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  1. Squadron Activation

    Play testing is the best answer. But I think that everyone should play test it, not just those who think it might work. Hopefully I can get a game soon,(maybe in a blue moon).
  2. Squadron Activation

    I'll play a game using activation draws against myself when I get the chance. Thanks for posting your initial thoughts @Toxic_Rat.
  3. Future FA rules

    We have already come to similar conclusions in the Squadron activation thread. Jump over to that to see some of the ideas we liked.
  4. Skyhawk's mad Fantasies

    These stories are of my own making and are not the official Firestorm Universe(or Star Wars universe if I write anything about my Unknown Fleet) and are borrowed without asking. I know that some of these stories are already in my hobby thread, but I am trying to consolidate them here. From now on all my backstory will be here and all my hobby stuff in my UFO thread. Let us begin! Admiral H. T. Standifer was one of the top graduates in the N.T.S.C. naval academy. After his graduation he climbed quickly though the ranks and served with distinction aboard several warships. The influence of his father and Standifer's own tactical skill eventually opened the door for him to become the captain of the N.T.S.C. Fury a tyrant class battleship, and the Flagship of Admiral N. Fredrick of the 316nth. It was during this time that that the Admiral began to see the potential in the young captain and began to mentor Standifer. Standifer was eventually made the Commodore of the 316nth's battlegroup Alpha . He served in several battles against the Zenian League and the Dindrenzi in particular. The Fury , already a famous ship gained an even greater infamy under Standifer, however they never eclipsed the fame of his friend Commodore Lee, whose Missouri had quite the reputation. The 316nth was eventually assigned to the defense of the Cardia system a crucial foothold for the Terran Alliance. The Dindrenzi made several attempts to take Cardia but were soundly beaten back each time. Commodore Standifer took to heart the lessons the Admiral Fredrick had taught him, and led his battlegroup in several pivotal moments in those battles. By this point in time Admiral Fredrick recommended Standifer for an Admirals position in the long leaderless and rebellious 501st. However before he could receive word back from N.T.S.C. command the Dindrenzi attacked again. Only this time it was the dreaded Dark Knight of Dramos led by Admiral Ramus. The battle was fierce, never before had Commodore Standifer faced a foe so relentless as Dark Knights. The initial assault alone nearly crushed the Terrans outright, but the Terrans were able to rally and began to push the Dark Knights back. But it was only a feint. Admiral Ramus himself arrived leading another Battlegroup led by the fearsome dreadnought Black Hammer. Caught under the guns of the newly arrived force the 316nth was decimated. However it wasn't until the Fury was incapacitated that the Terran forces began to retreat, but that was not the end of the Fury. Miraculously Standifer Survived the deadly shrapnel that had killed many of the bridge crew including Admiral Fredrick. Seeing that the battle was moving past them and that the enemy was ignoring them he ordered to gunners to hold their fire and for the engineers to get their trusters going again. The Dark Knights were caught completely of guard when the Fury began attacking their rear like an avenging ghost. Commodore Lee seeing the confusion begin to affect their pursuers rally the remnants of the Terran fleet to the aid of the Fury. The Dark Knights, unable to stop the onslaught were forced to retreat. The Terrans had won, but at a horrible cost. Of the five battleships in the 316nth only two survived, the Fury and Missouri. The N.T.S.C. command followed Admiral Fredrick's recommendation and made Standifer the Admiral of the 501st. Standifer retained command of the Fury and got Commodore Lee and his Missouri transferred with him as well. Standifer must forge the 501st into a fighting force worthy of his mentor's legacy. Thats all for now. Thankyou for reading, comment are appreciated! More coming to come soon!
  5. Skyhawk's UFOs(unfinished objects)

    I will be sure to do that. Thanks. Somewhat, I'm better at building things with styrene than I am at sculpting things.
  6. Squadron Activation

    If both sides have the same number of squadrons then if one player gets double activations than so will the other. I believe it was suggested earlier in the thread to have one roll, then alternate who went first after that. I was originally just wondering if something would work better than the current system, I did not say that we have to change it. But if it stays Alternating activations I think it could use some modifications.
  7. Skyhawk's UFOs(unfinished objects)

    Thankyou! My plan is to make custom stats for them as their own fleet.
  8. Skyhawk's UFOs(unfinished objects)

    Today has been a day of me trying to finish some projects, I have too many to count. Here are some Teutons before my India ink wash. Now with the wash. A bit easier to see the difference on this Armsmen than the Tuetons. Talk about grimy looking! I got my vindicates partially painted. Next on the list for my Imperial fleet will be the Victory class star destroyer/cruiser squadron. Thankyou for looking!
  9. Casualties in Space Combat

    If we are talking about campaign rules I think you could have an SRS that represented the escape pods from a destroyed ship. If the side that launch the escape pods collects them before the end of the game they could gain some battle log or retain the experience of the destroyed ship. Just a thought. The whole bit about how "Destroyed" a ship is only really matters in a campaign.
  10. Squadron Activation

    For firestorm I think I would prefer it as it is right now (as in move then shoot). Battles in X-wing are generally smaller than in firestorm, so its easier to keep track of which ship have fired and which haven't. Random Draw and Alternating Activations( with some tweaking to initiative) seem to be the best two options to me thus far. Both guarantee the use of all your squadrons, but Random Draw mixes up the order of the turns while Alternating activations is set throughout that round. Thoughts?
  11. Firestorm Painting Group

    I got some work done on my Vindicators. Once I finish the thrusters on the back I can finish painting them. Then I'll have to put on my thinking cap and create some stats for them.
  12. Future FA rules

    If you are having to retreat at 6hp just to make it out, then something is definitely wrong. An Apollo could hit that in a single turn. Perhaps if the ships with their FSD activated could shunt out during the end phase of the turn they activated, it would allow more ships to escape.
  13. Squadron Activation

    They were filing their nails ! I can agree that it probably won't work for Firestorm(Won't keep me from trying out Dragon Rampant though)! The only extra book keeping I can see that you would have to do is remember what is effecting you ship that turn.
  14. Feb 2018 - Painting Challenge/Paint Along

    Much better now that I don't have to look upside down to see it now! You have done done a really good job on these. Keep up the good work!
  15. Feb 2018 - Painting Challenge/Paint Along

    I need to do a wash then put a coat of clear on my frigates then they will be finished. March is the See what you can finish month. I am working on my Leviathan, @Wolfgang Jannesen on his RSN @Bessemer on his Xelocians. Your welcome to join us in our little personal challenges.

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