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  1. Can some one give me a quick answer, or point me to an existing link, please? I have the 1.0 rule book. Is it worth taking advantage of the one day rule book sale and upgrading. Are there many changes? Is it a little simpler? The book is cheap, but shipping to Canada is probably going to kill me!
  2. AGN1964

    Agns Coa Fleet

    Thanks Catalyst. I enjoyed painting it and was pleased with the result. The flier was fun to do too - I have another 25 cut off and read to mount. For some reason, it's getting a much lower score than my other models on CMoN. No one is commenting, so it's hard to know why.
  3. Sorry, I meant why are there so many blue CoA fleets ... like yours and mine. Since mine are blue, you can guess the question was rhetorical.
  4. AGN1964

    Agns Coa Fleet

    And finally, the mighty Pericles Drone Fleet Carrier. Both the largest and smallest miniature I have painted - the carrier and the drone, respectively. I was pleased with the result. I might touch up the copper piping, there's too much black lining, but other than that, I'm pleased. It's up on CMoN, but not getting good votes. Any feedback appreciated, I'd like to improve. http://www.coolminiornot.com/327176?browseid=4596025
  5. I like the shaded colour scheme on the Crusiers. Where's all this blue come from?
  6. Very solid Prussion scheme. Good work!
  7. Looking good. The flags must have takens some time.
  8. AGN1964

    Andy P's Rof Fleet

    Great work! I like the deck markings on the carrier!
  9. Dunno. I suggested we should post to CMoN more, months ago, to raise some awareness for the game; there really are some well painted figures here. I was shot down. Thanks for the vote, I was please with my result too.
  10. It's good to see Spartan minis on CMoN. Mine was pretty similar: http://www.coolminiornot.com/pics/pics16/img510c52e38879e.jpg
  11. AGN1964

    Basing - Do You?

    I am very close to making 3D wave bases that are magnetised to the model. Then I get a based model for photographing/display and freestanding model for game play. Also the magnetised ship will now transport easily, if there is a metal sheet in the transport box. However, there is quite a gap between "very close to making" and "made".
  12. This seems to be a popular colour scheme for the CoA. Great job.
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