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  1. Skyhawk

    Cruiser Rankings

    Sounds interesting, but it also sounds complicated. What if the the ships activated on a ship by ship basis but could combine their fire with another ship of the same class?
  2. Skyhawk

    Critical hit table

    It seems like I have heard about something similar mentioned on here before. I liked it so much that I use it instead of the current AD degradation. However I don't think I would like to lower DR and CR. One solid hit and you pretty much say bye-bye to whatever ship just had its DR cut in half. On your six critical effects would still have repair rolls?
  3. Skyhawk

    Critical hit table

    Having a single token wouldn't hurt. How would employ a single token?
  4. Skyhawk

    Firestorm Painting Group

    After a brief Siesta I finally got around to doing more painting. Started on my Shield cruisers. And here are some of my other cruisers. And finally some aquan frigates. Thanks For looking! Edit: Gotta love auto correct.
  5. Skyhawk

    Critical hit table

    @Hive I forgot about the 2 default damage. 1d3 and a hazard would work just fine for me.
  6. Skyhawk

    Critical hit table

    Wow, talk about a lot of ideas! @StoobertTargeted Strike, boarding , cyber would remain unchanged. Also your half HP , 1hp critical roll is interesting as well. What about a gap between the different CR levels? As in +CR5- +CR7. @Hive I do like your table's organization better than mine. Consider it adopted. What about on Reactor Damage having a Hazard marker and 2D3 damage? I think all effects have the 2 HP damage on them on the current table, I just didn't list it on the ones I didn't change. This table has two less results than the original, but still covers all the original effects while adding the repair crews in disarray. It might be possible to combine Fold drive rupture and Main drive Failure, but I am not sure.
  7. Skyhawk

    Critical hit table

    A while back I came up with a critical hit table that removed the need to roll to determine the result. I decided to try and develop the idea some more and make it a bit more devastating. Critical Threshold table When compiling the number of successes from an attack if the number of success is = CR : Security in Disarray; 2hp;This models AP is reduced to zero and may only repair 2 AP per turn. Repairable=Yes +1 CR: Repair teams in Disarray; 2hp;This model may not make any repair rolls for one turn.Repairable=Yes +2CR: Defenses Offline: 2hp;This model losses one active defense(Shield, cloak, PD) of the attacking players choice.Repairable=Yes +3CR: Fire +4 CR: Exposive decompression;2hp; This model losses 2 crew points and gains a hazard marker. Repairable= Yes +5 CR: Fire Control offline +6 CR: Main Drive Failure +7 CR: Fold Drive Failure +8 CR: Reactor Damage; 2hp; This model losses 1D3 crew points and gains a corroded marker. If attack destroys this model then it suffers a reactor overload. Repairable= yes Targeted strikes/boarding work the same as a regular attack when determining a normal Critical effect. I think that this table would work well with @Wolfgang Jannesen's CP repair crews idea. Tell me what you all think! Your thought and tweaks are more than welcome.
  8. Skyhawk

    Spartan old rules!

    Slowing movement down will mean that you will be exposed to a specific range band for longer. A major boon for the Dindrenzi and death nell for Terrans and Sorylians when trying to get close enough to do any damage. It wasn't that they were less effective against small targets, but that they less effective against small targets at close range. And there is a big difference between a WW2 battleship and a starship. I cannot see how this simplifies the game. The different DR/CR ratings were meant to differentiate the different factions and help with balancing. When you start adding in shields you need the different DR/CR, otherwise ships with shields will be over powered. Yes Firestorm Armada needs to be streamlined. If you look through the various threads in here you will find several ideas on how to streamline the game without sacrificing the complexity it has.
  9. Skyhawk

    Firestorm Painting Group

    They do look a bit light giant light panels, but I'm not sure how you would do a forcefield. But the rest of the ship looks great!
  10. Skyhawk

    May 4th Q&A discussion

    Looked like Hawker to me. I'm glad that their designs are close enough to the originals for us to know what they are!
  11. Skyhawk

    Firestorm fluff

    I am not entirely sure what to think about the disappearance of the alliances. Not really unhappy per say, its just different thats all. They didn't use the Thrawn's revenge mod for ideas then. I'm not sure exactly haw many factions it adds to the game.
  12. Skyhawk

    Ship Stat Changes

    I started this thread for discussing stat changes. It doesn't matter what faction said changes are for. Speaking of ships that need tweaks. Hauberk heavy cruiser. I don't have a lot of experience with it but I know that in a mixed squadron it isn't a good choice because it does not mix well with the Teuton. Perhaps make it mesh better and add a a point or so to the DR?
  13. Skyhawk

    Firestorm fluff

    My Terran fleet is the 501ST Storm fleet. I do have some backstory in my UFO thread, and I started a thread just for my backstory. I just haven't done anything in it for awhile.
  14. Skyhawk

    Firestorm Painting Group

    Thanks @northerndragons! I'll be sure to give it a try. Thanks! I really couldn't see the Directorate having as wild a paint scheme as my Terrans. I guess you could say I am going for a Corporate Villainy look.
  15. Skyhawk

    G-Two's Dindrenzi Fleet

    Looks great! I also like the engine glow.

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