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  1. Guilfords>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Yale.
  2. I would suggest that "initial aiming point" is the entire template.
  3. The only argument I can see for the blast templates (note that Energy Blasts and Particle Accelerators simply need the target model to be in range, not the template) needing to be wholly within is if you understand the entire area covered by the template to be the 'initial aiming point' as described.
  4. There is no such thing as a RAI argument, unless you use the 'I' to stand for 'Incompetence'. All the same - I have to side with the '2 hits' crowd. The wording of what Red 6s mean is pretty unambiguous...and while Fuel Reserves does not describe any result as a 'success'...it's clear that if the attacking player rolls, it would be a success. Really sucks for my Calicos though...
  5. This is probably the best way, helps you stay ahead of getting to 70% and focus your priorities.
  6. Indeed, although some also get to retask a Squadron Support SAS - but this tends to be below 5 anyway.
  7. Agreed - but if their SAS are Fighters, then they aren't out stopping your Dive Bombers - and if you get Kill All Larges against a CAP-heavy force, swap to 70%.
  8. It's a good thing for anyone who is learning the game, as they will learn to neutralise things they can remove from the board rather than potentially damaging things they couldn't realistically have killed anyway.
  9. Doesn't the Ice Maiden have Hullbreaker (Ram)?
  10. At RB4 I would basically never ever fire on the likes of a Dreadnought, which is among the most likely CAP'd units.
  11. Depends what you fire with and at, of course - but if they have 8+ AA thanks to a CAP, then you aren't getting a CR either way.
  12. I think this is overstating it a bit. Even if something has a CAP, just split rockets into 2 salvos. Each is a little less powerful, but they can only AA one effectively.
  13. The RoE one has Rockets.
  14. Yeah you really only need to kill 1/3 of the Turtles off to render them broadly ineffective.
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