 90% of the time it will get damaged. decent cr of 12 protects it from some crits but the ship will not persist a firefight. basically its a glascannon with a high pricetag for doing nothing the first 2 turns. getting in range is a problem if the enemy positions himself well or in case of some factions are simply faster than you. they run away while u poke them with a bad range, low damage front weapon.it can bring 3 wings but why? better take 1-2 escorts and protect it properly from torps and maybe the escorts will absorb some damage. the rest of the upgrades are just movement and the +2 ap to get in range and if there board because the ship wont survive anyway. Falx (battleship): same problem as with the dread but even worse because it does not take damage very good.and costs to many points for what it does. second assault is a waste because it wont live for 2 boarding attempts. with split fire and the load of scatter with decent AD it shreds T3 but thats not the best thing to shoot at with a T1. taking light frigates makes it way better and those things soak some damage, but still no ship you want to take. Morning Star (Carrier): nothing to complain about that ship. with fighters it has a good threat range and it does something. but taking it as your T1 for a fight is not a good idea as it will die very fast as any other carrier if focused. Phalanx (battlestation): it cant move. sorylians wont take it because of it. decent torps though. hasta (battlecruiser): best T1 sorylians can muster. not a good thing if you want your admiral on it because it is just a battlecruiser. a squad of 2 pack a punch. basically heavy cruisers on steroids. Bombard (Gunship): Those things are good long-ish range support for a sorylian fleet. nothing to complain in all honesty. Aspis (Defence Platform): same as with battlestation Halberd (Heavy Cruiser): very good at punching ships into oblivion but no defences at all. that thing is a glascannon and you will feel every lost ship because of the pricetag. a squad costs 400 points. thats a lot. main problem is they distribute their power amongst 4 ships which are not the best on their own. Falcata (Cruiser): Best ship, hands down. fast, powerful and have some defence in form of a shield with decent CR7. they die like every other cruiser and they might cost 5 points to much. Kestros (Destroyer): Decent long range support fot the fleet. pack-hunter on them is rediculously good. would not change a thing. Arrow (Escort): basically some extra hp for your t1 with good pd. Reaper (Frigate): With pack hunter the second best ship the sorylians have. nothing to complain Plumbata (Corvette): share a place with the reaper. scout is good. they are pretty much interchangeable depending on playstyle. (they need resin models though) Harvester (Gunship): Good mid range support. packhunter is a must lucern (light cruiser): same slot as reaper and plumbata. never take it. doesnt make sense. they die faster than frigates. Flechette (Light frigate): good ship as accomp for the battleship. never to be taken as squad though because they are not even close to be compared with reapers or plumbatas Amentum (Battlecruiser): those things are actually a good mid range support. T1 slot though... Katar (Assault cruiser): in 2.0 you shunt them in and steal their stuff. very funny and pretty reliable. they can even shoot something in front of them before boarding the ship next to them. decent speed. quite good but maybe a bit overcosted for the fact they have one weapon system and thats more or less meh. in 3.0 without stealing their ships they are maybe not that usefull, but i cant say that without seeing the full rules. corvus (Frigate): just nope in any given way. hust take reapers for the same points. they can wall of bomber heavy lists or shunt in against pd mountains, but why? thats it from me. in my opinion most ships just need some MAR that lets them get in range a little bit better (like retractable plating) i like the flavour of the ships hunting in packs and having a MAR for showing that off. i really love the idea of scatter. in my head they always fire a ton of flakk-projectiles and have deadly perimeters around their ships. i just always think that they are in general overcosted by 5 points and they lack retractable plating. they look for me like they have it and they feel like they need it. it even makes sense in my head for the sorylians being smart enough to have some defensive system protecting them to get into those close range engagements they clearly favour.
  4. That is a very toxic and immidiate reaction and exactly the problem. Even though you are not wrong you cant just write in anger and then calling out the other convo-partner unprofessional. you also cant just demand stuff. Suggest it properly. Hatred and anger will get us as community nowhere really. I get your point and i also wrote something about it. Compare your reaction to mine yourself and keep in mind that it did hit me at the same level as it did you.
  5. @Spartan Linde Even though you are very right with the bitching and toxicity that has grown in the forum over time, there are still people here who like to participate in a productive way and still want to help. I have read alot of very constructive posts in this thread alone with debates about balancing, gamestyle, fun and other stuff. I do agree that the people who are toxic should move out of the way but alot of stuff here is worth a read and also worth the effort of communication as some of us want a better game and more fun out of the whole deal.
  6. @Spartan Mike Please give us some insight on the issue. its been a long time now and there is no update on the Corinthian Club in any way. The discount is a nice thing but i loved my first club item and if there is none for the new quarter i feel kind of sad. edit: i contacted Spartan Games on the issue and i have been told that they are working on it and apologize for the delay
  7. If you like what you have done its always justified
  8. Oh now i get it. Its not that every model triggers a mine explosion. Every model just gets an attack while moving through if it got triggered by a model. Thanks for clearing that up. That makes dindrenzi way less powerful than they were in our games xD
  9. i have a few questions regarding mines. How do they exactly work if a squadron starts its activation in a mine? as i understand the rules and how they are written, the first model activates and the mine triggers. every of the ships in the 4 inch blast get hit and then it continues its movement. after that i activate the second ship and as a model (the 2nd ship) activates in proximity of the mine it gets hit and all the other ships in 4 inch get hit aswell and so on. does that stack in that way or is it capped at 1 hit per ship? the rules are not clear for me in that regard as i see a models activation through a minefield as its own instand of applying the "trigger of a mine rule".
  10. you could also consider having naval ranks from different countries as some factions clearly draw inspiration from some. dindrenzi seem very german to me, aswell as terran act a bit american its not clearly described in the fluff but as you can do whatever you want with interpretation, go nuts
  11. To be fair. They posted it semi-open on facebook. its a comment to their last-ish post. Keeping up with the 4 comments SG gets on facebook is not very hard for anyone seeinh their posts
  12. SG told me that the are behind scedule for the corinthian club stuff but they are working on it
  13. So you guys all did see my Prototype for the Pattern i decided to paint my sorylians. i wanted to paint my battleship next but instead i decided to see how the pattern works if painted without having to decide what colour to put where, so i did another cruiser. now i only have 2 cruisers to go and the squad is done. on the right you see the prototype from the first picture. the left one is the pattern applied for mass-painting. only minor differences between the two. so i am happy and i will start painting my entire fleet like this. painting the white takes a while to get it really smooth so it took me about 8h to paint the other cruiser even after the pattern being determined.
  14. Bigger Batteries was just the first thing that came into my mind because lizards are my main fleet. flak frigates are great if you have issues with srs. you can wall off enemy srs if you place them properly. the enemy then has to shoot them down to make a breach for SRS which is fine aswell as it pulls fire from your main AD dealers. dont bother the BL because of some frigs. it probably wont make much difference in a 1200 points game^^ Why a single wing? i just said you can use a wing to disctract PD and/or SRS. you also could split lets say 3/3. 3 bombers are well enough armed to threat a cruiser and are bonkers is a later state of the game. on the same note, fighters are like one of the best things if you do not have alot of SRS at all. your ships will loose alot of AD over the course of the battle so fighters will give you alot of flexibility. your ship wont be able to shoot but your fighters are. and they wall you of from people trying to do the same thing and lategame torpedo flood. as relthoza you shouldnt have problems with SRS anyway. you have them yourself at abundance and you can just use shunt cruisers and drop them into the fleet and PD SRS into oblivion. then your opponent has to handle them quickly or they will tear their ships a structural superfluous new behind and they will pull fire from the other ships. (you should not do that in the first turn though xD)
  15. there are alot of ships usable against interceptors. everything with bigger batteries for example. for sorylians that would be battlecruisers. they are really good as taking out SRS in proximity and are fast enough to get there. they want to be in RB1 anyway as they pack the most punch there. i often use a BC squad to fly in proximity of a carrier and shoot it while the batteries deny their SRS launch. also flak-frigates are beasts on SRS. Everyone says escorts are meh. why are u not using them on your big ships as PD AND SRS counter. they are fast and as long as they stay in coherence use their superior movement to get in range to SRS first to drive them off. also why dont just drop 1 Wing Srs token, engage the interceptors to get them off the field (by pulling them out of coherency?) well you loose your attack with them but compensate with torps galore? if there is a SRS meta just break it. also you could shunt in a squad next to SRS if you wanted to shunt it in anyway, make a instant PD attack and get the off the field or at least damage them good. and fighters are just good in general. they can provide solid PD and have the ability to attack a ship aswell with a solid punch. They are frigate killers if you do not have the scatter to burn them down with bigger ships. SRS spam is a strong list but there are ways to work around it. you also could use the word tactic for it. sometimes you just have to engage a fight from a different angle? all i want to say is that i never strugle against SRS heavy lists because i utilize the mechanics as part of my tactic and use the capability of some ships to scare my opponent into lossing to many SRS quickly by overusing them to early. TL;DR: There are hard counters to SRS, Fighters are good and underrated, use tactic to engage and Escorts are awesome
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